Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting off the New Year right!

     So this last week was surprisingly good! We were expecting it to be slow with only 2 and 1/2 working days. We couldn't work on New Year's Eve (night) or Day (all day). We went to the Abrams' on NYE and they invited a non member family, the Raywalt's (who we are wanting to teach), over for games. And we get to watch one movie a year on NYE. They have a limited list: like Best 2 Years, Saints and Soldiers, and a handful of Disney movies. We picked Finding Nemo :) It was so weird to watch a movie... so weird. On New Years Day a member in another ward invited all of the missionaries in our zone over to their house for games. They have a sick game room. It was a ton of fun! Then Hope and Hugh Brunette took us out to Olive Garden.
     We had a lesson with Russ on New Years Eve. He's a really great guy with a lot of good questions and intent. We teach him again on Wednesday and our ward mission leader is coming with us. I think Russ will be baptized the end of this month. I'm excited to work with him. We taught Caity twice this week. She is progressing, but the foster family she was staying with filled her head with anti garbage. So it's taking a little longer than we thought. But that's okay! I'm not worried.  

     Steven is getting baptized this Saturday and Seth Abrams (a priest in our ward)  will be baptizing him :) How cool is that? We had a lesson with all of the Langton kids and it was unreal. Their mom (who is a recovering addict and 18 yrs inactive) sat in on the lesson. I'm gonna be honest- since we started teaching them, we've been worried about their mom derailing everything. We've been praying for her heart to be softened and circumstances to allow her children to keep investigating. But she was there, and she approved of Steven getting baptized. AND she was testifying and encouraging her kids during the entire lesson! I was blown away! God answers prayers. He really does. And during the lesson, Austin and MaKenna were so open. They were asking questions and talking about concerns. It was incredible. They are trying so hard to get their own confirmation!

     Random fact: while tracting this week we ran into a preacher and a cross dressing 63 year old. I'm not kidding, I think the cross dresser will be coming to church next week! What did I tell you about getting to meet the most interesting people?!

     This morning we got to teach in seminary- it was fun :) And last night we had a vegetarian dinner at a members... and I liked it! Who'd have thought? It was quinoa and sprouted rice, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and salad. Yes. I ate it all. Are any jaws dropped? ;)

     Last p-day we played dodgeball with giant marshmallows. And I have to get going because we are about to start a giant nerf gun war. But I love you all! Thank you for all of your letters and support. You're the best friends and family a girl could ask for.

     This church is true. I know it with my whole heart!

Sister Metcalf

p.s. this Saturday we get to meet with Neil L. Andersen and then go straight to the baptism for Steven- it's going to be like a second Christmas!

An investigator, Angie, gave us more of her old dresses from the 80's :)‏

 Games on New Years Day


 My district- all in gray tights


marshmallow dodgeball


marshmallow dodgeball- I'm a bit too intense


preview of Nerf gun war!

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