Monday, June 16, 2014

Every Mile a Memory

     A few funny things happened this week. One was while we were trying to contact a potential investigator. His house was silent, and as we walked up to his porch he just started blasting ACDC's "Highway to Heck" and didn't answer the door. It was pretty comical. And I'd never quite been told that someone wasn't interested in that way before. :) Another was that my companion and I both sleep talk... and one night we were talking to each other. It was so weird! I faintly remember us planning out a lesson together and her asking me a question about it and then me clarifying it for her. We woke up in the morning a little confused, but both recalling what had happened. Talk about comp unity! Planning lessons for our investigators together in our sleep! haha. The last one was that after church on Sundays we usually stop by less actives and investigators homes and let them know we missed them and find out why they didn't come to church. So one of the less actives we stopped by to see is pretty sarcastic. But when we rang his doorbell, as he came down the stairs to open it and peeks through the window and says "It would be you!" Apparently if there were anyone who was going to stop by on a Sunday afternoon and make him get out of bed, it would be the missionaries. I couldn't stop laughing at that one. We told him we were only doing it because we didn't want him and his son to miss out on the blessings of going to church! Sometimes I get the impression that not everyone likes us coming by ;)
     Some cool miracles that happened this week started off with running into Lili. I'm so sad about her. She got into a fight with her friend who she always comes to church with and so she's been avoiding us and church. We've been trying to set things up with her and she won't respond. We've been praying to be able to meet with her! So one day as we were walking to someone else's house, her car pulls up on the curb and she gets out! So we stopped and talked with her and got an appointment set up. It's so crazy how the Lord plans out our days and has set backs and everything else happen at just the right time so that a miracle can occur later! It's the best! It was an answer to our prayers. Another cool experience this week was during Jason's lesson. I can't remember if I've told you about him already or not. He's a 34 year old single dad who we met on the street. His main hurdle he's trying to overcome is wanting physical evidence that there really is a God. So we've been teaching him a lot of different things and we decided that the best way for him to come to know God is through Jesus Christ. This last week we had his lesson in the Olsen's home. We were teaching him about the Plan of Salvation. During the lesson I felt prompted to share "Because of Him" with him but then thought it might have just been one of my ADHD thoughts. But then immediately after I pushed the thought out, it came back stronger. So I asked the member if they'd pull the video up. It was so powerful! He was tearing up (and he never gets emotional) and I bore testimony of Christ after and how He is the greatest evidence we have that God exists and loves us. And then the member bore his testimony. It was so cool! We have another lesson with him tonight and we're hoping to put him on date.

On Wednesday at ASL class (have I told you about that? Tina Burns in our ward is deaf and hosts a free ASL class to people in the community. Literally every person who comes is a non member, so we go to the class as well) the two women from our ward who usually come and interpret were not able to be there. This is a class of about 12ish non members who we've been able to talk with about the church (and are hopefully passing them off as referrals to the wards they live in this week). So guess who got to be the interpreter this week?? Me! Oh man, it was so fun! It makes me want to get my interpreting license and teach at a deaf school when I get home! :) And it also makes me want to find a deaf investigator! How cool would that be?

     We found 3 more investigators this week. The one I'm most excited about is Dre. Yes, you heard right, Dre. We have a lesson with him and his family on Tuesday and I'm so excited. Yes, he is black. And yes, he is SO excited to hear about the gospel. When we met him and started teaching him he just kept saying. "Yeah! I just wanna know the truth!" And at the end when we wanted to pray with him he was like "Yeah! I love praying! I don't even know how to pray- but I love it! Teach me how!" This guy is so cool. I'm excited to meet the rest of his family this week... While on exchanges in the Belle Terre ward this week I was with a sister and she wanted to go tracting to this tiny little 4 apartment building (I haven't been tracting in so long!) So we went to this complex and start knocking. The first door we knock on is this girl Erika who was so friendly! She invited us to come in and let us share a message about Christ. We told her about how His gospel has been restored to the earth and we have a prophet today and she got so excited and asked us (the other sisters) to come back. It was seriously a miracle! I've had maybe 3 people invite me in while tracting... and one was just to let me use their bathroom! haha. So that was cool.

     Things are honestly so great here. I love working with Sister Haynes. It's so nice to have another sister training leader as a companion. It's helped so much in working with the other sisters in the zone and problem solving. I hope I get to continue having her as a companion. 

     This work in incredible! I absolutely love it each day! I am constantly learning more about myself and Christ. Every single day I feel more and more that this is the Lord's work and I am so happy to be His instrument. This gospel is true. I know that Christ's church and gospel have been restored to the earth and that the priesthood authority to perform saving ordinances is held in this church. 

     Keep reading your scriptures and praying! I love you!!!!

-Sister Megan Metcalf


Rapeseed field (used to make canola oil)

The prettiest driveway ever! (To Genera Smith's)

 Green Acres (only half my area is like this, the other half is city. But obviously it's not as pretty so I never take pictures of it) 

With Hermana Taylor at the nerf gun war last p-day

In our basement at Sister Mulloy's

nerf gun fight

Our investigator Lynn makes guitars (he made some for VanHalen and a few other bands I can't remember the names of)

I can't remember if I already sent this one or not of my zone- the East Spokane Zone

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