Monday, June 2, 2014

Another Day, Another Dollar

     Sometimes the hardest part of my week is figuring out what to put as the title of my email. But usually it's picking between which of my 7 skirts and 8 tops I want to wear. I just need to have a set Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit, etc. Elders have it easy. They just have to pick out which tie to wear. #missionaryproblems
     So this week we were walking down the street and saw this high school kid named Mason. He had a walking stick and a shark tooth necklace- so you KNOW we had to talk to him. He was a pretty fun kid. He was really excited to learn about the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it. After we shared a scripture with him and taught him a little bit he said he had to go, so we asked if we could say a prayer with him first. He said he'd offer it and it was the most fun prayer I've ever heard someone offer! He said stuff like "Bless the kids in Africa... I mean, I know you already know they need help, but if you could just help them... I mean, I'm not threatening you or anything. But it would be nice if you helped them." And "Thanks for the atmosphere because it's pretty essential for us to live." This kid was just so fun! He lives in another ward's boundary, so we gave them his address. But it was probably the highlight of my day. Later in the week we went back for a return appointment with a girl, Ally. She came outside and we had a lesson while sitting on her front lawn. It was really comfortable and fun. I had a lesson the other week with a recent convert while we went for a walk. It's pretty fun to mix it up a bit and not be so stiff and formal. Anyways...

     We've been struggling to find new investigators lately. We've been talking to literally every person we see. If they're down a street 2 blocks away, we'll head to them. If they're washing their car across the street, we talk to them. If they're headed into their car to leave, we talk to them. But we're not having any luck finding people who want to learn more. So we decided we'd up our service hours. We went in to help out at an assisted living facility this last week. We helped give manicures to little old ladies and then helped out with Bingo! It was so fun- serving just makes me so happy! The employees asked if we'd come back again, so we're going to go one afternoon a week for a little bit to help out. We also randomly helped people in their yards with weeding. Not only is it great to help people, but they are a lot more open to talking to you as you serve them. (Side note- we had dinner/ service at a members home this last week, the Stolworthy's, and he said his brother married Julia Osmond. Small world!)
     We had stake conference this weekend. It's weird to not take the sacrament on Sunday because I feel like it's this peaceful time for me in the week. I love the sacrament and the opportunity it gives me to reflect on the week, how I can improve, and how well I'm doing at following Christ. The evening session was really cool. They focused on how members can be missionaries. There was a speaker who went over ways to use social media. He talked about all the ways we can use Facebook, twitter, etc. to have an influence on others and just simply share what we believe in a non offensive way. It made me want to just email Jensa and tell her to post a ton of things on my Facebook- haha. I definitely thought that by now they'd let us use Facebook as a missionary tool in Spokane, but I guess not yet. It'll come eventually I guess. Weird to think that it was almost a year ago that I went to the Hastening the Work of Salvation broadcast in Provo. That seems like another life.

     Well, times up. I love you all and I love this Church! I hope you all have a wonderful week :)

-Sister Metcalf
 giant dandelion!
 I get to serve in the most beautiful places! (view coming back from the Ford's)

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