Monday, December 22, 2014

The Second Longest Week of My Mission

     I say the second longest, because I'm sure there have been longer... I don't know. It's been long though. It still doesn't feel much like Christmas, but I'm sure it will soon. There's no snow on the ground here still. We may drive up north a bit to visit a family on Christmas Day just to have a "white Christmas". We'll see. I'm excited to Skype with family in just a few days!

     I picked up my new companion on Tuesday. Sister Riddle (my baby) 2nd trained her, so we have a weird "family relationship". When I get home, I'll explain what it all means. But basically I'm Sister Riddle's mom. Sister Riddle is Sister Dunford's step mom, which makes me Sister Dunford's step grandma. But I'm also Sister Dunford's dad. It's weird. Us missionaries come up with interesting phrases and things out here. Anyways, she's from Orem, been out for 3 months, and she's 19. I was reading some letters Breanne sent me this last week and it sounds like we're going to be having a similar last transfer. I'm planning on going full speed ahead, regardless of circumstances. Heavenly Father wants to make sure I leave it all out here on the court and come home exhausted I guess.

     So, Friday was the hardest day I've had on my mission in a long time. At this point my companion already declared that she wanted to go home and didn't want to be a missionary anymore. Things have been rough as I'm at a loss for how to help her... or even empathize. Plus, my dream was to train my last transfer. Obviously that didn't happen (though it sort of feels like it). We got a call on Friday morning saying that some visa waiters were being sent to Spokane and they wanted me to train one and put her in a tripanionship with us. I was SO excited! It felt like a tender mercy. We started getting things figured out- we found a bed, got a ride figured out to go get her that night, etc. Well, two hours later we got a call saying that they decided to have an Asian sister in our mission train her instead because she's going to Taiwan. That was rough. It was my dream to train my last transfer and there was a little glimmer of hope. The rest of the day was rough. Heavenly Father tried to send me a few bones by putting the Brunnette's in my path and helping us be led to find a new investigator for a family ward.

     We had a powerful lesson with a less active on Wednesday. Joseph Glanzer is great. He's a punk, but so fun to teach. He's 28 and a returned missionary, but struggling a lot. He's very honest with us though and I just give it to him straight- no sugar coating or beating around the bush. I must have called him to repentance for 5 or 6 different things that lesson. He was starting to perk up and agreeing that he needed to make changes by the end. The lesson was so spirit driven. I felt like God was giving me all of the questions that I needed to ask him to get him to open up and decided for himself to make changes. I love lessons like that. He ended up coming to church on Sunday and even meeting with Bishop Romney.

     Fun fact- this last week I ate rabbit and moose. Both in 9 Mile of course. Rabbit sausage was with the family who I actually slaughtered rabbits and geese for last summer in my first transfer. The moose was as moose sloppy joes at the Hyer's. There daughter Kathryn is a ward missionary and had us over.

     On Thursday I accomplished a mission bucket list item which was to watch a video or message with someone on their smartphone as I contacted them on the street. We came across Chelsee and her friend, got talking and had her pull up "He is the Gift". We watched it right then and they loved it! We taught a mini restoration and they both agreed to be baptized! We will go back and see them this week. They seem a bit flakey, but you never know! Also on Thursday we went to teach our new investigator Joshua. Well, his mom and little brother sat in too. The mom was the most interested out of all of them. She kept asking questions, etc. She loved it! My companion doesn't have the 1st vision memorized yet, so she froze up and sent it over to me. Again, fine by me! That's my absolute favorite part of the first discussion! The spirit was so strong. Their eyes were locked on me and after that they REALLY wanted the Book of Mormon to read and pray about. They all said they'd be baptized and invited us to come back this Saturday. It was incredible! That day we found 4 new investigators. It was a miracle!

     Even though it was a hard week- I am happy with what we accomplished. I love be the Lord's servant, on His errand. There is nothing better! 

     Josh Nay is progressing awesomely! And a less active couple we've been teaching for a while, Aly and Justin, just got engaged. He proposed to her in front of the temple! How cool?? They're not ready for it yet, but it's a goal they have now. When they told me, I couldn't help but smile. I get to work with so many great people! (Don't get me started on Lau... we've been struggling with him)

     Well, I love you all and can't wait to talk to you soon! Have a great week! Merry Christmas! :)

-Sister Metcalf

 At my 10th and final Harston's breakfast (they do one each transfer for the North Spokane Zone- and I've served 10 transfers in this zone!)

With Aly McFarlane and Justin Harley (they got engaged the day after!)

Sister Riddle (I trained her, and she 2nd trained Sister Dunford), Me, and Sister Dunford

Sister Jenkins and I with the mustaches I won at a white elephant party

Ugly Sweater Party FHE

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