Monday, November 3, 2014

Short and to the Point

     Every week in Shawnee YSA is a great week! And I get to have at least 6 more here. Sister McDonald went home and my new companion is Sister Stratton. She served in the same zone as me in the beginning of my mission. She will be a sister training leader with me and this is her last transfer so I'll be "killing" another companion! Yikes. I'm hoping that she'll be way more fired up about working her hardest until the end. It's difficult to pull a companionship along.

     So one of the highlights from this week is that we had so many people at church on Sunday! Our average attendance is about 65 people in sacrament meeting. We had investigators, less actives, and non member friends of people. I love it! I was really excited for Josh Nay to come. He hasn't been since he was baptized at age 12 and his best friend is on a mission right now. His heart is so soft and he's keeping commitments. I'm really excited for him!

     We're still teaching Amelie from Germany, but she doesn't want to do anything without her family. She's planning on taking them to church with her when she gets back at the end of this month. Her mom and brother already have gone to church once out there to check it out. It's crazy how God works to hasten the work all over the globe.

     On Tuesday we found out that we won't be teaching Courtney anymore. She's still investigating, but just with the other YSA ward. Her friend who she was coming with was dating a girl in our ward, Elise. Well, they broke up and things got awkward so he switched wards and took Courtney with him. I tell people that we "lost her in the custody battle". She is so elect. I hope to be able to go to her baptism whenever that is! Speaking of baptisms. I'm so excited for Danielle's! She'll be baptized this Saturday and I get to be there! She's so excited, too. When I asked her what she's most excited about she said two things- to have the Holy Ghost and to be able to go to the temple! Now I'm not bragging or anything- but I feel like she's been taught well if those are the two things she is most excited about :)

     Some of our recent converts are struggling. We're having a hard time helping them on our own. It's a testimony to me of how important the ward and ward council are. If the ward doesn't step up soon we're gonna lose these people and there's nothing the missionaries can do about it. We had a chat with our bishop, so hopefully things will change.

     On Saturday I was invited to Russ and Christie's wedding! It was held in Bishop Hardy's office. They only had 3 of their children there and one other set of missionaries. I felt so honored to be invited! The spirit was strong there as Bishop Hardy emphasized the importance of being sealed for time and all eternity in a year. I'm so excited to come up in a year for their sealing! Russ has made ginormous changes in his life since I began teaching him and it was incredible to see his 180 flip from almost a year ago. I can't believe I started teaching him last December!

     When my companion went to the mission home on Sunday (and 4 other sisters in our zone did too) I got to pair up with Sister McWilliams. She was in my same district out in the Valley. She's great and is serving in 9 Mile. So I got to see more families out there and am working in 9 Mile until Tuesday morning. It's so great how often I get to be reunited with everyone there! I got to do some deep cleaning at their house and help Sister Taylor out. The sisters left that place a mess and it's being swept out. Elders will be there again :( Boo! I hope they take care of it. That area is my baby!

     Anyways, this week will be full of new adventures and new investigators I'm sure! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Put mom in your prayers!

-Sister Metcalf
Pumpkin carving! Mine was a pirate kitty and Sister McDonald's was a haunted house
It's true!
More giant animals :)
Russ and Christie's wedding ceremony!
driving range
on hole 6

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