Monday, February 3, 2014

It's All About Perspective

     One of my favorite quotes is by Spencer W. Kimball, "Sometimes the solution is not to change our circumstance, but to change our attitude about that circumstance". So I really took that to heart this week... and received a blessing from my district leader. I was determined to not just "make it through" the week, but to feel happy and successful. And I did it! I know what you're thinking- it was all in my head. Not true. My companion is a real problem that I'm dealing with. But I chose to change my attitude about it and received this strength to endure that is just not my own. It also really helped that I received SEVEN letters in one day! That's a new record. And they were perfectly timed. I was right at the hump of the week and losing steam and patience and those letters really helped tip me over into having a more positive outlook. So thank you thank you to everyone who sent me a letter! You're too good to me :)
     Okay- highlights for the week. I conducted my first official exchange as Sister Training Leader this week! Funny thing was- that morning President Mullen called and said he didn't want any missionaries driving cars that day (we had a pretty big snow storm and the roads were iced over). So since I was on exchanges with a sister serving in the YSA ward (they cover 2 stakes), there was no one within walking distance! We tried calling people to give us rides places, but to no avail. So we shoveled people's driveways for hours... and taught no one. So we'll do a "make up" exchange later in the month.

     We taught Jacob this week. He's 15 and had a rough past/ upbringing. His grandparents are LDS though. So we started teaching him the restoration and he had all these questions so we switched gears and taught the Plan of Salvation. Well... it threw my companion off too much I guess. So when it was her turn to speak she just said "I don't know where you're going with this" or "My mind is blank". So I essentially taught 98% of the lesson. But it went surprisingly well! He had so many questions and is so curious. I've never met a kid with more real intent. He accepted baptism, but here's the hang up- he goes to court today and might get sent to juvie... so hopefully he doesn't so we can help him get off on the right track. Yeah. As usual, I get the unique cases. But honestly, I think everyone will be a unique case.

     We also taught Russ again this week. That man is so close to being baptized! But he said it's too soon. I'm predicting in March he'll be baptized. He knows its all true, he's just dragging his feet because he's bad mouthed the LDS church to his friends in the past and doesn't want to eat crow. On Saturday we taught Caity the Law of Chastity. It wasn't nearly as awkward as you'd think it would be teaching it to a 13 year old girl. At the end we asked if she had any questions and she said no- but she had been praying and finally got her answer! She said she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible! Her grandma started crying- she hadn't told anyone yet! So she's getting baptized this Saturday! (Joe's baptism fell through btw- his PTSD flared up and he didn't want to fly up from Texas. Not sure when his new date will be). But I'm so excited for Caity! And so is the ward and the youth!

     Seahawks won the Superbowl! It was like the world cup in South America up here! haha! Just kidding. But it was pretty dead on Sunday. No one wanted us to come over or inside. Boo. But at least the Seahawks won. 

     Other trivial stuff happened this week, but overall it was worlds better because I did some adjusting and felt a lot more strength. I love you all! I love this gospel. And I love trials. They help you grow and become a better person :)

Until next week,
Sister Metcalf
snowman craft from pday
Tum Tum
driving in Ford
Snowy fields in Ford
Selfie in the car window
Sketchy/ pretty roads
2 week old puppies (there's like 25 more dogs that didn't make it in the picture in the Clark's single wide)
So many letters!
Deer Park
Made a snowman with my name tag!
Shoveling with Sister's Stratton and Call

borrowing snow gear while on exchanges

snowed in during my exchange with Sister Call

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