Monday, March 31, 2014

4 Seasons

Buenos Dias,

     Can you believe I've experienced 4 seasons in 9 Mile Falls, Washington? Crazy! It feels like I just emailed you all a few days ago. Having my p-day on Wednesday really made this week go by fast. So I'll just pick up where I left off. After a wonderful preparation day on Wednesday we went back to work at 6pm that night. We went on splits. It was great to see so many people in such a short amount of time.

     On Thursday we taught Russ again. Man, it's like that man knows we are going to teach him about tithing. In the very beginning of the lesson he'll bring up some question he has and we start talking about it for for of the time and don't have time to get to the real lesson. So for "homework" this week we gave him 3rd Nephi 24 to read, so he knows it's coming and there's no deterring it. His paperwork came in from church headquarters and he's ready to start the interview process for his re-entry to the church. I'm so excited for him! And I'm so impressed with him not even flinching at this bump in the road. He thought he was going to be able to get baptized on March 30th but we found out otherwise. It turns out he didn't just take his name of the records of the church in the 80's but he went through the excommunication process. So that means its a longer process to get baptized. But his interviews should be this week and hopefully all goes well with that! 

     We also had weekly planning on Thursday (which seriously takes so long!) But it took even longer because we just got a 4 foot by 4 foot white board that a member donated to us. We wrote down all of our investigators and their upcoming lessons/commitments, potential investigators, referrals, less actives we're working with and ones who are mildly interested, etc. It took a while to get it all on the board, but I feel great knowing that if I get transferred, all of the information I know is on that board and will be put to use instead of just staying in my head. I'm nervous I'll be transferred- mostly because of how much I'll miss the people I've been working with (and my incredible companion). But really- I think another transfer might burn me out in this area. But we'll see. I'll be happy with whatever the Lord sees fit. We get transfer calls this Sunday evening... I'm not as nervous as I usually am. But next email will be a report of where I'll be serving for the next 6+ weeks.

     I went on exchanges from Thursday to Friday with one of the sisters in Shawnee YSA. It's different working with people my age... And there are SO many more people out! I swear I pulled the car over every 5 minutes to talk to someone on the street. I sort of want to get transferred to an area with more people out on the street so I have more opportunities to talk to people during the day. It can get discouraging out here sometimes. Exchanges were fun. And I know what Breanne means. I can be more bold and upfront with asking questions or extending commitments when it's not my area. Probably because I don't have to keep a relationship with them- but it ends up helping out the other missionaries in the long run. I think that's part of the reason why exchanges are so fun... plus it motivates me to be more bold to the people I've been working with in the last 8 months.

     Friday night was our ward talent show. Oh. My. Gosh. What an incredible event! First of all- EVERYONE invited friends to come and there were over 200 people there! It was relaxed and fun and had a variety of talents. I got to help out with Brother Knack's act. He was doing karate/ self defense demonstrations. So funny! I have a video of it that I need to figure out how to send to Jensa so she can post it on my blog. And Sister Riddle and I performed too. SO have you all heard the "Cups Song" from Pitch Perfect? Well some missionaries made a parody of it and posted it online. It teaches the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a fun song. It talks about Christ's life, how he established his church and called apostles and gave them the priesthood, then as the apostles were killed the church fell apart and priesthood was lost, but then brought back through Joseph Smith. A woman in our ward wrote down the lyrics and then we made them better :) So we performed that at the talent show (as our back up- we were originally going to do some "Kid History" type thing but had technical difficulties). It was really so fun! We're gonna film it and send the video to Jensa too.... Anyways, after the performance we had 2 or three people come up and tell us they were really choked up during the song. We kind of brushed it off and were like "umm... okay?" I just didn't get how that would choke someone up- it's a fun and upbeat song! Well then the next day another woman comes up to us and tells us she felt the spirit so strong as we sang that song. Last night we shared our song at the Hatch's home (per their request) because they didn't make it to the talent show but heard about it. The husband started crying during the song! Afterwards he mentioned like 3 times that the song really touched him. Sister Riddle and I got to thinking about why it's having an effect on people. The spirit testifies of truth. Regardless of how or where we present it, if we are sharing truth the Holy Ghost will carry that to the hearts of people and they'll feel that it's right. It was such a testimony builder to me! We've decided we're going to share it with our members who weren't at the talent show :)

     We've also been working with Jodi Mastel a lot lately. She's a less active who moved in a month after I got here. We were visiting her regularly but she wasn't making much progress or ever coming to church. Then we decided to bring a member with us to one of her lessons in December. Why didn't we do that earlier? She started taking off! She feels more comfortable now that she knows she has a friend in the ward. She hasn't missed a Sunday since February and is coming to all of the activities. And when she was helping set up for the talent show she asked us if we could share a message with her since we wouldn't be able to come over this week. She's paying her tithing and working towards going to the temple to do proxy baptisms (with the member we brought with us in December) We NEED the ward members to help us if we are going to really help bring people back to the fold. This is not a matter of opinion-it's a fact!

     We also helped move in a new family into our ward and man is my back dead. Oh well- it's all part of the calling. Chris didn't come to church because his wife got called in to work and didn't want to bring the 3 kids there by himself. So we stopped by after church on Sunday to talk with him and let him know we were sad his family didn't come.We set up an appointment for today and are bringing Brother Merrill with us (after praying one night this name just came to me and I realized this would be the perfect fellowshipper for Chris!) We're gonna have him invite Chris's family over to watch General Conference. So I'll let you know next week how things go.

     Are you guys so excited for conference??? I know I am! I can't wait to receive more revelation. And to hear what the prophet and apostles of the Lord have to share with us. I know that we have a living prophet today and the God speaks to him. I'm so grateful for the guidance that we have from that! Everyone watch conference either on the t.v., at a local church, or on  

     I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! I pray for you all (And pray for me that I will be prepared for whatever transfers bring!) I know it will be what I need to help me grow!

Sister Megan Metcalf
Sister Riddle and me on the streets of Suncrest

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