Monday, August 25, 2014

Come What May and Love It!

     This week seemed to just fly by! We went to the temple on Tuesday. On Wednesday we had a zone conference where all of the missionaries from 3 different stakes got together for an 8 hour training by our mission president, his wife, and the AP's. It was so long, but good. So I'm starting rumors around here that we'll be getting iPads in less than 2 months. It's just my speculation. Plus I just want them :) haha.
     So funny story from this week and then I'll get into the rest of the people we worked with. So we've been going around and visiting all of the people that the stake has down as being between 18 and 30 years old. Most are either moved, married, or less active. So we went to this one girls house and knock on the door. This 60 year old, hairy chested, 5'2" 200 lb. man in a bright red wrestling singlet opens the door! Uh, talk about surprise. He says, "You missionaries seem to always catch me at a bad time!" Umm... what was he even doing? I don't want to know. So he walks away and grabs a robe and then comes back to talk to us. I couldn't even focus at that point. The rest of the story isn't of consequence- but my companion and I had a really good laugh in the car!

     Okay, time for miracles. I told you about the random text that got sent to that guy last week, right? Well, the sister missionaries in Moscow, Idaho are teaching him! So because of that I decided to take my OCD to another level and deep clean out the phone. I mass texted 90 people who were saved in our phone. We don't know who any of them are but next to their name it said they were a former investigator or a potential investigator. So I texted "This is the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Is there a time this next week that we could share a message with you about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel?" Most didn't reply. We got a few not interested's (so we can get rid of their number). And we set up two lessons for this next week! Super cool! But that's not it for miracles this week. I feel like all the time Heavenly Father just reconfirms to me that he wants me to talk to every single person that is even near me. A few days ago as we were trying to contact a less active we were walking back to our car and I see this man walking up the stairs with a giant 20 gallon water jug. I yell up to him "We're sharing a message with everyone about Jesus Christ and how he can strengthen our families! Can we follow you up and share that with you?" And he says yes! Honestly, I shouldn't be shocked when people say yes, but sometimes I am! (I think I'm just so conditioned to respond to a no.) Anyways, as we're walking up I have this feeling he's Marshallese so I ask him and he says he is. We get up there and it turns out his girlfriend is a member who was baptized just a year ago and he isn't one. She told us that no one even knows that she lives at this address because she just moved in. I asked her if we could give her address to the Marshallese missionaries and she agreed. So we get in the car and call the elders. I relay the story to them and tell them her name. Elder Warnick starts freaking out- like literally screaming for joy! It turns out that he taught and baptized her a year ago and almost immediately after her baptism she moved and fell away. He has been looking for her for the past year (and he goes home in 4 weeks!) He was practically crying. How cool is that? God let me be part of another Marshallese miracle :) I love how His hand is in all of the little details of the work and our lives.

      So other highlights from this week. I went to 9 Mile Falls on exchanges! It honestly felt like coming home. I love that place! We went to a relief society ice cream social and got to see a lot of women from the ward. We had a lesson with Hope and Hugh (who started crying when they saw me, so of course I started crying!). We saw Caity, had a lesson with Russ and Christy, saw the Ackaret's/Langton's. Everyone is doing SO good! I was basically in heaven for 24 hours! The best was when Sister Taylor saw me (she's the sweet old widow I lived with) She JUMPED out of her chair and squealed like a 10 year old girl and wrapped me in the biggest hug and started crying! I want everyone to come to 9 Mile Falls one day and just meet all of these incredible people. It was fun to teach them again and be more bold than I had learned to be when I was out there. I was able to bear testimony again to them and remind them of the feelings they had when they were first learning about the gospel! Best. Exchange. Ever!

     So how about a little more about the Shawnee YSA ward? It's a decent size, but a lot of people will be leaving for school the next few weeks. We're trying to find people like crazy! One night after a lesson we were walking back to our car and saw a woman walking towards the gas station, so I veered off course and talked to her. We taught her some and invited her to be baptized and set up a church tour. Then not 20 seconds later we see a guy walking through the parking lot and we started talking to him. He tells us about his rough family situation. We testified that what we have to share could help him through that and asked if there was a time we could come share that with him. He says "Sure. I have to be at the bus stop in 8 minutes, make it quick!" haha. Talk about teaching simply! We taught him a short restoration and invited him to be baptized and set up a return appointment. 2 investigators in 2 minutes! What a feeling! I LOVE talking to everyone :) We found 4 new investigators this week- we get to teach one of them and the other 3 we had to pass off to the family wards. We taught 21 lessons and are working so hard to be productive and effective. We are constantly trying to find and teach (and filter too Nathan, don't worry) :) The work is picking up and it will continue to do so as we put forth our best effort!

     So last story for the day. Thursday night at 8:45pm we decided to try one more person. We feel like we should go to this one girls house. We drive by and it looks like no one's home. But we felt prompted to go, so we park and get out. As we're almost there this 20 something guy yells "Sisters!" And runs across the street to us. None of us recognize him. He introduces himself as Jackson and says he needs to talk. So we walk across the street to another church and sit on a picnic bench outside. He starts telling us his story about how he came to join the church. He was baptized 2 years ago. He asked us to bear our testimonies. He tells us to never let anyone discourage us out here because we're doing a great thing in bringing people closer to Jesus Christ. This is all a little strange- he was super nice and we couldn't tell why he was wanting to talk to us. He then starts saying how he fell away and he starts trying to convince us that the Book of Mormon isn't the word of God and that he was put in our path to help correct us. He was very friendly and smooth with it all. Well at the end he just flat out tells us that if we really studied the Book of Mormon we'd see it was wrong and we'd teach using only the Bible. Saying things like, "If this book (pointing to the Book of Mormon) would make people's lives easier, bring them to Christ, and salvation, then I'd be putting it it everyone's mailboxes and handing them out on the street!" To which I replied, "Why do you think we're out here? That's what we're trying to do!" He kept going on for a while. He tries to wrap it up and leave, but I could not let him go without bearing my testimony one more time. It was just burning within my chest and I had to tell him how I felt. I honestly bore the most powerful and sincere testimony that I ever have on my mission. I started crying in the middle. But I told him that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I know that because I HAVE studied it and have prayed about it and have received a witness that it is true. And that I know that this book is what will change lives and bring people closer to God! I told him that he in no way convinced me to stop reading the Book of Mormon and using it in sharing our message- that I will NEVER stop reading this book! ... he was basically confounded. He had nothing to say. So I asked if we could close with a prayer and we went our ways. I am SO grateful for opportunities to share my testimony with others. And I am grateful that there are those out there who oppose my beliefs because as I share what I know to be true with them, it solidifies what I already knew to be true.

     I love this gospel and I love this work! God loves us all and wants the best for us! Reading the Book of Mormon will help you to feel God's love and give you direction on how to make it through this life happily! :)

     I love you all! Have a great week!

-Sister Megan Metcalf
I got to see Russ and Christy on exchanges!
Saying goodbye to Sister Knowlton while a senior couple missionary, Elder Handy, photo bombs
Sister McDonald and I matched on accident today :)
Getting fro-yo with Lyndi Dyck (a recent convert)
Vacuuming/ washing the car in a rain storm (being exactly obedient!)
One of my favorite members here, Melinda Kenagy

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