Monday, June 30, 2014

Evergreen Ward Round 3

     So I'm staying in Evergreen for another transfer with my companion, Sister Haynes! I'm excited to see what work we can accomplish in this area. Sister Haynes is great and I'm excited to continue learning from her. I can't believe I'm coming up on a year and have only served in 2 areas though. Weird. I guess this is exactly where the Lord needs me though.

     I apologize in advance for the scattered thoughts, but I want to share as much as I can about all of my adventures this week. So last Monday we had another lesson with Jason. He reads the Book of Mormon and is very honest with us, but sometimes I think he just wants information rather than seeking for something more in his life. So we watched "Finding Faith in Christ" (if you've seen the movie, Jason is so much like Jonah- the doubter). At the end of the movie he was saying how Jonah was kind of a jerk. I had to hold in my laughter at that, I guess he didn't see the correlation. But we talked to him about sincerity and real intent and it really started to sink in for him. It was a pretty powerful lesson and I can see him making progress a little bit at a time.

     There's a young woman in our ward, Emily Guinn, who is 18 and decided she wants to go on a mission so she's been coming out with us to lessons a lot. On Friday we had some amazing miracles that she was able to witness. We took her to our first appointment with a new investigator but he wasn't there. So we went to try a less active who I had met briefly before but we hadn't gptten in to share a message. Well he invited us right in and we started talking about the church and his affiliation with it. He stopped going at age 14 because his dad never went so he didn't think he had to. He and his non member wife had a lot of questions about God. We talked to him a lot about the Book of Mormon and used it to answer his questions. Near the end of the visit he said "You guys glow! I can tell you really are Christians and I bet others see it, too." At the end we asked him if we could come teach him the lessons and it seems like he wanted to but his wife kind of shot it down. But then he said, "I can tell how much you love the Book of Mormon. So I will commit to pick it up and read it. And I'll be sure to pray about it." I don't know that there's a better rejection to taking the lessons than that! I loved it. Then we took her to try a potential investigator who we had done service for a month ago. She invited us right in and started asking us questions and we were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon as well. She's born again christian and didn't see why we'd need more evidence that Jesus Christ is our Savior, she was fine with just the Bible. I told her that it supports what is taught in the Bible but that our unique message to the world is that just as God called prophets anciently, we have prophets on the earth today and that Christ's church and it's authority is again on the earth and the Book of Mormon is the proof that we have of that. She invited us to come back and teach her more :) Then we tried Dre, who was busy and set up another time, but as we were leaving I noticed his neighbor gardening and we went over to talk to him. His name is Adam (he reminds me of Steve Meyer) and he's so cool! So cool in fact that I'm going to start a new paragraph about him.

     So Adam loves the Bible but doesn't go to any one church (he hops around) because while he knows there's truth in all churches, he knows that people interpret things differently and so he believes that no one church has it all. He knows that Bible has missing books and things have been lost and changed in translation so he only reads the King James version. His wife is Catholic and he's in his early 30's with a 2 year old girl. He had tons of questions and was super open and had so many questions for us. So we set up to come back and visit him on Sunday to share the message of the Restoration. During the lesson, we really emphasized about Christ's church when it was on the earth and the authority it had. He had lots of questions throughout and was just soaking things up. He has a slightly different view on a few things (like believing in the trinity... and Adam also thinks he baptized himself with a hose- which is a hilarious story for another time) He's a super funny guy and during his lesson I just felt so on fire. I'd never taught so fluidly or followed the spirit so much! At the end we invited him to be baptized, and read and pray about the Book of Mormon-which at that point we're only briefly introduced as being another witness of Jesus Christ- and give him a copy. He looks at it and says "Did you know Christ visited the Americas?" Uh what?! That's our line! I was blown away. We testified that we know He did and that a record of that is in the Book of Mormon. He said he'd heard that before so we marked 3rd Nephi 11 where Christ comes to the Americas. I asked him how he knew about Christ appearing the Americas and he said his he's part Native American and that he grew up with his mom telling him that! It was a story they passed down. Can you believe it??

     I'm running out of time, so a few more random things that happened this week:
1) To try and find more people to teach we drew a Plan of Salvation outline in chalk by the church with our phone number by it.
2) One of our less active families who is working on returning told us they want to go to the temple and asked if we could help prepare them for that. I love helping less actives! :)
3) While singing along in the car, my companion and I had some fun switching the lyrics to sound like missionary songs. It was hilarious!
4) We biked all day one day and my bum is so sore! So the next day we decided to walk... 9 and a half miles. My feet are sore now! p.s.we still have a Chevy Cruz half the week and share it with another ward who has it the other half. 
5) This week while weekly planning we wanted to take a little break and pick a few strawberries from Sister Mulloy's (the little old widow we live with) garden. We open up the door to go outside and no joke, out of nowhere it starts pouring rain! We just laugh. It was God's way of telling us to get back in the basement and finish weekly planning. haha.

     Last cool story for the day. I think I told you about us stopping a kid on his skateboard a few weeks ago. He was literally riding so fast and we just held out a pass along card to start talking to him and he jumped off of his board to talk to us. We then ran into him a week later and shared a message with him on the street. Then this last week we started talking to this random kid who turns out to be a less active and as we're teaching him the skateboard kid comes out and says to his friend Cody, "Hey! You're talking to my friends! I love talking with them!" We chatted a bit more and answered some questions they had and set up a lesson with them for this next week at the church. Everything happens for a reason :) I'm excited.

     Well, I love you all! This church is true! 

-Sister Megan Metcalf

getting ready for bed 
Catching raindrops! The summer storms are wonderful
 Our "city" area. Walking down Adams Road from 8th to 4th street

Nightly planning can be frustrating

waiting for our transfer call to come

 my watch tanline :) 

Our Plan of Salvation chalk drawing

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