Monday, April 14, 2014


     So I figure you might want some info about my new area. It's in Spokane Valley. Most of it is city. It's literally 2 blocks wide and 2 miles long- then we have a section called Greenacre's that is a little boonie, but there's not much out there- maybe a few members. The ward is the same size/ same number of people/ less actives but just a more condensed area. We live with another old lady, Dee Mulloy. She's not as cute as Shirley Taylor, but she's sweet. We live in her basement and it's really nice. Way spacious. We share a kitchen with her... I can already tell this ward isn't as missionary minded as my last ward. But we had to get 9 Mile fired up, too. So hopefully with time and changing a few things up we can get this ward going! I love Sister Richardson. She was in the MTC in the classroom next to mine so I knew of her. She's great! A very hard worker and willing to make changes in the area. Her last companion wasn't very organized and kind of focused on the same people all the time... So we spent a few hours fixing/updating/organizing the area book and white board. I feel like our planning, etc. is so much more effective now! And I think I'm mildly OCD because I get SUCH a sense of satisfaction in getting things organized. :) Anyways, Sister Richardson is so bold. I'm like halfway shocked at half of the things she says, but it's so great! I'm learning a lot from her. Things are great... I'm still a sister training leader. And this transfer I'm going on exchanges with the Spanish sisters... I have no idea how that's gonna work out. But it should be fun!
We're working with a few people right now. One is Frances. She's in her 50's, from West Virginia and has the coolest accent. She used to smoke like 2 packs a day and the missionaries have been working with her a bunch- she's now down to just a few cigarette's a day. She wants to be baptized but is working on overcoming her addiction first. We taught her a few lessons this week and did some service for her. I like her a lot :) Then there's Patrick. His wife is a less active who we're working with as well. He's 28 and had a pretty rough life. He works 3 jobs. But we got him to request Sundays off so he can come to church. And he wants to be baptized in the beginning/ middle of May so we just need to get him coming to church! He's a pretty solid guy. He LOVES reading the Book of Mormon and telling us what he learned from it. And he and his wife have 2 super cute kids.

      I've met a bunch of members throughout the week and on Sunday. It was a little overwhelming trying to remember all of those names. But I'm excited to get to know the new ward. There were a few other investigators they were working with who didn't have much real intent. So like 5 minutes into meeting with them I'd just straight up ask them "So you've been meeting with missionaries for a while, what do you expect out of us coming?" And they'd say something like, oh just to talk. Or I'd ask "Do you want to learn more about our church and what we believe?" And they'd say "Not really- we just feel bad saying no when you come by". So we weeded out a bunch of people this last week and we're planning on finding a LOT of new people this week :)

   We had a really cool experience on Sunday. We had lunch at a members home and the husband's brother who isn't a member was there. He said he'd talked to missionaries before (but honestly he'd only chatted with them, never really had a deep conversation) So we were talking to him a bit and asked if we could share a message of the Restoration with him- he said probably not right now, but he kept talking religion. We ended up just turning the conversation into a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy, ghost, enduring to the end) We mainly focused on faith and the holy ghost though. He's had some really cool spiritual experiences in his life with praying, promptings from the holy ghost, and acting on those promptings. We were asking questions and being so bold. We read Alma 32:26-27. He committed to read the whole chapter and them we read Moroni 10:3-5 with him and he committed to pray after reading. It was SO cool! And completely impromptu- we didn't know he's be there so we had a completely different lesson planned for the family. The sad news is, he's moving to Alaska in a few days but the family said they'd follow up with him. When the wife was taking us home she just thanked us over and over again. She said he's never opened up like that and that they feel like they know what a lot of his concerns are now. And it was all thanks to asking inspired questions! Love it!

     Alright, well my parting words are this- 1st)I hope everyone has a wonderful week, especially with Easter coming up! 2nd) I am challenging all of you to share the video or a meme from it's incredible! Share it on Facebook. And did you know the church purchased the top banner ad section of Youtube for Easter Sunday to promote the 2 minute video?! You should all watch it. I've seen it twice and cried twice. We showed it to Patrick (the impromptu lesson) and the spirit was so strong! PLEASE use this week as an opportunity to share what is possible in your life because of Jesus Christ.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Metcalf
all my bags to transfer (i sent 2 boxes of winter things home)
with Shirley Taylor (the widow we lived with)
Pday in my new zone
nighttime with Sister Richardson
A cute poster that the youth in 9 Mile Falls made me
After playing Mushball last Pday with the North Spokane Zone
Jodi Mastel
The Tenny's

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