Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to Back Baptisms

     What a crazy and fun week! Being without a companion and bouncing around for 2 and a half days wasn't all that desirable but as you heard I spent some time in 9 Mile so that was great! All p-day and Tuesday things were pretty crazy because of figuring out how it would work having elders in 9 Mile and sisters in the other ward. Things just weren't working out with housing and I was trying to help- long story short the elders were only in 9 Mile for like 4 hours and then they put sisters back in! And Sister Haynes- my companion from the Valley- is sweep training there! Yay! I'm so happy! :) This week I'll be going on an exchange there as well as one other exchange. And next week fyi we'll be going to the temple so I won't be emailing until Wednesday.

     Well it's nice in a way to be back with a Sister Training Leader as a companion. Even if our personalities don't click, it's still nice to have someone who is willing to share the load. Sister Stratton is great and a very hard worker. Street contacts are a breeze now! We found 3 new investigators this week- one of which has real promise and I'll talk about her later. We went to MLC and trained together in Zone training last week. We came up with some really fun role plays for people to do. I just love being a missionary! :)

     Recently I've been listening to some talks by Jeffrey R. Holland. He just sounds so much bolder than when you read his talks. Anyways- I got thinking. Everyone loves him. And it's because he's so bold and loving. I've really been trying to emulate that the last few transfers. Being bold and declaring repentance is honestly the best I have ever felt in my entire life. There's just no way to really put it into words. It was a little scary at first- but I don't fear man anymore. I got to call a couple of people to repentance this week and be really bold about changes they needed to make. One was our recent convert, Alyson. She's been going through a rough patch in life and is mad that things aren't going perfect. Umm... no one said living the gospel would make your life perfect! So I told her that. That she just needs to trust God and His ways. She'd been really depressed lately and wasn't reading her scriptures or praying. She didn't think they'd help and said she hated that everyone kept telling her to do that- so guess what I did. I told her that doing those things were the main way to invite God into her life and if she wanted God's help, or guidance, or comfort right now then she'd better get to work. By the end of her lesson she was so pumped up about reading and praying! She even deleted Facebook and Instagram so she wouldn't waste time with those anymore. :) It's the little things in life that bring joy- really!

     We had a less active who I've never met call us up this week, Alyssa Money. Her recent convert sister just moved in with her and they wanted us to start coming over weekly and go to church. We were able to teach them and find them a ride to church. Alyssa has an 18 month old baby, so it was interesting having a kid at church. I've gotten too used to the quiet sacrament meetings in YSA. They're great and I have high hopes for them.

     So Breanna is my new favorite investigator! She is dating a less active. He's actually got a solid testimony, but he works graveyard shifts so he hasn't been to church in a while. His family converted about 5 years ago. We had never met him and we dropped by one night and they were both there. We started teaching her and invited her to investigate. She wasn't sure. So I turned to their family and asked what a difference the church has made in their lives. After they all bore testimony I looked at her and said "Do you want that in your life?" She said "Yeah! And I've been talking to Keith about wanting to get baptized because he said we can get married in the temple for all of eternity. I'd like that!" They got off work on Sunday morning at 6am but still came to church together! When we talked with them about it afterwards they both said they loved the spirit they felt and wanted to come back next week. The Lord truly is hastening His work!

     The best part of the week was getting to go to 2 baptisms on Saturday night! The first was for Kanyon Larson in 9 Mile. He's 9 yrs old and we'd been teaching him for a bit. His family is fairly active but they wanted his dad to baptize him. So we were working on getting his dad active and ready. I'm so excited for their family. They're also working towards getting sealed. Then we rushed over to Danielle's. The font at the stake center leaks so when we got there it was half empty! We had to fill the font to the rim and by the time she got baptized it was down to the right level. By the end of her service is had completely emptied!! Yikes! It was wonderful. Her mom and sister ended up bailing and not coming :( She was so sad about that but went through with it anyways! Her boyfriend, Zach (who has his call out to St. Louis), baptized her. He had to do it twice and Danielle is shy so she didn't like the attention on her for so long. But you should have seen her Sunday after she got the Holy Ghost. She was absolutely beaming! She said that's when she felt the spirit confirm it the most. And she was SO excited to finally receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! I love that girl! :) And I love the gospel!

     Well, those are the highlights from this week. Sorry it was short.

Hope you all have a great week! I love you! :)

-Sister Megan Metcalf
Danielle Schimschal's baptism!

Kanyon Larson's baptism!

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