Monday, August 4, 2014

Spokane Valley- The Promised Land

     So last week was what I like to call a pay day. It makes all of the hard days and weeks worth it! So this week I think the Lord was reminding us to be humble, rely on Him, and get back to work. Not that we weren't working... but I guess we're back to earning another pay day :)

     Last P-day was fun! We played sand volleyball in the heat among the usual errands. I had to call out a few missionaries for small disobedience, which was awkward. But there's no way I can stand by and watch little things go on. I think I intimidate some missionaries here with how seriously I take things (as if my height and demeanor weren't already intimidating enough). But I'm not ashamed. I don't want to regret anything while on my mission. So far I feel great about everything I've done- and I know that the progress I make each day towards being an even better missionary/ teacher is what the Lord expects of me! Anyways, we picked up a Japanese Book of Mormon to give to our investigator Shannon. She has a Japanese exchange student and wanted him to have one. So we dropped it off at her house that afternoon. She texted us later that day to tell us that Usay hasn't put the book down yet, not even while in the bathroom! When we stop by this week we'll see if he has any questions or wants to learn more. That night we stopped by Pat Price's (a less active we've been working with weekly) home and talked with her about how it's going quitting coffee and tea. She said the last few days it has tasted disgusting and she hasn't wanted any. She'd gone 2 days without it and said that she's fighting off headaches, but finding other things that help it. So, since I am on a coffee quitting kick, I committed her to get rid of her coffee pot! She immediately agreed and said she'd take it to the dump the next day. (She didn't want to donate it and have someone else break the Word of Wisdom because of her coffee pot). She's making great progress! She set up an appointment to meet with the bishop and we're hoping to set a date for her to go through the temple for the first time. Now we just need to get her to church more!

     We went on exchanges this week with the Ponderosa ward sisters. It was interesting. It was probably 102 degrees in the valley and we were walking around. We got into a ton of houses by just asking for water! The sister I was with was lacking in confidence. She was Sister Bohling's companion right before I was Sister Bohling's companion. I won't rehash my experience, but this Sister is kind of emotionally scarred from being with her. So it was good we were together. While we were walking from place to place we had mini therapy sessions and I felt like I was really able to help her progress from where she was at. Then we ended up doing an inception of exchanges (an exchange within and exchange). One of the Belle Terre sisters was sick and they had a ton of set appointments, so I had the sister I was with go work in the Belle Terre area and I went to their apartment while the sick sister slept. While she slept, I organized their area book and white board. I've become super OCD since being on the mission. At least with organizing all of the information that the Lord has entrusted us with.

     We had a ton of appointments cancel this week. Shaun and Sarah rescheduled for Tuesday, the Ruegsegger's rescheduled, and like 15 others at least. It's a bit frustrating, but people have their agency. So no cool updates on them, except that Jason fell off date. He hasn't come to church yet. We're having a lesson with him tonight at the Wolff's and it'll sort of be a do or die one. He needs to put forth more effort. We're just gonna lay it all out for him.

     On Friday night, Sister Haynes and I threw a youth Luau. It was so incredible! We had all of the youth invite friends. It was just at the Gordon's home. We had snacks, set up a volleyball net, fire pit, etc. It was basically like one I would have had back in high school at home. We had 45 kids there (8 non members!) In the middle of it, we gathered everyone together for a group picture, then had them all sit down in a circle. We ended up doing a testimony meeting. It was so powerful! These youth are fearless in baring their testimonies to people. One of the non members even stood up and bore his! After that, they went back to hanging out. It was such a success! Seriously one of the best finding activities I've done. And unlike the bon fire thing that was put on in our stake last transfer, I felt like a missionary the whole time and we were focused on our purpose. It was great!

      Okay, cool spiritual experience this week. We were driving down to check up on Jason when I just had this little thought to try Celeste Bigsby. I've only met her once in my 4 months here and have never gotten into her home. They're NEVER home. So we drive to her house. We knocked on the door and her daughter Janelle (who is maybe 30 years old) answers the door. We started talking to her and it turns out she just moved into her mom's place maybe 2 days before. She is less active but said that she really wants her family to get back into the church. We set up a time to come back and she gave us her number. Miracle! It wasn't a huge feeling I had, just a good thought that I acted on and something great came from it! I feel like since being out here I've become so much more aware of spiritual promptings. The majority of the time nothing comes of them. But I'm showing the Lord that I'm willing to act on what he is prompting me- I'm earning His trust. It's weird too because sometimes I don't even realize how present the spirit is. But it's like a fish in water- it doesn't even realize it's wet, but it's constantly surrounded by water. I think that's one of my favorite things about being a missionary. I love the Holy Ghost!

     Well, sorry this is a short one. But I love you all! Thanks so much for the prayers and support! :)

-Sister Metcalf

     If you want to listen to my companion and I ramble for a while about our miracles last week, this is it - sorry it got sent out a week late. Enjoy! (we recorded it on her voice recorder that she was sending to her family, so I stole it :) ... and that's why it sounds different )
Kicking off the testimony meeting at the luau



  1. Wait, so you invited a bunch of non-mormon kids to a "party" and then turned it into a high pressure religious conversion meeting? I hope you informed their parents of your intentions, I would be upset if that were my child.

    1. When you tell people that missionaries are having a luau, it's not exactly a surprise that religion and faith are an aspect of it.