Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Special

     This week I had another MLC (missionary leadership council) where all of the Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders go. We basically get trained by our mission president and his wife, and the AP's and then go back to our zones and train the rest of the missionaries. I love how pumped up I get about missionary work right after training. So apparently their was some disobedience going on in one area of the mission and some missionaries had to be transferred around because of it. I know it was nothing big because our president nips everything in the bud/ cracks down hard on little things to send the message that he won't tolerate it. Anyways, as a result we got kind of a long lecture about our responsibility to keep other missionaries obedient and step up when we see things. We were trained on a lot of other things as well- but I was given the responsibility of training our zone on obedience later that week. Talk about putting your life under a microscope. When you get up their and talk to them about being exactly obedient, you know they're all looking right at you and seeing if you're being a hypocrite. So I did some self reflecting this week and decided there are some things I can do to improve- nothing major- just small things to make me a more effective missionary; like getting in and out of lessons quicker or pulling over the car to talk to people we see. And as I've focused on improving these things I've felt so much more successful! Mosiah 2:41 is true. Those who keep the commandments of God are blessed and happy- whether they be little or big commandments (in my case these are "commandments" specifically given to me as a missionary)

     Well we taught a lot more lessons this week but are still working on teaching more and talking to more people. We need more investigators. I KNOW there are people out here prepared and ready, we just need to figure out who they are! haha. More of a reason to talk to everyone, right? Sometimes I think it would have been so nice to serve in NYC where there's people everywhere all the time and you have no excuse for not talking to people because you're walking right by them. And then I realized that it shouldn't matter if I'm in a boonie area or a city- I need to just talk to everyone! 

     Have I ever mentioned how amazing the YW and YM in this ward are? I know I have, but I'm going to say it again. This Sunday we had a Standards Night; a night when there are some people that talk about topics from the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlets to the youth in the stake. They focus on the importance of standing strong and keeping high standards. Our ward had 5 non members that they brought! 3 of them were our investigators (Austin, MaKenna, and Jacob), one was a former investigator of ours (Chelsea) and another was one girls cousin who she has been bringing to church who we may start teaching soon. These kids just have no fear in inviting- and the leaders are so helpful!

     As for Austin and MaKenna- they are coming slowly. Austin just has a hard time focusing in lessons but he's still making progress. MaKenna is only fairly interested. We talked to Chelsea (the one whose dad recently passed away) and are going to start teaching her again. I'm so exited! She is so eager to learn and is so prepared! I'm sure I'll have something great to say about her next week since our lesson with her isn't until this weekend. Everyone else is about the same. We did share a lesson on Joseph Smith with the Hadlock's this week that was so fun! The dad grew up in Utah in a WAY less active family. And as we were having their 10 year old daughter, Brooklyn, tell about his story and how he saw God, and how it wasn't until years later that he was visited by the angel Moroni who showed him where the plates were he was just blown away. He was like "I never knew that! That is so cool!" And the fact that his daughter was helping teach it to him was priceless! I love it :)

     We also had interviews with president this week. They were actually on Monday which is why P-day was moved to today. It's nice to talk to him one on one and let him know what I'm working on and how our area is. He had us come up with a vision for ourselves and for our mission. Mine was: "I will find, teach, baptize, reactivate, retain, and be obedient by becoming a consecrated missionary. I will become a consecrated missionary by sacrificing: disobedience, fear, pride, negativism/sarcasm, my heart/desires (or basically my will for the Lord's will)" It's great how a vision really pushes you to achieve more. It reminds my of my volleyball days at SLCC.

     Well, I'm checking out now. This church is true. I love watching the people I work with change as they follow Christ's teachings! It's incredible.

I love you all!

-Sister Metcalf

driving on river park drive- love that view!
on south bank road
no joke EVERYONE breeds dogs in our ward!
With my "baby" Sister Riddle

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