Monday, September 22, 2014

My Week

     So the first thing I'm sure you were all dying to know (right?) is what happened with transfers. Sister McDonald and I are both staying together in Shawnee YSA! This will be her last transfer, so I'll be "killing" her. Hopefully she'll have a huge push to want to just gas herself this last transfer. I'm excited we're both staying. We get along wonderfully. We're still working on the whole teaching together part. It's awkward, but my tactics are actually working. She's been teaching and talking more. So we'll see where we get to in 6 weeks time.

     Well, I'll recap my week day by day- since there's usually not much consistency in how I report on my weeks to you. We'll see how I like it...

     Monday- We had a zone BBQ at the Braun's out in 9 Mile. Two missionaries from our zone were finishing up their missions and headed home at the end of the week so we had a big get together. It was fun to play some tennis and be reminded that air hockey is not my sport. Each week our ward has a Family Home Evening activity. We usually go for the first 15 minutes or so to see if anyone brought friends, less actives came, etc. This time we had a potential investigator show up and we were going to be part of teaching the lesson at the end. We had it at the golf course and played foot golf- like golf, or Frisbee golf, but kicking soccer balls instead. We played a few holes and then had the lesson. Austin was pretty into it, and he set up a return appointment for the next day.

     Tuesday- We had 7 set lessons, only two fell through, so it was a pretty busy day. We were scrambling to find a female for Austin's lesson and since we were having dinner at the bishop's beforehand we asked if we could just have it there. Well, that didn't turn out the way we planned. Our bishop's wife invited 7 other people to come to dinner... and they all stayed for Austin's lesson. I definitely like teaching in smaller settings... but whatever. All in all the lesson went well. Austin accepted baptism and is 100% socially converted, so we need to make sure he is doctrinally/ spiritually converted before he's baptized. We also had a pretty powerful lesson with one of our recent converts who's been struggling with his testimony. I LOVE working with people who want the gospel and are willing to put in the work. I feel like the spirit is just free flowing in those lessons.

     Wednesday- We had district meeting and I did a training on street contacting. It was good for me to really evaluate how I'm doing and how I can improve. We met a less active named Charles. He's a product of a less active family, was reactivated shortly before his mission, and didn't want to stay out the whole time. He felt ostracized when he came home early and pulled away. It's sad to see people go to the temple and not uphold their covenants. But he understands somewhat and wants to try to rekindle his testimony and come back. He's quite the talker. We didn't get to teach him a whole lot. But we're excited to come back and help him progress to where he needs to be.

     Thursday- We had weekly planning. We got done in just a few hours, which was nice. But while we were home we had someone knock on our door. It was the Comcast salesperson. They said they noticed we didn't have TV or Internet and asked us why... so I explained that as missionaries we put those things on hold while we serve God. Oh man, the look on his face was priceless! He thought we were crazy haha. I mean, who could imagine life without either of those? It's actually really nice to be unplugged. Everything going on in the world just stresses us out and distracts us from our real purpose. We taught Danielle about the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. She had a bunch of questions at the end and this week wants us to teach her about the Godhead. She's progressing nicely. We also had a lesson with Mike Hill who is a really interesting character. He likes to talk super intellectual. He's less active but working on coming back.

     Friday- We taught a lot of recent converts and set up times to take them to the Family History Center to start working on names. They're pretty excited and I am too! I love family history. That night we went to go contact some potentials from a survey that our ward did a few weeks ago. It was maybe 7 o'clock, but it's already pretty dark. As we're walking to the apartment we see this group of 3 girls, so I head towards them and say "How are you doing tonight?" The one girl (maybe 28 yrs old) screams at the top of her lungs, has this terrified look in her eyes, and yells back "You scared me! I can't see you- I lost a contact." So I introduce myself and she literally runs away up three flights of stairs yelling a slew of random sentences "I already found Jesus! I'm looking for my kids! Squirrel! Have a good night!" All the while, her two friends are just standing their. Well right when the lady ran away we just kind of ignored her and started talking to her friends, but this lady was yelling so loud that they could hardly hear us. They said they weren't interested and didn't know anyone who would be and we headed off. Once we rounded the corner I just broke out laughing! That lady was so random! And then after seeing some more people, we head back to our car. As we're walking there she walks past us all normal and says, "Aren't you guys nervous walking at night? There's a bunch of weirdos here" (yeah we know! haha) We laughed about that for days!

     Saturday- So do you remember me talking about a girl from Bulgaria that I was teaching out in 9 Mile? Bozhi?  Well, long story short- she was adopted by a family. While she was living with them, we start teaching her and the parents are cool with it. Then this huge scandal comes out about the mom and some guy in prison and Bozhi is about to be put in foster care- so the family that was fellowshipping her, the Harp's decided to adopt her! The Harp's have triplet 16 year old girls... and they adopted Bozhi, another 16 year old girl! Her baptism was amazing and the spirit was so strong. I couldn't stop crying. It was incredible to see God's hand in this girl's life and how everything worked out for her in the end. We didn't teach any lessons that whole day and decided to try one more person on our way home. Amy was a firecracker. We'd never met her before and she invited us right in. She went less active 19 years ago and has been in jail and lost her way. She started asking questions and then told us that she wants us to teach her the lessons so she can try and figure this out for herself. I think her family is still active... but she is actually 35, so we'll be passing her off to the family ward. Her lesson was pretty chaotic with her chihuahua jumping ALL over me and licking my face the whole time, that thing had ADHD for sure! haha. Dogs always have a way of making the lessons more interesting.

     Sunday- was a special sacrament meeting where everyone in our whole mission had a goal of getting 20 non members to church. We had 3 non members and 6 less actives. It was a great meeting, and it was nice to have the ward focusing on just inviting people to come see one of our services. After dinner we went to see a less active. He was baptized 5 years ago and his family went less active pretty soon after. Josh Nay doesn't know much, but accepted taking the lessons. His 16 yr old brother sat in on the lesson and it turns out he isn't baptized. He said he'd like to be- without us even asking! So cool! :) That night we got transfer calls. We were both pretty sure we were staying, and we were right!

     Well, that was my week in a nutshell. I hope you all have a great week! I love you!

-Sister Metcalf

Waiting for transfer calls (our study area)

Bozhi's baptism!!! (with the Harp family who adopted her)
District selfie
Plan of Salvation in chalk... again. Not as successful this time, but still worth it!
Playing "Foot Golf" for FHE with Dallas, Ashley, and Sister McDonald
Zone party last p-day at the Braun's

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