Monday, May 19, 2014

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

     First things first. Transfer calls came. I'm staying in Evergreen and my new companion is Sister Haynes. She is currently serving in a neighboring ward and she's just sliding over to my ward. Our mission president is pushing to get all of the Sister Training Leaders together in companionships now. And I get to be her junior companion! I'm so excited/ relieved about that haha. She's in one of the pictures that will be on my blog this week. She's a really sweet girl and a hard worker so I'm excited. I feel like I know my area pretty well and am not nervous about taking it on.
     What a week! We taught a ton of different lessons and were so busy each day. I love it! And I'm going to apologize in advance because there were some people online during my email time so I sort of "instant messaged" them and am running short on time. 

     It was a great week... lot's of fun stuff going on! So Lili is amazing. We had 4 lessons with her this last week and she is soaking things up like a sponge! Her mom is driving up 2 hours from Pasco to come to her baptism and is so excited for her! Words can't even describe how prepared she is. And she feels the spirit so strong when she prays and reads and learns. I have loved watching the change in her countenance these last 2 weeks. And her baptism is this Saturday! Yay! :)

     So on Saturday it was Sister Richardson's birthday and we had so many appointments. We did some service tracting (where we wore service clothes and brought shovels, etc. and asked people if we could do service for them) One lady we did service for invited us back for dinner since she couldn't pay us and we're going over to share a message with her this week. Right after that we had a lesson that the elders in another ward set up for us. They ran into a guy on the street and talked to him for a bit and found out he lived in our area set up a time for us to come teach him.... Well...we show up to the appointment and it's at a group home... for special needs people. Darren rolls up and and he's wearing a "Special Olympics" hoodie. Right away we can tell he's not accountable. But he was super excited so we decide to share a scripture with him anyway. So he takes us to some common area and there's already this guy Earnie who's pretty lower functioning already sitting there. In the middle of the scripture Earnie just starts moaning this creepy high pitched moan while staring at me! And then he creepily says my name... The whole situation was ridiculous. And to top it off we had brought a girl with us who has her mission call and wanted to see what it was like being a missionary. I absolutely lost it. I just start busting up in the middle of the lesson!!! I couldn't control it. I literally had to step into the hall and pretend to cough and say a pray in my heart that I would stop laughing. I felt horrible after. But seriously you guys. It was ridiculous!

     Alright. Well I'm sorry this one is short. But I'm excited for this next transfer. And especially for Lili's baptism this Saturday! I love you all! Thank you for all of your kind words and support! Keep saying your prayers and reading the Book of Mormon- those two things will keep you spiritually safe and happy!


Sister Metcalf

Enjoying ice cream on our back porch
Elders Smith and Harris and Sisters Haynes and Seastrand
Mica, Wa

At a youth bonfire "finding activity"
At the bonfire with Sister Seastrand
Lili (getting baptized this week!), Alex (member of our ward), Sister Richardson, Kalli(was baptized in February), and Me

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