Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Preachers, and Nuns, and Iguanas OH MY!‏

     A whole lotta randomness going on this week. First off, I had watermelon soup. It sounds weird, but it was cold soup- just watermelon, mint, lemon, and honey so it was pretty good... but weird. It was at a less actives home, the Worden's. He has had a lot of hard things happen in his life and his testimony is weak. But he loves cooking for the missionaries, and his wife loves any excuse to get us in the home.
Now that the most important news is out of the way (haha) I want to tell you about our experiences this week in talking with everyone. No matter how late we are or where we're going, we talk to everyone we see. And you know what? It's not even awkward anymore. It's natural- and most of the time really fun! Fun story- this week while we were walking to an appointment we saw some nuns getting out of their car to head to the Catholic church across the street. We looked at each other and said "Should we?" and then both just went for it! It was kind of cool even though they weren't too friendly. Obviously they weren't interested. But I can honestly say that I am giving EVERYONE an opportunity to hear the gospel. This week we ran into the guy who was the producer of the movie "Passion of the Christ"- the one that Mel Gibson directed. So Elliott was really cool and it turns out he was raised as a member in the Mormon church up until his sophomore year of high school when his parents went inactive. He went to seminary and everything. At least he's still doing good things with his life. We're going to go back and try and meet with him and his wife. We'll see how it goes. 

     On Saturday we were supposed to go out to another stake and help out with a huge youth missionary day from noon to 5:30pm. So we didn't have to plan anything for that day. Well on the day of the activity we show up at the church and a guy tells us they had a bunch of youth bail and so they didn't need us. So we had 5 and a half hours where we didn't have anything planned for it! It was so stressful that first few minutes trying to figure out what we were going to do that day. So Sister Haynes and I prayed and we felt like we needed to be up in the northernmost part of our area. So we head up and start trying a bunch of potentials up there. We stopped first at a potential investigators home who I'd never met. His name was David and he had a very different view on who Christ was than I had ever heard. The conversation was interesting, but we taught him a little bit and said a prayer with him. The whole time we were talking with him in his front yard, the guy who lives in the duplex next to him was in his garage fixing his lawn mower with his son and was listening. So when we were done with David we walk 4 feet to start talking to the neighbor and he says "I guess it's my turn now?" haha.  Skyler has a 3 year old son. He was incredibly open and it turns out his fiance is a less active as well! It's crazy how many people in Spokane grew up members and fell away later. Anyways, he was interested in learning more so we are going back on Friday to teach him and his fiance. It's funny how I get so used to people not being interested that it takes me back a bit when someone actually wants to listen to us!

     Another story of someone we met this week was this guy named Evan. We started talking to him and he said he was a Pentecostal preacher who likes to corner Mormon missionaries. Red flag! Well we talked for a bit- he was trying so hard to bash with us and prove us wrong. And it was honestly a good test of my patience. I've been studying the Bible a lot lately and just wanted to whip out all of these scriptures in retaliation but rather than that I just testified of what I knew to be true (and my companion did as well). He was trying so hard to pick a fight, but we stood our ground. It ended up being like a 20 minute conversation though and the whole time I kept thinking that this is someone Satan was probably putting in our path to keep us from talking to someone else, so as soon as we had the opportunity to, we bid him farewell and went off on our way. I learned more about being patient and charitable. I know he's trying to do his best with what he knows, but it just isn't Christlike to attack people's beliefs. So I at least was reaffirmed in knowing that the way I approach people and just try to build their faith from wherever it's at is the way to teach. No one feels the Spirit when you tear them down.

     I'm sure you're all wondering how the lesson with Dre went. He is so cool! So we brought a member with us and the lesson was so great! He is super open and asks questions and really just accepted everything we taught! It was a little chaotic during the lesson though. He has 3 kids and they were going nuts during the lesson. Not to mention there was a large (live) iguana that I found halfway through the lesson just crawling right behind my head on the chair I was sitting on... and his dog that I think honestly had ADHD. That little thing was jumping everywhere! I'd put my hand on it to pet it/ calm it down and he'd just kept jumping and jumping and turning. Man, it was frustrating. Hopefully our next lesson with him will be in someone else's home! He has a lot of promise. He wants to be baptized and his wife will be there at the next lesson.

     Also, the Book of Mormon musical is coming out to Spokane. I know it is offensive and makes fun of the church, but the church has great people in the PR department because they've got some amazing plans on how we're going to put a positive spin on all of the publicity it's giving us, etc. I'll share some of that in another email.

     Question: why do you think sometimes God gives us a miracle, but then nothing comes from it in the long run? Sometimes it's sad to have an incredible experience and we think we found a golden investigator but then things don't pan out at all.. anyways. The work here is incredible! I feel myself growing each day! I wish I could be out for 2 years- I feel like I'm just now starting to get on a roll. I love this work so much! I'm never happier than when I'm sharing this message of hope with everyone around me!

     I love you all! Have a great week!

-Sister Megan Metcalf

Outside of the Temple/ our stake center where we email on p-days
Evergreen ward!
Called to Serve!
This is actually a rapeseed farm. It's used to make canola oil...
the field is white... uh... yellow :)

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