Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I've Never Been So Happy To Be So Tired

     Oh man! So I set a goal this transfer to be exhausted at the end of each day- to ensure that I'm being effective and diligent the entire day. And I am definitely receiving an answer to my prayers! haha! We share the car with sisters in another ward so half of the week we drive, the other half we walk. Well obviously when we drive we have less opportunities to talk to people. So even on days we've had the car we've been walking so we don't waste any opportunities. I know it's nothing like what other missionaries do, but we probably walk between 10-12 miles per day. Not to mention my companion is a cross country runner so we wake up half an hour earlier than we have to so we can run 2 miles before our usual workout. She runs circles around me, literally. She'll run up ahead of me 20 yards, turn around and run past me, then do it again... I try not to let it bruise my ego ;) We've talked to so many more people, found a new investigator, and I just feel so successful! Plus I'm getting better at my approaches. I feel like it's getting so natural to relate everything to the gospel. I'm to the point where it's weird to NOT talk about the gospel! haha.

     With us being out and talking to a lot more people, we've gotten a lot more rejections. We've had threats, people laughing at us, and trying to tell us what we believe (which we correct right away). And you know what? I'm proud of that! I'm proud that I am testifying of what I know to so many people that I'm finding those who mock and scorn. You're not a missionary if you don't have these experiences right? (That's what Elder Aidukaitis of the 70 told us last week at least!)

     Speaking of- Elder Aidukaitis came to visit our mission this last week. He had a 2 hour meeting with just the leaders of the mission one day and then another day our whole zone had a 4 hour meeting with him! He is so inspiring and bold! I had so much of a drive to just do better after he spoke with us! I loved it... is anyone else wondering why my mission is getting so many general authorities coming and visiting? Is this normal? 

     Transfer day was chaos with trying to get Sister Richardson off at 8am and then Sister Haynes not being able to come into my area until 3pm. So I was going on splits and working with different companionships. Lessons cancelling, lots of street contacting. But I'm happy to be with Sister Haynes. She's from South Jordan, Utah and is 19- but you wouldn't guess it because she is so mature. She's such a hard worker and a spiritual giant. I know I will learn a lot from her.

     We had this amazing lesson with Lili on tithing and fasting a few days before her baptism. She's so excited about it! And the spirit was so strong. When we were asking her questions and checking for understanding she was spitting back information that we hadn't even taught her but was true. It was such a testimony that the Spirit really does the teaching in the lessons! Her baptism was incredible! It started 30 minutes late because her mom had gotten lost. Lili was just beaming the whole time! :) I even sang a duet with her best friend Alex at it (The same one I sung at Austin's baptism "Come thou fount") I've gotta figure out how to email video home. Anyways, in other great news... MaKenna Langton also got baptized last Saturday! She's the little sister of Steven and Austin out in 9 Mile. I had taught her all of the lessons, and she was finally ready! Sadly though, we were at Lili's baptism the same time hers was, so I wasn't able to go to hers. But how great is that?? The whole family is baptized now!

     Well, I'm out of time. I love you all so much! Thank you for supporting me! I can feel your love all the way up here :)

-Sister Metcalf

 Another unnoticeable haircut
With Fances (the investigator with the vomiting cat)
Bishop Clark's family and Alex and Lili
With Elder Lohan (My former zone leader and AP)
Quilting service project
Sunburns from walking all day in the heat(at least we found a new investigator!)
 With Sister Haynes under the full rainbow (at 8:30pm!) I love that it stays light so long
I honestly LOVE Greenacres
Driving in Greenacres
Lili at her baptism! She was SO excited! And her friend Alex Maughan made her a dress for it :)

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