Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All Things Considered

     All things considered it's been a good week. Lot's of wind and rain. But weather is in the 40's feels heavenly right now! :)

     I left my planner at home so I'm gonna have to go off of memory with what happened this week. First off, today I spent most of the day with Brenda Colvin (our second cousin!) because she took us down to the temple for a session and then took us to run some errands. One of those included a stop to the mission office to pick things up (and my mission president came out and was talking to Sister Bohling about how things are going with her. He definitely could tell things were off). I've been honest with him about everything that is going on and how I'm doing with it, etc. No need to cover things up where president's concerned. When members or others ask, obviously that's a different story. I had some interesting situations with my companion this week that are in my journal and not meant for the general public... but rest assured they're funny/ and frustrating.

     Anyway! We went knocking door to door yesterday in the rain thinking more people would be likely to let us in. We were wrong. We did have some good quality gospel conversations with people, but didn't find anyone who was interested in learning more. We did get pretty wet. And I found out that my snow boarding jacket isn't all that waterproof. I should have worn my rain coat. Lesson learned.

     We let Jacob know that he's not ready to be baptized on March 1st. That was hard. He wants to learn/ apply the gospel and follow the things Christ taught, but he has some issues to fix before he can really let the gospel take hold. He's had a rough rough past with a less than ideal upbringing, which in turn gave him some real hurdles he needs to overcome. I was hoping that us teaching him about Christ would be enough, but he needs medical help first. We're still teaching MaKenna and Austin (Steven's siblings) but they're kinda slow going. It's hard to know how to help them- but I think we need to help the grandparents get a stronger testimony first. Russ is great! While on an exchange this week I taught him with Sister Brown (my MTC companion!) Man, we're good together! The lesson went so well and we were able to not only help him with so many questions, but show him how and where he can find those answers. It was great! And we had a cottage meeting on Sunday where we invited some less actives and investigators and had some men from our ward speak about their conversion to the church. Our recent convert Hugh hit it off with Russ and invited him to come do scripture study with him and his wife! How great is that??

     I don't remember much more from the week except having exchanges twice and getting lot's of Valentine's from everyone! Thank you all for the love you are sending my way! I hope you know how much I love you- and how much God loves you all! John 3:16 (did I share that last week?) Even if I did, it's still true- just like this church! ;)

     Oh yeah, and transfer calls come on Sunday night. Who knows where I'll be or who I'll be with next transfer. But just as Breanne stated- mail anything this week to the mission office until I find out where I'll be at.

Sister Metcalf
With my 2nd cousin Brenda Colvin
Photo bomber, Sister Brown, Me, Sister Bohling, Sister Call, Sister Yu, and Sister Stratton
with my companion Sister Bohling
All my Valentine's!
Deer sightings
Reardon (the boonies of my area)
Exchanges with Sister Call
Exchanges with Sister Stratton
Driving in Deer Park
With all the snow melting it looked like it was flooding in places- notice my boots sunk into the melting snow :)

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