Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland

     It is absolutely dumping snow right now. It's the 3rd or 4th day of snow in the last week. It's so pretty here- looks like we'll be doing some shoveling here pretty soon.

     I finally got to do a real exchange. It was in Greenbluff- such a pretty place! Comparable to 9 Mile Falls but less boonie and smaller geographically. Sister Ridge is so fun! It was nice to go out and see a new area and experience how different missionaries teach. And it was great to have that balance in teaching/ planning again. Gosh I miss that. Funny story though. I went to Missionary Leadership Council right before our exchange. We had to go into the valley for it and it's just for Sister Training Leaders so my companion had another sister come with her to our area while I was there. Anyway- two things happened from that. One is that we were in a hurry to get from MLC to exchanges and I forgot my overnight bag at the building in the valley! So I wore the same thing 2 days in a row and borrowed a bunch of stuff. It was a mess, but pretty funny! While I was gone Sister Bohling and two sisters put Jacob our other investigator on date for March first. His grandma is worried he won't be ready by then (he's the one that almost went to juvie... and his grandma told us she thinks he's gay- so that will make things interesting)

     Two days later we had zone training and I had to train on part of what we were taught in MLC. It was pretty awesome. It was on faith in Alma 32 and I trained on why and how to help investigators gain their own testimony. I love teaching :) It doesn't matter if it's kindergarteners, investigators, or missionaries. It's the best!

     We (...I) had another lesson with Russ this week and it went so well! It was great to be able to answer a lot of his questions and help him out. We discussed things he can do to help him overcome his temptations to drink and committed him to try them this week. I asked him if he knew the Book of Mormon was true and he said he's 89% sure, but that a few weeks ago he was only 2% sure. So I promised him that as he kept reading and praying he would get his answer. I've never taught someone who has studied so much! He started in the beginning and is on Alma 45 now. And we gave him a chapter to read for an assignment and he read it 4 times! How cool is he?

     Something weird happened at a member's home for lunch on Sunday. We were sitting at the table eating dinner and Sister Bohling hadn't touched her food. She was just sitting there with her eyes closed, swaying back and forth. She did this for a few minutes before I asked her if she needed to lay down on the couch. The members were so weirded out. When I asked her about it later she said it was a migraine- we ended up staying in the rest of the night because she was complaining of being dizzy and I didn't want that happening in any other people's homes. We're still role playing like crazy and I'm trying to get her as comfortable as possible with the lessons we'll teach so she doesn't just stare at her scriptures when it's her turn to teach. We're working on it.

     But back to happiness. Saturday was Caity's baptism and it was SO good! Her grandpa baptized her . He was baptized 2 years ago and this was his first baptism he performed. This was the first baptism I've had for a woman (the other 3 were men), so I decided we would go in to the stall and help her get into the font and waited on the tile while she was baptized. Before she went out I had this really cool moment where I told her how proud God was of her decision. I gave her a hug and we cried for a minute, the spirit was so strong! Then Sister Bohling broke the moment and was weird- no need for details. So I tried to bring the spirit back again by saying a prayer with her. So that worked. It was just such a great service! I loved it :)

     Well, I'm off. I love you all so much! Thank you for all of the letters and support! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

Excited for my new shirt
Valentine's Day on Pday with the box of stuff mom sent :)
From mom's package :)
Caity's baptism
With Sister Ridge on Exchanges- the wind made it so frigid!
Homemade tortilla/ quesadilla
Sister Meservy (the other STL in the zone)
 All the Sister Training Leader's at MLC (and Sister Mullen)
Sister Wood!

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