Monday, October 27, 2014

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times‏

     Well, last week was definitely given to prepare us for the roughness of this week. But I'll start by sharing about last p-day. We went out to Greenbluff and went apple picking as a zone. It was really fun. The apples were way cheaper than the store and we got to eat as much as we wanted while we picked :) It was a lot of fun! Now I know why the Anderson's go every year!

     So, Rick and Theresa (the guy who said he'd been waiting for us) got sick and had to reschedule for this week, so hopefully in my next email you'll hear all about them! We actually had way more cancellations than usual this week. It's so hard not to get discouraged at the agency of others... But that's life, right? I might as well learn that now! Also, our phone broke and they won't be able to get us a new one for 2 weeks! 2 weeks! Yikes! It's nearly impossible to contact YSA without a phone. So that hurt us this week. No way of communicating, setting up/ confirming appointments- I've been so stressed out from that! We have 2 people on date for baptism that we need to contact daily and we don't have a phone!

     On Wednesday night we had a lesson with one of our active members, Emily Vermillion, who is a freshman at Whitworth and she brought some of her friends. One of them was Christian and the other was Jewish. That was interesting. Have you ever shared a message about Jesus Christ with someone who is Jewish? It was hard to be bold and make statements like "I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that we must follow Him if we want to find lasting peace and happiness." I didn't want to offend her, but she came to hear what we believed... It was interesting. She had a TON of questions after. Needless to say, she didn't want to be baptized... or take the discussions. But I invited anyway! :)

     We had an amazing lesson with Courtney on Wednesday. She really wanted to understand repentance better and as we taught her she had so many questions. She has so much faith and is so sensitive to the spirit. We also taught her about the Word of Wisdom. She was apprehensive at first but a few days later, after reading and praying about it she said she knows it's what God wants her to do! We were so excited to have her attend someone else's baptism on Saturday night and we were going to teach her before it (we had SO much to get in before her baptismal date of November 1st) Well she didn't show up. And without a phone, we had no way of contacting her. Then she didn't show up to church on Sunday. My heart dropped. What happened? We borrowed another set of sister's phone and texted her. She said she didn't feel ready to be baptized on November 1st. That's fine with us because we felt it was a bit rushed too. And we set up an appointment to meet on Tuesday night. We asked her if she had any questions for us and what she texted us made us think someone has been giving her anti :( We gave her some scriptures to read and pray about, but she hasn't responded yet. So we'll see what she says tomorrow. I'm nervous. But whatever happens is meant to be. You'd better believe I'm gonna work my hardest for this though. This is the work of Salvation of souls. It's hard work! Oh yeah, and when we dropped by Brad's to see what he thought of church last week he said he didn't want to investigate anymore. He didn't agree with exaltation and thinks we're crazy. That was fun. Not. I bore testimony to him and left him with the spirit though at least.

     Last week my back went out- like OUT. Luckily it was on a weekly planning day where we were inside for a few hours. But it was hard to walk and I couldn't do much. I've been babying it this last week and it's been getting better. Our zone is going golfing (for free) today, so we'll see how that goes. I told my companion that we'll team up and she can do the long drives and I'll take the putts. I've only ever done miniature golf anyways! haha.

     On the bright side, Danielle is great! She's so excited to be baptized on the 8th! (I had a typo in my last email that made it sound like she wasn't going to, but she is) She is so prepared and is inviting everyone she can to come to her baptism. We're working really hard to get the ward fellowshipping more. They're pretty self absorbed in that regard. They don't notice that she really needs that, even with all the returned missionaries we have. But she's solid :)

     Next week we get transfer calls. I'm thinking with the way things have gone historically that I'll spend my last two transfers in Shawnee YSA (that sounds weird to say. Only two left. There's so much work to do!) But we'll see. This next week will bring tons of miracles, I'm sure! 

     Though this email didn't bear tons of great news or miracles, I still loved this week. It's incredible to be in the service of my God. I love Him and am so blessed for being out here. I love feeling the spirit constantly and learning so much. I'm close to the end of "Jesus the Christ" and just started the section when Christ goes into the Garden of Gethsemene. He has done so much for each of us and I am forever grateful for it. I know that there is no other way to live with God and my family forever except through obeying the laws and ordinances of His gospel. I know this church is true and that this is where I'm supposed to be.

     I love you all! Have a great week! :)

-Sister Megan Metcalf

Welcome to Spokane!

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