Monday, August 11, 2014

I've Been Transferred!!

     How crazy is it that I've been out for over a year and only in 2 areas? Well transfer calls came last night and I'm being transferred to Shawnee Young Single Adult Ward! The ward boundaries cover two stakes, Colville and North Spokane. Yep- North Spokane! I'm headed back up to my old stomping grounds! The singles ward technically covers the 9 Mile Falls Ward! hahaha. Heavenly Father really knows me :) So I'll be in a tri-panionship with Sister Knowlton and Sister McDonald. Sister Knowlton goes home in 2 weeks though, so after that it'll just be Sister McDonald and me! I don't know too much about either of them really. I'll give you more info next week I guess. The cool thing is though, that in going on exchanges to Shawnee YSA when I was serving in 9 Mile, I know quite a few of the recent converts and less actives already! :)
     This last week was up and down (like Breanne says, a normal missionary week). On Monday we met this kinda cool couple. They were way open and had a ton of questions. Steve and Lisa want to read the Book of Mormon and are really intrigued by what we taught them about prophets, the priesthood, and Christ's church being restored. They're way awesome, and hopefully Sister Haynes keeps me updated on what happens with them. She is staying in Evergreen and the sister who is coming out to be with her was already her companion for 3 transfers! Weird. On Tuesday we had MLC and were trained on powerful ways that we can keep pace with the hastening of the work! Still no iPads or Facebook for us... I doubt that'll even happen while I'm out here. Afterwards we went and saw Sarah (the golden family!) She had some questions about the Book of Mormon that we helped answer- her husband was at work. She told us that he is a bit skeptical, but that she feels drawn to our church and feels like we're an answer to her prayers. Honestly, she's elect. So we set up to take her and her husband on a church tour on Saturday. Well, on Thursday she texted us about not being sure about meeting with us anymore. I was so devastated, I almost cried. So we decided to call her and see what was going on. It turns out that she kind of still wants to meet with us but her husband is closed off to it so she doesn't feel comfortable investigating any more. I'm so sad about her! She'll join the church one day- her husband's heart just needs some softening... 

     On Wednesday, one of our members took us out to dinner. We brought members to all of our appointments with less actives and potentials- it's so fun to have them participate in the work! We took Jason to our relief society president's home for a lesson. Her son, Kade Wolff, just got back from his mission and was so excited! It was a really powerful lesson and we were able to help Jason recognize the answers to his prayers that he's receiving. It was the perfect lesson. And we put him on date for September 6th. He'll be at church this upcoming Sunday (he finally got it off work!) So hopefully I'll get to travel down here for his baptism next month!

     On Friday, we had zone training and did just regular missionary stuff; service, teaching less actives, talking to people like crazy on the street :) On Saturday we had exchanges and Sister Robles came out with me. She's from Peru... and Utah and serving in the Spanish branch. This is her first transfer, so she was nervous. But we had so much fun! There were so many people out on the street! We found a new investigator and taught some cool people. Nothing super noteworthy though. And Sunday was a farewell for a young woman in our ward headed out on her mission. SO many people were there! I started laughing when I thought of my farewell in California- I had like 10 people there! haha. I guess that's what happens when you decide way later that you want to go on a mission! But I have not for one single moment regretted my decision to come out! I have grown so much and am so grateful for the experiences I've had! I'm going to miss the Evergreen ward. But I'm really at peace with being transferred. I feel like this is where I need to be.

I love you all! Have a great week! :)

-Sister Metcalf
Sister Mulloy's house
Dave and Katrina Skinfill
Megan Mortensen
Sister Donna Poffenberger

On exchanges with Hermana Robles
Those fields though!


  1. Wait, you schedule baptisms before the person has even been to church? That doesn't make a lot of sense.

    1. It is set more as a goal for them. And as people come to church and live the gospel, they are free to choose whether or not they still want to be baptized on that date. Does that make sense?