Monday, April 28, 2014

Snow...and 70 degrees?

     Today was a rough week numbers wise. It was really frustrating. But I'm over it already, a new week has started. I did something to my foot and I've been limping around for a few days. I think I sprained something just under my ankle- on my right leg of course. I look like an idiot hobbling around the streets of Spokane, but the work must go on! Our ward mission leader is an orthopedic surgeon. He said he wants to put a boot on it and see if that helps. I don't know if I will or not, but we'll see. I'll be sure to send pictures if it happens to add to my "Bum Right Leg" photo album.
     We have seen a lot of the active members of our congregation the last few weeks which I'm hoping will ripple out. Hopefully they start trusting us and we can encourage them to do their missionary work more and then as a result we'll have more people to teach. Speaking of people to teach- Frances called us on Friday afternoon asking us to come over and read the Book of Mormon with her! She was completely different (it was an up day) and luckily we didn't see the cat even once during the lesson. Miracle. When we got there she started asking about coming to church and if she could come on a church tour so she wouldn't have as much anxiety thinking about attending. Another miracle. The missionaries have been teaching her for months and she's never expressed a desire to come to church. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder.

     So this week we went and saw Patrick and Stephanie (our investigator and his less active fiance) and they decided to get married on May 24th! So that Saturday they're getting married in the morning and he'll be baptized later that evening. It's gonna be a "wet wedding" haha. The ward is being great and helping plan the whole thing because neither of them have much family support or money. When they both came to church on Sunday it was great! We had a wonderful sacrament meeting and afterwards the ward basically swarmed them to start getting to know them. They felt so loved! Sunday night we taught tithing at a members home and it went over so well. This member was incredible and bearing testimony about it and everything. I LOVE when we teach lessons in members homes- they're so much more effective! But did I tell you we're having a wedding and a baptism?! I'm pretty excited!!! :)

     Saturday we went on exchanges and I went out to another sister's area, Ponderosa. She is a visa waiter for Brazil and has been here for 5 months so she's pretty bummed she's still waiting and it's affecting her work/companion. So we had a good chat and I think I was able to help her out some. Their area is booming with investigators and they're only a few miles away from where we are- which makes me think we're not working hard enough where I'm at. So I came back with a renewed sense of working hard. While on exchanges this sister mentioned how she had sidewalk chalk and has wanted to use it for teaching a lesson so bad. So we saw this girl in the parking lot of an apartment complex and starting drawing a picture for her. We basically taught her the Plan of Salvation... in chalk drawings. It was fun. But the girl was 9 years old and her only experience with church is sometimes going down to a Buddhist temple.... so she was pretty lost! haha. We did teach her how to pray though. We gave her a pamphlet and told her to bring her dad back and share the "story" we told her with him. I was laughing so hard after that lesson. But hey, we planted a seed and who knows what will happen!

     Yesterday we had another member of the 70 come visit us and speak to the missionaries, Elder Johnson. Again, I don't think I could recap what he said and do it justice. But I gained some really cool insight on the priesthood and on miracles/faith. It was very inspiring. 

     We go walking/jogging with some ladies in our ward a few times a week at 6am. Today... it was snowing! But this week it's supposed to be in the upper 70's. Spokane weather is so weird!
Sorry this one was so short- I ran out of time this week. But honestly those were the highlights.

     I love you all and hope you remember to do the little things- that's what brings lasting happiness :)

-Sister Megan Metcalf

Breanne's 1/2 way package full of things cut in half! :)
The Evergreen chapel where we meet

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