Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Bon Jour!

     I wanted to tell all of you how grateful I am for you. Every single one of you! I love you all and am so grateful for the influence you've had in my life. Each house we went to on Thanksgiving I shared that with them. And how I'm grateful to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us to all return to live with Him again. 

     Thanksgiving was great! We started off at 1pm with dinner and dessert at the Ackaret's. They're so great! They've had a rough life and their 3 non member grandchildren just moved in with them. They haven't been to church in maybe 10 years, but they're expressing a desire to return. The kids are getting involved in young men and young women and the ward is just taking them in. It's so great to watch. And they wouldn't be progressing nearly as much without the help of the ward members. They really feel loved. Then we went to Hope and Hugh Brunette's at 3pm. They had their kids over- the Schulze's (Gavin who we baptized in September is one of their kids) and the Herrmann's. We taught a fun lesson on gratitude to all of the kids while we were there and skipped dessert. Then at 4:30 we had dinner at Wendy Gassner's with her husband, non member son and his girlfriend. Three dinners! And each of those people thought we were only eating at their house, so they LOADED us with food. I felt so sick. Before we went into each house we said a prayer and asked that we'd be able to eat a lot. And it worked. No one threw up! haha. Then at 6 we went to the Hadlock's for dessert and at 7:30 we went to the Johnston's for dessert. The only time I thought I couldn't handle it anymore was eating a piece of apple pie at the Johnston's at the very end of the night. I thought that I wouldn't need to eat for a week, but sure enough I woke up the next morning and had breakfast. It snowed on black Friday... then it rained 2 days later and melted it all. Why won't the snow just stick? I want to take pretty pictures!!!

     We had another lesson at the Hadlock's this week on repentance with an activity for the kids but scripture study for the parents. It was so fun. And while we were there she tried to sneak a picture of me to send to her brother who is 26 and just got back from a mission. If anything, this is just proof that mom isn't the only one trying to set people up with missionaries. haha! I absolutely love that family though. Brother Hadlock apologized for not making it to church last week, and he came this week! I'm really happy to see the great changes going on in their family :)

     The other night we went to a member's house to eat- we've been in a member's home each night and I LOVE IT! .... except I didn't like it the other night. We had split pea soup. You guys. Split pea soup isn't yummy. But alas, I ate an entire bowl. And I didn't gag- you'd be proud. But let it be known, I will never eat it again. Bleh!

     We also got a new car this last week! It's a 2014 Corolla. Here's what I'm excited about: Incredible turning radius. Whenever we 3 point turn the other companion has to get out behind the car and back you up. It's obnoxious. And our Chevy Cruise had horrible turning radius so we were getting out all the time. Other than that, I don't really care. I mean its nice that it's so clean, and has a sweet touch screen system. But at this point, that isn't a priority for me lol. We had to drive down to the mission office to give them our old car and grab the new one. Guess who left the house key on the ring? So we had to drive down to the valley the next day to get it. Because of that we ended up running short on our allotted miles, so on the last day of the month we were riding our bikes around. Brother Hyer in my ward fixed my bike for me. He put a new tube in it and apparently the back tire wasn't attached right, and he fixed the brakes. It works now! Finally... 18 weeks in. But it was fun to ride around and stop and talk to people on our bikes.

     Sister Hyer's brother in law was in town for the holidays and he was a seminary and institute teacher for 35 years. So she decided to put on a fireside for nonmembers and less actives and have him speak at it. It was great! We had a few less actives come and 2 non members. One will potentially be an investigator. It's so great that members are taking the initiative and putting on different things to find people for us! I love this ward! And our ward mission leader invited someone to sing in the choir with us (I'm doing ward choir..have been since I got here) and she stayed for all of church. Gotta love it. 

     Which brings me to the best news.... transfers..... I'm staying in 9 Mile with Sister Dickerman!!! This will be her last transfer. But we are so excited! I had this feeling that I might be leaving the area and was so sad about it. I'm glad I get to stay! I feel like we're making so much progress with some of the less active families. And I get to be here for Hugh's baptism on Christmas Day! He's having it at 5pm Washington/ California time. So when I figure out where we are going for Christmas I will let you know what time will work for skyping. I can't wait to hear voices of loved ones rather than just read emails! Yay!

     I love you all so much! Focus on all of the wonderful blessings in your life. God loves you all! If you don't know that already, pray to know it. He will give you an answer.

Con amor,
Sister Metcalf


The Hadlock's

out tracting

eating candy canes

treats that were sent in a package to me! :)

The Ackaret's on Thanksgiving‏

Wendy and Vince Gassner (Wendy is on her tip toes)‏

After district meeting- yes that's my trophy on the far right for winning another scripture chase :)

snowing again!

At Hope and Hugh Brunette's with the Schulze's and Herrmann's- Hugh in the glasses and red plaid will be baptized on Christmas and Gavin is in maroon right in front of him (his grandson who we baptized in September)

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