Monday, December 30, 2013

White Christmas!

     There wasn't any snow on Christmas, but there was a beautiful frost that covered everything! Also, Hugh got baptized! It was a beautiful service. So many people came and supported. Hugh even requested to give the closing prayer at his own baptism- and it was such an amazing prayer. He was confirmed on Sunday and is just glowing!
     It was so good to see you guys! I'm surprised that I didn't feel homesick at all the whole Christmas season. The members took care of us. So many invited us over to spend time with them. We even had a family take us out to a Chinese buffet for Christmas dinner (A Christmas Story anyone?) And thank you to everyone for all of the presents! You are all so thoughtful- rest assured thank you's are in the mail.

     I'm running low on time. So I'm just gonna throw out random thoughts from this week:

     I finished reading "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clayton M. Christiansen in 4 days. That book is so good! I'm going to start teaching members stuff from that book. I've been recommending it to every family we see.

     This week we picked up a new investigator who we haven't met yet. The sister's in another ward have been teaching him for a bit but he actually lives in our area so we will take over. We meet him on New Year's Eve in the afternoon. We told our ward mission leader and he knows the guy! His name is Russ Lucki. Apparently he used to be a nudist... how funny! I'm getting to teach the most interesting people! haha.

     We picked up the Render's granddaughter as an investigator and taught her this last week. She's pretty shy but has a lot of interest and intent. Caity is a sweetheart and has been through the foster care system so she has a lot of healing that I hope we can help her with in some way. Other than her we didn't have many other lessons.

     My slipping and falling on ice count is currently at one. The Smith's driveway won. And I'm sure it will be in the double digits by the time winter is over.

     One of the McDowell's 50 dogs bit me this last week. Luckily it was on my boot. But I was still pretty mad about it.

     We put Steven (the Ackaret's oldest grandson) on date for baptism on January 11th. We had a very honest conversation with the grandparents at the children's conversion happening at different paces, and how we don't want to push any of them into it. But we also talked about how baptism is a step we take in faith and our conversion deepens as we continue to follow Christ. It went so well. And Steven was just grinning ear to ear! He was so excited! I can just see him going on a mission in 2 years :) We're continuing working with the grandparents and each of the grandkids.

     We helped a family move this week. They're the family that is first to volunteer to help others but won't ask anyone else for help. So Sister Dickerman and I just showed up at their house. We were the only ones who knew they were moving. It was nice to serve a family like that!

     A boy in our ward, Brady Smith (his mom is the one who called you guys), got a facebook message from a friend of his. It said "I need your help. How do I become Mormon?" Brady talked to her about reading the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to church, and doing things to know for herself if it's true. And he told her that there are some great sister missionaries in 9 Mile who can teach her how to do those things. How crazy is that?? So we are trying to set up a time to meet with Chelsea this next week. Miracles happen all the time out here!!!

     Well, sorry this email was random. But I love you all and hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!!!
-Sister Metcalf
Tree mom sent me
It snowed again!
Catching snowflakes
My snow angel
Beautiful sunset
Christmas part 2
Christmas packages part 2
All of the treats members gave us (we threw most of them out... shh!)
Christmas dinner at a Chinese buffet (crawfish and squid)

 Hugh and Hope Brunette

Hugh's baptism
Webcamming with Breanne
My Christmas craft I made last p-day
presents! (thank you everyone!)
Our tree
A member bought us matching PJ's for Christmas!

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