Monday, December 29, 2014

Grand Forks, British Columbia

The drive!

Coming back to the Washington/ U.S. border

Beautiful British Columbia!

Toes in Christina Lake (it was SO cold!)

Selfie at the lake (with Elise McLaughlin)

It just looks wrong to have snow on the beach

Downtown Grand Forks

Checked off another mission bucket list item- I served foreign!

With Sister Cutler and Taylor who serve in Grand Forks... they meet in a business complex!

Outside an adorable little quilt shop

With Elise... I was so excited about EVERYTHING Canada! :)

Northern Washington, near Kettle Falls- almost to the border

Such a beautiful 2 hour drive!

Crossing the Columbia River


     Oh my goodness! Where do I start? So much to say and so little time. I'll start with today. I crossed off a mission bucket list item and made it up to Grand Forks, B.C.! It was so beautiful! We left at 7am and drove 2 hours to get up there. The further we got north of Spokane, the less and less houses we saw.. and more trees. I thought Spokane was dense. No. There were so many! And it had just snowed so everything was just magical looking! We met up with the sisters who serve up there (they never get to hang out with other missionaries on pday because they're so far from everything else) And we had brunch and walked around downtown and in little shops. It was great- but so cold! Then we went and walked around Christina Lake for a bit. It was absolutely gorgeous! I took off my jacket and boots and put my toes in the water. Bad idea! Afterwards I didn't want to get my socks/shoes wet so I ran back through the snow to the car. I now have a lot more respect for the pioneers. I don't know how they crossed the plains in the winter. It was so much fun! Elise McLaughlin from our ward drove us up and it was just a great day!

     The week was pretty dead in terms of meeting with people. We actually saw a ton of active members! But only a few less actives. We went caroling on Christmas Eve... and on Christmas day. It was really good to cheer people up with Christmas hymns. Christmas Day itself was a little hectic. Our lunch appointment was running behind, so everything else was delayed (like Skyping...) but we made it to see everyone. We ended up having about 5 meal appointments and we made it up to Riverside in the Colville stake to visit a few families. It was so great seeing everyone! It got me pretty excited to see you all in a few weeks :) It still doesn't feel real though. It feels like in a few weeks I'll be getting another call and going to another area. Well, I guess I'll be transferred back to my 1st area, right? Anyways. I loved seeing everyone! And a cool thing was that I've been reading through the New Testament backwards and on Christmas Day it perfectly lined up that I read Luke chapters 1 & 2. It was great. I love learning more about the Savior.

     We went on exchanges this week and I went out to Colbert. Sometimes exchanges feel like a break from your area, but this one was all work. These sisters just swept into the area and haven't done much (at least their area book and whiteboard were organized for them from all of mine and Sister McCabe's hard work last transfer). They've been there for 2 weeks and haven't even met any of their investigators. They've only been seeing less actives. So I wanted to show her that great things would happen if they started trying non members and less actives. That day we had 6 key indicator lessons (the only six they had all week). And I put one of their investigators (who I got to teach while we were in a trio last transfer) on date to be baptized. I organized their planners and showed her what she needed to do. It was hard work, but so rewarding! When I got back, my companion had nothing to show for their day and had driven 75 miles. We had a chat about that. It was pretty discouraging to have worked that hard and have my own area be neglected. Oh well. More work for me to do, right? I've actually been learning so much about patience. I feel like I'm practically a monk by now! But what I've been focusing on a lot is my own pride. I really need to be more humble about so many things. Praying is helping and the now that I'm recognizing it and asking for help, the Lord is really helping me to improve (I think...). Though that sounds like an unhumble statement. So I clearly need to keep working on it.

     We had a good lesson with Lau. We got him to come to church last week but he didn't come yesterday. He's had a hard time overcoming his past addictions with marijuana. He smoked last week and when I asked him why he said because it was free. So I taught a mini D.A.R.E. lesson to him about just saying no. I even did a role play with him where I offered him some weed and he told me no. We practiced 3 times! It may sound ridiculous- I definitely laughed about it after. But I really think it helped. Poor kid. He just comes from such a rough past. We taught him about the priesthood and he's starting to grasp it. Speaking of priesthood. Josh Nay's lesson last night was on the duties of the priesthood. The spirit was so strong. I don't even know how to describe his lessons. They're just great! At the end, I testified about the power and restoration of it and I don't even recall what I said because the spirit just supplied me with the words. But it was amazing! I need to take a picture with him to send home...

     Oh! Another miracle! We've been working with Aly and Justin since I got here. They've been becoming more and more active. They just got engaged and have a goal for the temple (though they're not ready yet, so they'll be sealed a year after). Justin has improved leaps and bounds! He's about ready to be ordained. They have a New Year's resolution to go to all 3 hours of church next year. They've only been coming for sacrament the last 2 months. And apparently Justin watched the Mormon message about the guy who wanted to commit suicide, but heard about fasting and tried it, etc. (I think Breanne sent it as a link one day). Anyways, he decided on his own to fast for 24 hours about the church. He's just on fire! Gosh I love watching the gospel change lives! It makes all of the hard times worth it :) How many times have I said that over the course of my mission??

     Well, I've got to get going. This was a fast week! I hope you have a great week and wonderful New Year! I love you all!

-Sister Metcalf

Christmas Presents

Adorable ornament- my twinner

Christmas webcam!

Giant snowman

A frosty Christmas


We actually got gas for $2.06 today!

Finally snowing!

Back roads before the snow!

Christmas Eve district meeting

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Second Longest Week of My Mission

     I say the second longest, because I'm sure there have been longer... I don't know. It's been long though. It still doesn't feel much like Christmas, but I'm sure it will soon. There's no snow on the ground here still. We may drive up north a bit to visit a family on Christmas Day just to have a "white Christmas". We'll see. I'm excited to Skype with family in just a few days!

     I picked up my new companion on Tuesday. Sister Riddle (my baby) 2nd trained her, so we have a weird "family relationship". When I get home, I'll explain what it all means. But basically I'm Sister Riddle's mom. Sister Riddle is Sister Dunford's step mom, which makes me Sister Dunford's step grandma. But I'm also Sister Dunford's dad. It's weird. Us missionaries come up with interesting phrases and things out here. Anyways, she's from Orem, been out for 3 months, and she's 19. I was reading some letters Breanne sent me this last week and it sounds like we're going to be having a similar last transfer. I'm planning on going full speed ahead, regardless of circumstances. Heavenly Father wants to make sure I leave it all out here on the court and come home exhausted I guess.

     So, Friday was the hardest day I've had on my mission in a long time. At this point my companion already declared that she wanted to go home and didn't want to be a missionary anymore. Things have been rough as I'm at a loss for how to help her... or even empathize. Plus, my dream was to train my last transfer. Obviously that didn't happen (though it sort of feels like it). We got a call on Friday morning saying that some visa waiters were being sent to Spokane and they wanted me to train one and put her in a tripanionship with us. I was SO excited! It felt like a tender mercy. We started getting things figured out- we found a bed, got a ride figured out to go get her that night, etc. Well, two hours later we got a call saying that they decided to have an Asian sister in our mission train her instead because she's going to Taiwan. That was rough. It was my dream to train my last transfer and there was a little glimmer of hope. The rest of the day was rough. Heavenly Father tried to send me a few bones by putting the Brunnette's in my path and helping us be led to find a new investigator for a family ward.

     We had a powerful lesson with a less active on Wednesday. Joseph Glanzer is great. He's a punk, but so fun to teach. He's 28 and a returned missionary, but struggling a lot. He's very honest with us though and I just give it to him straight- no sugar coating or beating around the bush. I must have called him to repentance for 5 or 6 different things that lesson. He was starting to perk up and agreeing that he needed to make changes by the end. The lesson was so spirit driven. I felt like God was giving me all of the questions that I needed to ask him to get him to open up and decided for himself to make changes. I love lessons like that. He ended up coming to church on Sunday and even meeting with Bishop Romney.

     Fun fact- this last week I ate rabbit and moose. Both in 9 Mile of course. Rabbit sausage was with the family who I actually slaughtered rabbits and geese for last summer in my first transfer. The moose was as moose sloppy joes at the Hyer's. There daughter Kathryn is a ward missionary and had us over.

     On Thursday I accomplished a mission bucket list item which was to watch a video or message with someone on their smartphone as I contacted them on the street. We came across Chelsee and her friend, got talking and had her pull up "He is the Gift". We watched it right then and they loved it! We taught a mini restoration and they both agreed to be baptized! We will go back and see them this week. They seem a bit flakey, but you never know! Also on Thursday we went to teach our new investigator Joshua. Well, his mom and little brother sat in too. The mom was the most interested out of all of them. She kept asking questions, etc. She loved it! My companion doesn't have the 1st vision memorized yet, so she froze up and sent it over to me. Again, fine by me! That's my absolute favorite part of the first discussion! The spirit was so strong. Their eyes were locked on me and after that they REALLY wanted the Book of Mormon to read and pray about. They all said they'd be baptized and invited us to come back this Saturday. It was incredible! That day we found 4 new investigators. It was a miracle!

     Even though it was a hard week- I am happy with what we accomplished. I love be the Lord's servant, on His errand. There is nothing better! 

     Josh Nay is progressing awesomely! And a less active couple we've been teaching for a while, Aly and Justin, just got engaged. He proposed to her in front of the temple! How cool?? They're not ready for it yet, but it's a goal they have now. When they told me, I couldn't help but smile. I get to work with so many great people! (Don't get me started on Lau... we've been struggling with him)

     Well, I love you all and can't wait to talk to you soon! Have a great week! Merry Christmas! :)

-Sister Metcalf

 At my 10th and final Harston's breakfast (they do one each transfer for the North Spokane Zone- and I've served 10 transfers in this zone!)

With Aly McFarlane and Justin Harley (they got engaged the day after!)

Sister Riddle (I trained her, and she 2nd trained Sister Dunford), Me, and Sister Dunford

Sister Jenkins and I with the mustaches I won at a white elephant party

Ugly Sweater Party FHE

Monday, December 15, 2014

One More Time!

     I'm staying in Shawnee YSA for my last transfer! :) Sister Dunford will be my companion- this will be her 3rd transfer out (and 3rd area... and 3rd companion). You'd better believe I'm gonna be working her hard. This is my last 6 weeks to fully consecrate 24/7 to the Lord. I'm gonna leave it all on the court! :)

     We had MLC on Tuesday and got to train the zone on Friday. I was so excited because I got to train on diligence with my companion :) I kind of fought for it. Diligence and obedience are my passion. I worked really hard to sound like I had a heart ;) and it ended up being a wonderful training (if I do say so myself). My hope is just that the other missionaries walk away motivated and convicted to improve themselves. Training is by far my favorite part about being a Sister Training Leader... that and exchanges. And I'm a STL again for my last transfer... that means that for over a year of my mission I will have been an STL! Crazy!

So many wonderful things happened this week and I don't know if I can get them all down (luckily I'm all caught up on my journal so I can have any details that I miss in there...) First was that while on exchanges in the 5 Mile Prairie ward we got to take a less active, Mindy, to the Addiction Recovery Program meeting that the church has. It. Was. Incredible. I don't have any addictions and I think I want to go to it when I get back. It's essentially like Alcoholics Anonymous, but for all addictions, and they incorporate healing through Jesus Christ and forgiveness through the Atonement. It's powerful! I was in tears. The church has some incredible programs. It was wonderful to be able to bear my testimony on forgiveness and really help these people in a group setting. It was like being a missionary for complete strangers who want help. The spirit is so strong there.

     On Tuesday night after MLC Danielle came down to the temple with Gina Ewing-DiBari (a girl in our ward who has been baptized for a year and a half now) and we did baptisms! Oh my gosh. I can't even describe how happy that made me. To see her in there, dressed in white. She was beyond excited to go and just loved it. She had confirming witnesses while in there that she was in the Lord's house doing His work. Afterwards she asked if she's allowed to go whenever she wants and if she can only go a certain amount of times a week. She's so excited to go back again and again. It was so special to be there for her first time! We went out to Olive Garden afterwards for dinner. I just love that girl. She is so solid! I wish I had other words to describe her, but that one is the most fitting. She flew home this week for Christmas break, but is planning on going to the Seattle temple with a group over break. 

     On Saturday we went on a blitz in a struggling area in our district. We all worked their area for 2 hours and found them a bunch of new investigators. It was great. And with Christmas around the corner, we've been caroling a lot lately! We went with another set of sisters and found 2 new investigators combining caroling with "He is the Gift". You know, everyone opens their door when someone is singing outside of it. I wish we could do that year round... maybe I'll try it in January... just sing random hymns until they open up :) We also got to carol at a community event at Riverside state park. It was so cold- but gave us some good publicity :) I love Christmas! I can't believe how soon it is! I haven't thought about it much (other than using it while proselyting) because transfers were coming up. Now I can let myself get really excited for it all!

     Two fun stories before I wrap it up. One was that on Sister Stratton's last day we were determined to work our hardest. We found new investigators, invited people to be baptized, etc. At the end of the night we were talking with this one girl and wrapping up our lesson with her. She was just out letting her dogs go to the bathroom and we caught her before she walked away... Anyways, at the end, we ask her if we can leave her with a prayer. She agrees and Sister Stratton starts to pray. Right in the middle of it the two dogs start fighting. And I mean FIGHTING. It was so crazy! Sister Stratton couldn't even finish the prayer. We just walked away confused and laughing. Dang Satan. The other story is follow up from a while ago. Remember when I talked about how we were going to teach a girl in our ward and she brought her Jewish friend and it was weird, but I testified of Christ? Well Emily came up to me this week and told me how she's been talking with her friend and she's super curious! They kept talking about the Restoration that we taught her and she thinks that it makes complete sense that we still have prophets today. So Emily and Courtney (another Courtney!) want to read the Book of Mormon together from cover to cover. How cool is that?! Hopefully we start meeting with her soon!

     Well, sorry it was short and sweet. But the clock is ticking and I'm out of time. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Sister Metcalf

Waiting for my last transfer call (which didn't come until 9:58pm)

With Sister Gardiner. She went on my first exchange with me... and I went on her last exchange with her!


At Olive Garden with Gina and Danielle after the temple

Danielle's first time to the temple! :)

At Frank's Diner last p-day

Monday, December 8, 2014

He is the Gift

     I hope by now all of you have watched "He is the gift". If not, go do it now. Then go share it on your Facebook wall. It's so good! What an easy way to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas. Please share it with your friends.

     This morning in my studies I found the coolest scripture ever!!! It's Act's 18:9-11 "Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city. And he continued there a year and six months, teaching the word of God among them." Are you kidding me? What a perfect sister missionary scripture! I absolutely love it and smiled from ear to ear as I read it. It was just the perfect way to start out my day.

     I'll share some of the low points of the week and then move on to the good stuff. Tuesday I had the stomach flu. I was bad. Real bad. I stayed in the whole day and between being sick, just slept and slept. I was so disappointed because we had 9 set appointments with investigators and less actives that we had to cancel. I never want to be sick again on the mission. It's such a waste of time! Gah! I also went to the chiropractor this week (he's a member and did it for free). I found out that my back keeps going out because I have a chronically inflamed sacroiliac (SI) joint and once it's injured it is easily re injured. So I've gone in for a few adjustments and have been doing different exercises and stretches each morning for it. It seems to really be helping.

My companion goes home at the end of this week. I think "killing" a companion is almost as hard as training. Almost. And three transfers in a row... God must trust me to stay focused and to keep them focused. Actually, I had a conversation with Sister Stratton during companionship inventory and she talked about how she didn't like that I never let her talk about going home, etc. Sorry. That's just not how I roll. I told her if she really wanted to, she could talk to other missionaries about it- but I wanted to remain focused and keep us as a companionship focused on the work/ task at hand. That may be why another missionary called me heartless this last week. I guess that's what I get for being obedient and hard working and not letting others slack. The sister tried to explain how I am loving, but in a heartless way. I don't know how to explain it, but I just don't want others to waste their time out here. I am thoroughly enjoying my time being a servant of the Lord! It's seriously the best! I am so excited about all of these life skills that I'm learning!

     We did a lot of work in Colbert again this week along with the singles ward. There's a different feel in each ward. Sister McCabe has found a bunch of members to go on splits with her though so she can work in her area while we work in ours. Praise-eluiah! Between me being sick and splitting time in both wards, we only taught 13 lessons this week. We've been averaging around 20 ish. So I'm excited to really thrust in my sickle with the YSA's this upcoming week. We did get a chance to have a member drive us around one day and they took us up to Deer Park. We never get to make it up there because of miles. It's so pretty :) And the members up there were so touched that we drove that far to visit them. I'm convinced that YSA's just want to feel noticed and loved. If they have that, they'll stick around long enough to gain a solid testimony. Thursday night we got some sleet and then freezing temperatures overnight. The roads were icy Friday morning and we were told not to drive until the afternoon. Other than that the weather has been bearable. Just cold. No snow really. It rained today and we had the most beautiful rainbow! I didn't know you could have rainbow's in 35 degree weather, but apparently you can! I wish it would just dump snow here. Things are just dead and brown, and I'd love for their to be a white blanket covering it all :)

     Saturday night Jessica Tenny in our ward got married. Her home ward is Nine Mile Falls. We didn't even realize her reception was gonna be at the church building and we had planned to teach someone a lesson there. After the lesson I saw a bunch of people from 9 Mile who were walking into the reception. It was a little tender mercy :) I love that ward! I love all the (three) wards I've served in! I wonder what will happen this next transfer. Will I stay? Will I have to get to know a new area in just 6 weeks? Only time will tell I guess!

     Sunday was incredible! I love fast Sunday's for so many reasons! We started off with another excellent ward council. We are really getting this down and it feels like we're doing it the Lord's way. We're focusing on so many people and working hard to reactivate, retain, and find. We want our ward to be more unified, so we taped off the side pews so that everyone was forced to sit in the middle and be by other people (and therefore have to get to know someone). It worked great! haha. Some people were pretty thrown by it. I bore my testimony about "Feeding the Lord's sheep" and the joy that is found as we look outside ourselves and serve others. Right after, Danielle got up and bore her testimony!! Her first time ever! The spirit was so strong as she bore powerful testimony of the Plan of Salvation and her experiences in sharing the gospel. I couldn't stop smiling :) She's so solid, and seriously the best! Later that night we had a lesson with Josh about tithing. I never knew the spirit could be so strong when talking about tithing and fasting. Josh is just so elect and willing to obey and learn. He met with the bishop and is on track to receive the Aaronic Priesthood soon. I'm so excited for him! We taught him at the Fullmer's home again (his best friend who is on a mission). His friend Peter actually emailed one of his non member friends last week and invited him to take the missionary discussions and he accepted! So we'll be teaching him in the Fullmer's home too! Josh said he wanted to be a part of it and sit in with him. I am just LOVING all of the great things going on in the Shawnee YSA ward! :)

     The last bit of news I wanted to share is that last night I finally finished "Jesus the Christ"! Holy smokes that book is big! 793 pages in depth on the life of Christ. I learned so much from it. It feels like quite the accomplishment. I don't know when I'll have time to tackle it ever again. But I'm so happy I made it through at least once. I KNOW that Jesus Christ is our Savior. It is only through Him that we can live together as families with our Heavenly Father again some day. It is only because of Him that I feel so much joy and peace in my life right now! I want everyone to know about Him and His restored gospel! It truly blesses lives! I'm am so blessed to have this knowledge and want to wear out myself in sharing it with the people of Spokane the next few months, and then with the people of California, Utah, and the rest of the world after that! :) 

     I love each and every one of you and want you to have this knowledge as well! I hope you have a great week! I miss and love you!

-Sister Metcalf

p.s. Mom is the only one who told me about her experience in talking with the missionaries about less actives/ investigators! Did no one else do it?? "Every member a missionary!" You all need to step it up a bit to keep pace with the Lord's hastening! :)

I finished "Jesus the Christ" by James E. Talmage!!!
The most incredible verse that I found this morning :) Acts 18:9-11

Monday, December 1, 2014

So Much to be Thankful For

Family and Friends,

     I want to start of by letting you all know how thankful I am for you and the positive influence you've had in my life! I'm so blessed to have such strong family and friends. Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a breakfast, lunch, and two dinner appointments. It was great to be around families again and feel of their love and excitement (it's such a different feel just being with YSA's). I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are working on your leftovers. Someone sent us home with half of a smoked turkey, and we also got two whole Costco pumpkin pies, among other leftovers. We're doing just fine on food! ha ha. When we didn't have meal appointments, we were weekly planning so our day was full. I was very happy with how the day went.

     On Tuesday night we drove up to Colville to go to their institute. So, our ward boundaries for YSA includes all of the 18-30 year old's in the North Spokane and Colville stakes. Geographically that is 1/5 of the mission boundaries. It's huge! We never get up into the Colville stake because it's boonie and far away. We just haven't been allotted enough miles to make it up there (I'm working on changing that). Anyways, we scrimped on miles during the beginning of the month so that we could make the 130 mile round trip to Colville. We attended their institute and met a lot of active young adults and tried to recruit them to come to activities during the week and church. But I don't know how many will come. For some of them it would be a 2 hour drive to the church building... But they were so excited that we came up and knew who they were and cared about them. I'm glad we went. Sister Stratton and I really want to go up to Canada (it's in our ward boundaries) but we just can't find a way to get up there ha ha. We'd probably end up going on a p-day.

     On Wednesday we went on exchanges. There are so many sisters going home the next few transfers. All last transfer I went on exchanges only with sisters who were going home at the end of the transfer and I am doing that again this transfer. Each time I go on them I realize that there are so many ways I can improve as a missionary. I try to implement the things I'm learning. I guess I'll never have it all down before I finish. But I'm sure gonna be trying! Speaking of missionaries going home- because one sister went home early in our zone, her companion was left... companionless. We talked to her last Monday and she felt like she wasn't needed or wanted in any areas because she's been bounced around in different companionships. She won't get a new companion until transfers in 2 weeks, and President Mullen told her to just be in a trio- he didn't assign her to anyone specifically, so she's been jumping around. So we adopted her! So now we're in a trio :) Sister McCabe is with Sister Stratton and me and it's great! We split our time working between the two wards. It works out perfect because YSA covers the whole stake- so we'd be in her area part of the time anyways, whereas when she was with other companionships she felt like she was really taking away from the time they could spend in their own area. It's a win-win. Plus it's nice having a 3rd missionary in lessons and in the car. There's less tense moments between my companion and I. They're both so great, and it's been fun teaching and working with them. It just gives me this boost of confidence when talking to a stranger because now 2 people have my back instead of 1 (and last transfer it felt like none). So I'm loving it! Plus, Sister Stratton served in Colbert for 7 1/2 months last year so she knows the area perfect, and I've been organizing her whiteboard and area book. It feels so good to be able to help her because she was so stressed out before! (she has only been serving in Colbert for a few weeks and knew nothing and no one). I love helping- and organizing!

     Over the course of our week we were dropped by 4 of our 12 investigators. I'm not too heart broken about it because they were people we were about to drop anyways. Back to the drawing board though to find more people and keep our teaching pool up (it's better than the zero we had when I first got here!) I want to leave this area better than I found it. I feel like my specialty throughout my mission has been reactivating less actives and unifying the ward through the active members... and that's a lot of what has been going on in Shawnee YSA. They've needed it. They had a ton of baptisms in the beginning of the year, but now all of those people are struggling. My prayers are so focused on other people that I forget to pray for the things I need myself. I need to just take the time... but I'm so exhausted at the end of each night... I don't think that'll ever change, so I just need to suck it up and pray longer ha ha.

     Side note- three times this week middle aged/old men commented on my red hair. And not like "Oh, you have nice hair" but more like "Who's that beautiful redhead I haven't met yet?" Or "All redheads are either drop dead gorgeous or homely as I'll get out... Don't worry- you're one of the beautiful ones." The weird thing is, that they came from members, not strangers. I basically thanked them but told them that made me feel uncomfortable... At least I know when I get back, if I can't find anyone my own age to marry, I've apparently got an in with old guys... Awkward.

     Well, sorry I couldn't remember many spiritual experiences. I know there were plenty. Most prominently I'm just grateful for the strong influence of the Holy Ghost right now. I feel it each day and never want it to leave. I would attribute a huge part of that to how constantly we pray as missionaries. I don't want to lose that habit of praying often throughout the day.

     I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Sister Metcalf

p.s. here's a meme that I love that perfectly segway's Thanksgiving time into Christmas time. Can you believe it's already December?? I'm in denial!

With Jessica Tenny (my favorite ward missionary and daughter of a favorite family in 9 Mile)
On the 1hr 20 min drive up to Colville, Washington
I saw the Colvin's (she's our 2nd cousin) on Thanksgiving
The last of 4 meals on Thanksgiving- at the Jamison's home