Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

     Holy smokes it's hot here! Pushing 100 for the past few days, and there're fires all over the place. I guess I should feel blessed that we get a car half of the week, but the half that we're walking and biking- yikes! I don't think I've ever been out in heat like that for prolonged periods of time. It's helping me to recognize little blessings: like the shade of a tree and the wind blowing a cloud in front of the sun. It's pathetic, but it's true!
     Yesterday we saw a less active we've been working with, Pat Price. She's incredible! She has such a desire to come back and make changes in her life and she's showing it by her actions. She is sincerely studying the scriptures each day and praying. She started crying when she was telling us how grateful she is for all of the work we are putting in to helping her out. That makes it all worth it! We told her we want her to come take the sacrament each Sunday and eventually go to the temple because there are so many blessings in store for her. She really understands our purpose in coming and teaching her. She has this son, Tim, who is hilarious. He just got out of jail and we've run into him a few times. One time he was wearing a wife beater tank top and a do rag, the next he was wearing khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. I just don't get him! We talked to him about his experiences in the church. He grew up in it and said after his dad died he made some poor choices and wound up in prison... and when he got out, no one in his family was going to church or acting like a Mormon anymore and he was way confused about why they stopped! We've invited him to sit in with us on the lessons, but he hasn't come yet. Only once for a prayer.

     We did a lot of service the last few weeks; helping people clean their houses, weeding, pitting cherries, serving at a brick oven pizza dinner. On our way to help serve at the dinner we ran into a lady pulling a bunch of bags out of her car and offered to help. She was going to tape off some rooms in their house to paint so it would be ready to rent out. She was pretty shocked when we offered to help her in our skirts, but she accepted! We got to talk to her a bit about our missions and the gospel. She lives in Liberty Lake, but has friends who are LDS who we told her she needs to talk to about going to church with. It was fun!

     Funny story from this week- Sister Haynes and I were going to try a potential investigator who said to come back later. The house was a bit run down... we knock on the door in the blazing hot sun and no one answers, so we leave to get on our bikes and head to the next place. As we're walking down the porch my foot goes right through one of the old steps and I almost fell! I partly caught myself using a bush. It hurt pretty bad, but it was so hot out I couldn't even care. So I just laughed and keep walking to the bikes. Then my companion starts screaming- turns out a hornet attacked her and stung her 4 times! We're still trying to figure out if that was a sign or not. We'll probably end up going to try them again though. Oh, and something adorable that happened this week had to do with Noah. He's the 8 year old autistic boy who's mom, Bre, is a less active who randomly let us in her house and started asking us questions-nothing else has come of that by the way :(. But as we were walking by their house, Noah was outside with a friend and saw us. He yells hello to us and then says to his friend "That's the mission girls! They teach people about God and the Bible!" It was so cute! If nothing else, at least those boys know we are on the Lord's errand and trying to help others develop a stronger testimony and relationship with Christ and Heavenly Father.

     We had a "blitz" in our area this last weekend. It's when other missionaries come into our are and help out with our work. So 2 other sets of missionaries came to the Evergreen ward. They help with whatever we need help with. I've done blitz's where we find less actives, teach lessons to investigators or less actives, etc. Well, we've been needing to build up our teaching pool lately. So we had them go out and street contact and do whatever they thought they could to find us people to teach. In the 2 hours they were in our area, the set of sisters found us 2 new investigators and 5 potentials. The elders got 6 referrals from members (I've only gotten 2 referrals from members in my 3 months here- all the others have been from non members) So crazy! But it was a huge help! We'll be going into someone else's area this Saturday to help them out. It's so fun to be helped by other missionaries, and to help others!

     Oh yeah! Last week we had Jason over for a lesson at President Mullen's house. It was incredible! I was a little bit nervous- not to teach in front of my mission president, but his wife (she's a bit intimidating). But it went incredibly well! President Mullen is such a relatable, yet bold teacher! He helped out tons in the lesson, and so did Sister Mullen. The spirit was SO strong! And at the end we put him on date to be baptized on August 16th! Gotta love it :) It was probably one of the most spirit driven/ spirit filled lessons in my entire mission. Top 5 at least. Definitely one for the books.

     The temple today was amazing! I feel like I learn so much each time I go. And a tender mercy is that Sister Taylor (the little old lady I lived with in 9 Mile) was working her shift, so I got to talk with her and she gave me the biggest hug :) And I also ran into Brother Herrmann (Hugh's son-in-law and Gavin's uncle) from 9 Mile as I was walking home at the end of the evening yesterday. He was visiting a friend (who he gave us a referral to go see!) Yay! Heavenly Father really loves me! I feel it every day! And I can feel how proud He is of me for serving him. This gospel is perfect and it is true! I love you all!

Sister Metcalf
     p.s. go look up "What do women get" by Sheri Dew. I think it should be on YouTube. It was shown in relief society this week and I LOVED it!

No mail! :(
Rain! Glorious rain on a 100 degree day! (in front of the Mortensen's house)
Greenacres... again :)
At the Howard's after breakfast with Sister Walton, Robles, and Haynes
Pitting cherries at the Jensen's
Glorious sunset! (I'm taking WAY too many sunset pictures! But I can't help it!)
Up at the Ford's home

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