Monday, January 12, 2015

One for the Money

     This week was absolutely unreal! We had 26 key indicator lessons and I just loved the whole week- hard parts and all! First of all, can I tell you all how wonderful the spirit is? I just love feeling it all the time! It's just been amped up these last few weeks and I never want it to go away. 

     So, Madison backed out and said she doesn't feel comfortable taking the lessons yet, so it will be a little bit before she's ready. But at least she's coming to church! It's only a matter of time. Oh, and last p-day while we were in line at the grocery store the guy in front of us initiated the conversation (which is rare). He got into how he grew up Mormon but fell away. I asked him how his relationship with God is and he said they had a falling out once his daughter (15 yrs ago) was born with Cerebral Palsy. I testified to him about God's love for him and his daughter and taught him parts of the Plan of Salvation and how his daughter would have a perfect body after she was resurrected. He kind of perked up there, he may have forgotten about that. I invited him to meet with missionaries and give it a shot again. He was hesitant, but I think his heart softened. I love talking to everyone! God puts people in our path- even on p-day :)

     This week after an amazing MLC my companion and I went to our mission president's home so she could talk with him (we've been doing that a lot lately). It lasted about an hour and a half. While she was in there I was able to talk with Sister Mullen. It was such a blessing! There are things I've been praying for almost my entire mission that she was able to help me figure out how to better implement and change, namely just being softer. I received a lot of revelation as we spoke. She's incredible! Their family is going through some unbelievably hard things right now and they're still so selfless and putting the Lord first. They've been a blessing to me while being out here. 

     I got to go on an emergency exchange in 9 Mile the other day (funny how that happens so often). Gosh that place has my heart! We worked hard and got a lot of work done. It's so good to see people still progressing :) I think I'm gonna take part of my p-day next week to go out there and say goodbye to some people and maybe get a haircut. I just couldn't bear doing a last goodbye... Oh my gosh. It's slowly hitting me and I don't want to go home! I love Spokane and the people here so much! I can't believe there was a time when I wasn't very excited to come here. It just goes to show that God always knows better.

     So we took Gina out with us a lot this week. She was baptized my 1st transfer out in the mission and she's now working on her mission papers. She has been coming with us the last 6 months since I've been serving here and I've seen her grow so much! She's doing stuff that it took me months to do in the mission. She's gonna be a powerhouse missionary! While we were with her we had some cool experiences. One was with a guy named Edward. He was real friendly but in a hurry to work. Well not 3 minutes later as we drove off, he was in his car at the stop light next to us. So I rolled down the window and we started talking to him! haha. We talked about his religion and testified of Christ and the restoration. All while the light was red. It was so fun :) Then as we were walking back to our car from trying someone else, Gina spots this guy 2 blocks away, so we walk over to him and teach him all about the Plan of Salvation because he had a lot of questions about the afterlife. He's 17, so we passed him off to the family ward.  So as we were walking back from talking to Thomas we saw a 70 year old lady in heels walking up an icy sidewalk with bags. We ran over and offered help. Her 35 year old daughter opened her front door while we were on the sidewalk and invited us to come in without even knowing who we were! We went in and had a great lesson with her while Gina shoveled the sidewalk. It was a cool chain of miracles. And Gina was so bold in inviting everyone to take the lessons and share her own testimony of her conversion! I just love her!

     A few days later we had a random number call us. Daniel said he found our number in his wallet and had a Book of Mormon and wanted missionaries to come over! What?! Miracle! Turns out he's a former investigator from a while back. He just got out of rehab and we're the first people he called. He's pretty affected from the drugs. They've done a lot of damage. During the lesson he was severely ADHD and walking around and losing focus. It was so funny. At one point Gina tries to explain the apostasy by relating it to a vase that broke. I pull out the pamphlet and show Daniel the First Vision picture and let him hold it. He was totally locked in as I recited it. Then after I finish he points to the picture and says "So this is a vase?" No. So we explain again and he says, "Oh! So each apostle is a piece of the vase and has their own church?" Eh. Sort of. We explain again and he finally gets it. We had to teach so simply. At the end I asked if he'd pray to know if this was Christ's true church and he says "You want me to ask if my apartment is a church?" Oh gosh. He wants to be baptized so bad and make changes. He's accountable, but I'd say at an 8 year old level because of his brain damage. We want to help him, but obviously won't be spending all of our time on him. I'm sure I'll have some great stories about him later.

     Okay, the best Sunday ever was yesterday! We actually didn't have any investigators at church. But we had 5 lessons with recent converts and less actives and 2 member presents! We were so busy! We put Joshua on date to be baptized on February 7th! It was great :) But my favorite lesson was with Courtney. Remember how I told you a while ago about the Jewish girl that came to a lesson and was wanting to read through the Book of Mormon? Well we went over to the Whitworth dorms to do a scripture study with them. We brought Taylor Colvin with us. They were on 1st Nephi 3 and we talked about it as we read. She asked questions afterwards and we talked about Christ. The spirit was so strong! She kept telling us how much all of this makes sense! She said she's at a place in her life right now where everything she's hearing about Jesus Christ and it just makes sense. Oh my gosh you guys, she is so amazing! I mean, this is someone who for the first 18 years of her life was raised to believe that Jesus Christ hasn't come yet. We are meeting with her again on Friday and then again on Sunday night. She is just soaking it all up and loving it and craving it! She's a miracle! :)

     Well, time is short. I wish I'd done better in my typing class in high school so I could type more words per minute! haha. But I miss you all and hope you have a great week! I love you!

-Sister Metcalf

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