Monday, October 6, 2014


So many wonderful things happened this week. The prophet and apostles spoke to the world, I turned 26, we had MLC and a training, exchanges, the list goes on. I'll start with my birthday. My roommates and companion decorated the apartment for me and instead of a cake they got a slab of cookie dough and molded it in cake shape. We went out to lunch in between conference sessions and I spread out opening all of my presents and cards throughout the day. Thank you to everyone who sent me things! Your thank you cards are on their way. We got a lot of teaching done after conference and found 2 more less actives who agreed to take the discussions- so exciting!

General Conference was incredible! I could watch it every day. I loved so many of the talks! My top two were probably President Uchtdorf's and President Eyering's. They were so moving. So many of them answered questions that I had and answered questions that my investigators and less actives had. Danielle (on date to be baptized October 18th) watched 3 sessions of conference (she was sick Saturday, but sucked it up to watch the afternoon session). I told her she'd love Uchtdorf's talk and she went home and watched it- FOUR times! She said she absolutely loves it! I love watching people just soak up the gospel and feel the spirit!

Tuesday we had MLC and on Friday I got to train our zone on effective planning as well as obedience- honestly those are probably my two favorite things. So I had a blast. And I have honestly never delivered a training so powerfully as the one I did on obedience. I just want to drill it into people. Why don't they get it? The time we have to serve is so short. It's such a small sacrifice that brings blessings and miracles and growth beyond measure! Argh! I'm positive they know how convicted I am to it now though :) We also found out at MLC that President Mullen got a copy of "Meet the Mormons" and we will be watching it as a zone next week! Yay! :) I can't wait. Everyone needs to go see it!

This week I went on an exchange in Colbert with a sister who goes home this transfer. It's such an incredible calling to have to train and inspire and influence these sisters. Each one is so different and needs different things. I'm learning how to lead the way Christ would have me lead. As we were out though, this sister really helped ME. She told me how she's always looked up to me and strived to be as hard working and consecrated as me. I'm glad that I can lead by example but feel I have so much to improve on. It was a nice reassurance to have after last week being so rough.

Last Monday we hiked in 9 Mile for our pday activity. I loved being out there again! That place is gorgeous! I sent a ton of pictures to Jensa that should be posted. I honestly can't wait for you all to come visit here with me. It's a little slice of heaven :)

As we were trying to visit people this week we caught Steven at home (he's the 19 year old we saw that night when we got 2 investigators in 10 minutes, was on his way to the bus and gave us 2 minutes to teach him) Anyway, we catch him at home and he steps outside. We start talking to him about the gospel and he just says "Look, I'm not in a good place. I've been addicted to drugs for 3 years now. I've done pot, spice, meth. I've been kicked out of 2 rehab centers. I don't think I can do this." I asked him if that's what he wants for himself and he said no. I looked him straight in the eye and as boldly and lovingly as I could said, "You can change. Right now. You don't have to keep doing this. This is your life and God does not want you wasting it. Through the strength of Jesus Christ you can overcome this." He just kind of smirked at me and then I shared Alma 7:11-12 and testified to him that Christ has felt what he's going through and wants to help him. I could see a little spark in his eyes but he pushed it away. He wouldn't set up a time to meet, but he said he'd go to the addiction recovery program meeting this week. I can't imagine my life being like that at 19. In so deep and feeling hopeless. So sad. I hope he remembers the spirit he felt as I testified and let's us teach him more.

I'm out of time... again. Sorry these are so short! But I love you all and hope you have a great week wherever you are in the world! :)

-Sister Metcalf

With Ashley Green at Olive Garden

Worst Birthday Present EVER! (my trunky papers)


 Presents :)

Riding a dinosaur with a dragon in the background

UFO sighting

with Sister Haynes at MLC
North Spokane Sisters (from last year) who are all now STL's

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