Monday, November 24, 2014

Hard Work

     Missionary work is hard. Why didn't anyone tell me this? haha. I'm kidding. I knew it would be hard. And I don't even know how to put it into words myself. But I love the incredible sense of happiness, success, and charity that I have never before felt. It really is worth all of the heartache over these people.

     We had some miracles this week with a lot of our recent converts/ less actives (most of the recent converts are less actives...) One was with Trevor Giger. He hasn't been to church in maybe 5 months and when I went by to meet him 4 weeks ago he said he wasn't interested in the church anymore. Well, this week he texted us and asked if we could meet up. He didn't show to his appointment, so we drove to his house. He was a little surprised to see us but invited us in. He was pretty closed off and not wanting to talk much. After getting a little bit of info from him I felt like we should read Alma 32:37-43. We talked about where his faith was at and you could just see him softening as he felt the spirit. By the end of our 30 minute lesson he had opened up and told us all of his concerns and committed to come to church (and he came!). It is just proof that the Lord doesn't want us to memorize lessons and spit them out at people, but as we listen to the spirit it will tell us what they need. The words we shared didn't change him at all, the Spirit did. I'm so glad that I am so close to the spirit and able to follow it's promptings!

     We met with Danielle on Thursday night and had a lesson all planned out. Just a few hours before I felt like we should do family history instead. So we texted her and had her meet us at the family history center instead. When she got there she said "I'm so glad you decided you wanted to do this because I woke up this morning and just kept thinking about how I wanted to do more of my family history!" Seriously, why would anyone ever NOT follow the promptings of the spirit in missionary work? He literally tells us everything that people need! To go along with that, I've been praying and pleading to know what I needed to do to help all of our recent converts who are struggling. For a few nights I kept getting this feeling that it's not me, but the ward that will help them. So we've been contacting people in our ward and having them reach out to these individuals and invite them to activities, etc. It's been working quite well. Again- I'm glad I'm listening to the spirit. It's so important to always be living in a way that we're in tune with it!

     A sister went home early this week in our zone and we had her companion come with us for the day while we tried to work in both areas. We found 2 new YSA investigators that day. But the biggest tender mercy was that earlier that day I was feeling so lethargic and not excited for our day we had planned and right when we were about to walk out the door we got the call that we needed to get the other sister. It was just what I needed to get me excited again :) Saturday then ended up being one of the longest days ever. No set appointments. It was a day of endurance for sure. Our first lesson of the day was at 8:55pm (always try one more house!) With a less active, and we had him go downstairs and bring up his 5 non member friends who were there. We had them ask us questions they had about Mormons and basically taught them through the Restoration. It was cool :)

     Last night we had another lesson with Josh Nay (my favorite returning less active). We showed up for the lesson at the other family's home 10 minutes early and caught the tail end of their family scripture study before Josh came over. It brought back so many memories! The best was when their 8 year old son gave the closing prayer, and in it he said "And please bless Josh that he will feel the spirit tonight and come closer to God." I started tearing up. It was so precious- this boy already knew how important it was for Josh to make these changes. I just loved it! And the lesson went great. He is soaking it all up and wanting the rest of his family to come back, too! I love watching the Atonement work in the lives of others.

     On Sunday morning the Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, WML's, and bishops had a meeting with Elder Johnson of the 70 which had a huge impact on the way we conduct ward councils. It was incredible! Something he said really struck me. He talked about how at the Salt Lake airport he's seen families with a big sign that says "Finish Line" for the returning missionaries to run through. He said how sad that is. That for missionaries, coming home is NOT the finish. We are to continue the progress we make even after our missionaries. We are still expected to be missionaries, just in a different capacity. It gave a different meaning to the phrase "sprint to the finish". 

     The last thing I wanted to do was share with you this talk by Neal A. Maxwell (Consecrate Thy Performance) that I came across. It really made me self reflect and dig a whole lot deeper. I need to give my all to the Lord and not hold back part. But this isn't a talk for missionaries. It's for everyone. We all have something that we're holding back. Figure out what it is and surrender your will! 

     I love you all! Have a great week!

-Sister Megan Metcalf

p.s. I'm following up! How many of you talked to the missionaries to figure out a returning less active or investigator that they wanted you to talk to??? Anyone?

Working downtown... sort of...

With Sister Stratton and Amelie Hesse

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