Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wonderful World of a Missionary

Hello everyone!

This week was so great! But we'll do a little dose of good news, bad news.

      Good news- Hugh asked to be baptized on Christmas Day- so we'll be having a "white Christmas"! I'm so excited for him. His wife is a life long member and they've been married for 12 years. He has been going to church for 10 years. It has been so much fun working with him up to this point! I mean, I met him when he first moved in, started teaching him, worked with him through his concerns, helped him realize how Christ can help him in his life and how following Christ would bless his life, and now he is about to get baptized! Everybody start praying for me that I won't get transferred in three weeks. I would LOVE to be there for the baptism... and then in a year when they are sealed :) 

     Bad news- he's our only real investigator. Jimmy sort of counts. He's getting baptized in 2016. We still meet with him and help him out. But other than that it's dead. We have a lot of less actives but only some that have interest in returning/ meeting with us. So that makes the work feel slower.

     Good news, There's a less active family who we started working with when I got here (The Hadlock's). The wife has been coming off and on with her kids. They're from Utah, but both went pretty inactive before they even married. Her husband hasn't been ordained yet. Anywho, we've been going over weekly since I got here. It started where she'd just meet with us in the yard, then on her porch with her kids, then finally with her husband in the home. We've been doing family home evening activities with them and basically reteaching them the missionary discussions. (side note: this is the family who started reading the Book of Mormon each night because the home teacher challenged them to). Well this Sunday, after weeks of inviting, her husband showed up to church and stayed all 3 hours! I'm not kidding, jaws dropped when he walked in and a few people started crying. He hasn't been to church since they moved here 6 years ago and he has some really good friends in the ward who were just so excited! I'm so happy for this family and I hope that we can keep making progress with them, to the point that he can receive the priesthood and baptize his son next year and they can all get sealed in the temple. I love this family so much, and it is so great helping them to progress together :)

     Bad news- it snowed for real last week. We got a few inches. Luckily I have boots now... and luckily it didn't stick for more than 2 days. It's rained a lot the last few days. It's been so bitter cold! I almost want it to snow again... maybe the frigid wind will stop? No, it probably won't make a difference.

     Good news- Elder Ballard came out and had a meeting with our mission president, bishops, and stake presidents. It was all on missionary work with members. Surprise! haha. Well he made the bishops have a special meeting after sacrament with all returned missionaries. They gave them a little pep talk and challenged them to all find 1 person for the missionaries to teach by Christmas. He had them raise their hands if they were willing. And 25 of the 26 people committed to finding us someone! This will be great for us- we're lacking people to teach, remember? And we teach our first lesson to one of the fruits of this assignment on Thursday. I'm really excited to see what comes from this. And at the end of this, we are to report the numbers of people we taught from this and the number people we volunteered back to Elder Ballard- so accountability will help people to find someone for us as well.

     Good news- we raked more pine needles for a man out in Ford on his farm (although his place wasn't sketchy). Well raking isn't good news. But he let us rope some wooden cattle when we were done. I was 2 for 3! I may do some team roping when I get back to make some money :)

     Good news- Dallin H. Oaks is coming out here in 2 weeks to do a special stake conference. $100 says it'll be on missionary work with members :) I'm so excited! And he requested to have a special meeting with the missionaries and ward mission leaders afterwards. I'm going to meet an apostle of the Lord! How incredibly blessed am I? I can't wait to hear what he has to say. It will get so many people fired up out here, I just know it. Our ward mission leader is already feeling it. He's really stepping up his game and involving more ward auxiliaries and figuring out how to keep us busy and who to have us work with, etc. It's great! I think he just wants to be able to "stand blameless" before Elder Oaks... but whatever works :)

     Good news- we have eaten at a members home EVERY night the last 3 weeks. That's so unusual for this area because of the weird no dinner calendar to be sent around policy. But one of our ward missionaries is great and is setting up dinners with members. That means I'm eating way healthier than I would if I was cooking... but also that we're getting a lot of dessert-that's bad news. But the good news is Sister Dickerman and I do crossfit workouts each morning to combat the sweets we get.

     Bad news- it's about that time. I've got to get off. I think I mentioned everything big from this week. If I missed anything, just read it from my journal when I get back ;)

     I love you all! Keep praying and reading your scriptures, individually and as a family! Go to church! It's the best :) And share the gospel. The end.

-Sister Metcalf

at the temple with Sister Dickerman, Brown, and Call‏ 

 doing the "creep" pose at this creepy lake (Davis Lake)‏ 

On a dock at Horseshoe Lake‏ 

 yet another stump pose 

 at Horseshoe Lake at sunset

Roping at Bro French's farm after service

 Got it on my 2nd try!... and third :)‏ 

 It really snowed!‏ 

catching snowflake's‏ 

Sister Taylor's boots she made me wear because mine hadn't come yet... she's 85 yrs old‏ 

preview of my Christmas card picture ;)‏

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