Monday, December 16, 2013

Where Is The Snow?

     Seriously. Where is it? It is freezing here! Well, below freezing. And no snow! It's just brown and dead and gross! Bleh. I hope it comes by Christmas Day! Speaking of. I am able to Skype with you guys starting at 2 my time so 3 Boise time. I emailed mom about doing a test webcam session with the lady in my ward who is letting us come over. Just to clarify mom- Skype is a webcam program. I won't be calling by phone at all. Just webcamming. :) Hopefully Breanne can line up her time around the same as mine so I can talk to her too and so your day isn't so spread out. Although you may be bored of talking to missionaries all day.
     This week we visited a lot of members. And we have been trying to get into homes while tracting with the approach of sharing a Christmas message from the Bible. Only one taker so far. But we'll keep trying. Everyone should invite someone, anyone to come to sacrament next week for Christmas. There will be such a wonderful spirit there with the music and speakers I'm sure! Plenty of people choose to go to church once a year on Christmas- why not invite them to do it at ours?

     We took Steven and Austin Langton (Ackaret's grandkids) on a church tour this last week. We had a lesson with them afterwards. Brother Braun our YM president and 2 of the youth (Seth Abrams and Tanner Hardy) They're great member missionaries and fellowshippers. We had a lesson with the whole family later in the week that was a little rushed because they forgot we were coming and were about to start dinner. We're hoping to put them on date for a baptism on the 28th of December! How great would that be? 4 baptisms in one week?! Hopefully everything keeps working out. We also had 3 lessons with Hugh this week. I can't help but smile when I think of him! He just lights up when you talk about his baptism. He was talking to us about how he can feel the adversary working against him. Then he went on to tell us that when he feels that, he just prays until the feeling goes away. What an incredible man! The way he talks about the scriptures and how he feels as he's been keeping the commandments let's me know that he is a lifelong convert. That's what makes me the happiest! Not that he will be baptized and is another number. No. But that he has been changed by the atonement of Jesus Christ and wants to continue living this way because he sees the happiness and joy it is bringing to his life! We are meeting with him a few more times this week and his baptismal interview is on Friday. This man is ready. And I'm so excited for him and his family! 

We had a zone training on Tuesday and another one on Thursday while President Mullen came out and interviewed us all. It was fun to tell him about all of the miracles that have been happening in this area. The Render's got custody of their granddaughter, Caity, and we will start teaching her this week. She already wants to be baptized. 

     This week for service we did some more painting, put together a bookshelf, split wood (with an axe! I was actually surprised at how good I was at it! haha.) We also had a relief society Christmas dinner that we helped set up for. There were a bunch of less actives there, which is just as exciting as having non members! :)

     I love you all so much! This year for Christmas I would love for you to send me your testimony and what it's grown in this year. You can email it or write it out and mail it. But that's what I really want!

Love, Sister Metcalf

Santa came to Suncrest!

Eerie roads in 9 Mile
Zone breakfast at our stake president's (Pres. Larsen) house!

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