Monday, June 9, 2014

Short and Sweet

     This week was great! Our numbers in lessons didn't show it because we had a meeting of some sort every day this week. Well, Monday was p-day, Tuesday w had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council), Wednesday we had interviews with president Mullen, Thursday we had a video chat meeting with our mission president on a new way he wants us to weekly plan based off of Elder Aidukaitis's training from last week, Friday we had zone training, and Saturday I was on exchanges. This next week we'll have more proselyting time, so things should pick up.
      We didn't get to teach too many people, but we found 3 new investigators this week! The first was Ashley. So in this new way of weekly planning we have to plan out what we're doing each hour of the day with backups for the next 10 days. It's intense, but so faith filled. So we put that on Tuesday at 4pm this next week we're going to teach our new investigator (who we didn't even have at the time). And we decided we were going to teach her with one of our members of our ward. So we set up for the member to come with us (but we didn't tell our member we didn't have the investigator yet). Honestly, we were just doing everything we could to make sure we got a new investigator and were just showing the Lord that we were willing to do what it took to get one. And so we taught this girl on the street and set up a return appointment. And she said that she wanted us to come back on Tuesday at 4pm- the exact time we had penciled in to have a lessons with our new unknown investigator! MIRACLE! Hopefully that made sense. But it was such a testimony builder to me that the Lord wants to help us in this work and as we put forth more faith, we will see His hand more.
     Our next new investigator is Mike. Here's how we found him. We have been talking to everyone and even when they're not interested we ask them if they know of anyone who might be. So this guy who clearly wasn't interested told us his neighbor Mike might be. We were on our way to an appointment so a few days later we go try the house. Mike says he's not interested, but both Sister Haynes and I felt like we should keep talking to him. So we talked for a few more seconds and his fiance came down the stairs and said "Oh! The sisters! Come in!" We were so shocked! Turns out she's a less active whose records we don't have. She's in her early 30's and stopped going to church when she was about 15 but has had the coolest experiences the last year or so that have led her to believe in God again. She has an 8 year old autistic son who she said for the last few days has been asking her tons of questions about God that she doesn't know how to answer. She kept saying how crazy it is that we showed up when we did, etc. We told them that it wasn't a coincidence that we were here. So we taught her and her non member fiance and she asked us to come back! So we'll be going back again this week. Our third new investigator is a guy who was excommunicated years ago. He made guitars for Van Halen and a bunch of other bands. He's really cool.

     Speaking of excommunicated. Russ is getting baptized on Sunday! He's the excommunicated guy I was teaching for over 4 months in 9 Mile Falls! He finally got First Presidency approval yesterday and so he's getting baptized on Sunday! I'm so excited! Hopefully I can go to it... we'll see.

     Ward council is getting better and the ward mission leader is starting to step up more. So that's great. The new way of weekly planning that Elder Aidukaitis asked us to do takes SO long, but we're already seeing SO many miracles from it! This week we did service at an old folks home. We decided helping with bingo doesn't fulfill our purpose or help with key indicators, but we're still helping give manicures for an hour each Friday. We get to talk to the coolest old people about their lives and how religion has played a role in it. I love it! I love old people! :)

     I went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters this week. Again, I'm grateful I'm not serving Spanish speaking here. I would have loved to learn a language, but the Spanish work out here is SO slow! But while on exchanges we found a family of 6! How cool is that? It was a miracle for sure. 

     Well, I feel like I'm rambling. This next week will be great I'm sure! Especially since we'll have more proselyting time. Sorry no funny stories this week. I can't remember much other than some slammed doors and people being ornery that we were on their porch. But I love this work! I love this gospel! I wouldn't be out here if this church weren't true. I love you all!

-Sister Metcalf

 Goats that sound like people
Sister Haynes and me 
All of the sisters in our zone
 The product of our super long weekly planning
With Sister Brown at MLC
Sister Jeffrey and Sister Brown at MLC
All of the sisters at MLC
 Ultimate frisbee- the ultimate sport for the ultimate athlete ;)

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