Monday, February 24, 2014

Make That 6... Transfers

     So this was a slow week. We taught only 8 lessons. But I'm excited for the work to pick back up these next few weeks!  So I get to stay in 9 Mile for another 6 weeks! At the end of this transfer I will be at my halfway/ 9 month mark! That's half of my mission in the same area!!! I'm still an STL and I will be training for the first time. :) I'm excited! I pick up my trainee tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed that she's not crazy! :)
     So with only 8 lessons there's not much news for this week. But there were some really fun things! First is that in the lesson with Russ this week we challenged him to pray about being baptized on March 22nd and his girlfriend wants him to pray for it to be sooner. So we'll find out this week what he thinks. I'm excited for him! He's been working so hard and is so sincere :)

     This week we also had Elder S. Gifford Nielsen of the 70 speak to the youth of North Spokane at a fireside. He gave the talk in general conference "Hastening the Lord's Game Plan". He was such a good speaker! He played for BYU football and then for the Houston Oilers and was a sportscaster for a way long time. He has a lot of cool life experiences and spoke about keeping your standards high and not giving in to peer pressure. He was so dynamic. We brought our recent convert Caity to it and she loved it! 

     We're still working with Austin and MaKenna but it's slow going. We're gonna start working harder with the grandparents because they're the ones who are holding then back. We also met with Chelsea again. She's the one who contacted a boy in our ward on facebook about becoming Mormon and Sister Dickerman and I taught her one lesson. Well we met up with her at a members home yesterday and made cookies and basically just talked. It was informal and comfortable and SO good! Her dad died a week and a half ago from cancer and so we talked about the Plan of Salvation. She is just amazing with how well she's handling this all. She's so at peace with it and she only started believing in God A few months ago when her dad was diagnosed. Her boyfriend is serving his mission in the Ventura, Ca mission too! His name is Elder Clarkson. Keep an eye out for him. What a small world that would be if he served in Simi :)

     This Saturday we went up to the Beckman's. They're a less active family that live in Ford (boonies) and they have a farm. They were previously known as "do not contacts". When they showed up a few weeks ago out of the blue at church to bless their daughter I had the STRONGEST impression to write down Lorelei's blessing. So I did and I typed it up. I drove it out to their home and it was the perfect thing to soften their hearts. I then pulled the "LA city slicker" card and begged them to let me help do chores on their farm. So I (and I say I because my companion sat and watched for 3 hours) hauled pig manure and cleaned the chicken coop and prepared a lamb pen this week. It was so much fun! I mean it wouldn't be if I had to do that every day. But it was nice to do some hard work. But I will tell you- that was the WORST smell I have ever beheld! Yikes! It's been nice to serve them though and soften their hearts :) Hopefully we'll go back again soon.

     Well I love you all! I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve the people of Nine Mile Falls! It has been amazing to watch this gospel change people's lives. Let it change yours. Follow Christ and live His teachings. Have a great week!

-Sister Megan Metcalf
(on Tuesday)
I just picked up my new companion and get to send a quick email to you guys :) Her name is Sister Karisa Riddle. She's from Vista, Ca and 21 years old. And... she's 6'1" haha! I love it! We're gonna to really stand out. Probably more so than when I had another redheaded companion :) She went to BYU- Idaho for 3 and a half years before coming out. I can tell she's going to be a great missionary! She's very enthusiastic about the work and ready to go. I can't wait for the ward and the people we work with to meet her. This is going to be a great transfer! I love you and will talk to you on Monday.
-Sister Megan Metcalf

 District Picture
Big Pigs
Hauled all that manure
Holding a chicken (can't let Breanne show me up)
Elder Andrew, Cordell, Whitaker, Larsen, and Lindsay, Sister Bohling, and me

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