Monday, December 15, 2014

One More Time!

     I'm staying in Shawnee YSA for my last transfer! :) Sister Dunford will be my companion- this will be her 3rd transfer out (and 3rd area... and 3rd companion). You'd better believe I'm gonna be working her hard. This is my last 6 weeks to fully consecrate 24/7 to the Lord. I'm gonna leave it all on the court! :)

     We had MLC on Tuesday and got to train the zone on Friday. I was so excited because I got to train on diligence with my companion :) I kind of fought for it. Diligence and obedience are my passion. I worked really hard to sound like I had a heart ;) and it ended up being a wonderful training (if I do say so myself). My hope is just that the other missionaries walk away motivated and convicted to improve themselves. Training is by far my favorite part about being a Sister Training Leader... that and exchanges. And I'm a STL again for my last transfer... that means that for over a year of my mission I will have been an STL! Crazy!

So many wonderful things happened this week and I don't know if I can get them all down (luckily I'm all caught up on my journal so I can have any details that I miss in there...) First was that while on exchanges in the 5 Mile Prairie ward we got to take a less active, Mindy, to the Addiction Recovery Program meeting that the church has. It. Was. Incredible. I don't have any addictions and I think I want to go to it when I get back. It's essentially like Alcoholics Anonymous, but for all addictions, and they incorporate healing through Jesus Christ and forgiveness through the Atonement. It's powerful! I was in tears. The church has some incredible programs. It was wonderful to be able to bear my testimony on forgiveness and really help these people in a group setting. It was like being a missionary for complete strangers who want help. The spirit is so strong there.

     On Tuesday night after MLC Danielle came down to the temple with Gina Ewing-DiBari (a girl in our ward who has been baptized for a year and a half now) and we did baptisms! Oh my gosh. I can't even describe how happy that made me. To see her in there, dressed in white. She was beyond excited to go and just loved it. She had confirming witnesses while in there that she was in the Lord's house doing His work. Afterwards she asked if she's allowed to go whenever she wants and if she can only go a certain amount of times a week. She's so excited to go back again and again. It was so special to be there for her first time! We went out to Olive Garden afterwards for dinner. I just love that girl. She is so solid! I wish I had other words to describe her, but that one is the most fitting. She flew home this week for Christmas break, but is planning on going to the Seattle temple with a group over break. 

     On Saturday we went on a blitz in a struggling area in our district. We all worked their area for 2 hours and found them a bunch of new investigators. It was great. And with Christmas around the corner, we've been caroling a lot lately! We went with another set of sisters and found 2 new investigators combining caroling with "He is the Gift". You know, everyone opens their door when someone is singing outside of it. I wish we could do that year round... maybe I'll try it in January... just sing random hymns until they open up :) We also got to carol at a community event at Riverside state park. It was so cold- but gave us some good publicity :) I love Christmas! I can't believe how soon it is! I haven't thought about it much (other than using it while proselyting) because transfers were coming up. Now I can let myself get really excited for it all!

     Two fun stories before I wrap it up. One was that on Sister Stratton's last day we were determined to work our hardest. We found new investigators, invited people to be baptized, etc. At the end of the night we were talking with this one girl and wrapping up our lesson with her. She was just out letting her dogs go to the bathroom and we caught her before she walked away... Anyways, at the end, we ask her if we can leave her with a prayer. She agrees and Sister Stratton starts to pray. Right in the middle of it the two dogs start fighting. And I mean FIGHTING. It was so crazy! Sister Stratton couldn't even finish the prayer. We just walked away confused and laughing. Dang Satan. The other story is follow up from a while ago. Remember when I talked about how we were going to teach a girl in our ward and she brought her Jewish friend and it was weird, but I testified of Christ? Well Emily came up to me this week and told me how she's been talking with her friend and she's super curious! They kept talking about the Restoration that we taught her and she thinks that it makes complete sense that we still have prophets today. So Emily and Courtney (another Courtney!) want to read the Book of Mormon together from cover to cover. How cool is that?! Hopefully we start meeting with her soon!

     Well, sorry it was short and sweet. But the clock is ticking and I'm out of time. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Sister Metcalf

Waiting for my last transfer call (which didn't come until 9:58pm)

With Sister Gardiner. She went on my first exchange with me... and I went on her last exchange with her!


At Olive Garden with Gina and Danielle after the temple

Danielle's first time to the temple! :)

At Frank's Diner last p-day

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