Monday, November 18, 2013

Reigning Champ


     Another great week. Definitely way more good things happening than bad, but I'll spare you the good new, bad news game. Did I mention how amazing the temple was on Wednesday? I love going there. It's such a peaceful place. And we went on the same day that there was a training meeting at the stake center right next to it so I got to run into some missionaries I hadn't seen in a while :)

     There is a family in our ward, The Allen's, where the wife is active but her husband isn't. They have a daughter that grew up in the church but is divorced and inactive and living with them. She has a 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl. We were at dinner this last week at their home and the grandma got talking about how her grandson will be baptized in March and she would like him to meet with us and we could teach him and help him learn more about the church, faith, Christ, etc. So we will be coming over every other week and teaching him (not the regular lessons we'd teach an investigator- we'd tailor it all to his age). But the great news is, his inactive mom and grandpa will be sitting in on them as well. So although the messages will be intended for the 7 year old, I am hoping that the rest of the family will be taking on the challenges we extend and together renew their testimonies in the gospel.

     I told you last week we were going to be teaching a Sister Johnson's coworker as a result of Elder Ballard's challenge to our stake. Well Heather is incredible! She is so open and honest. And we had a powerful lesson with her. Probably the best one Sister Dickerman and I have taught together. We established our purpose, found out concerns, taught to her needs, followed the spirit. It was great! At the end we invited her to be baptized and she agreed! Bad news, she's not in our area. So eventually we'll have to let the missionaries in her area teach her. But really, I'm just happy she's coming closer to Christ and feeling how living this gospel will bless her family! If we get to teach her again, I'll update you on her- but I'm not sure where we'll be going from here.

     We had zone conference on Thursday. Zone conference always pumps me up! The spirit is so strong and I learn so many things that I just wanna get right out there and teach someone right away! (well, we did teach Heather that night) But we also learned of some new goals that our mission has set. We will teach 3 lessons a day to less actives and non members (so 21 lessons a week) Right now we average 1 and a half lessons a day. So we have to double that. We are to have 4 investigators in church a week. Right now we only have 2 investigators, so we have to double that as well. We are also to have a baptism a week. Well.... we're gonna need to more than double that. This year my ward has only had 1 convert baptism (Gavin who we baptized in September) And we'll have one more on Christmas with Hugh. So yeah... we gotta step up our game. We have steps for how we're going to get to that. It's going to be hard work. And it will require a LOT of faith. But I know that if that is what the Lord wants for this area and this mission, then it will happen. So long as I show him that I am willing to do everything in my power to reach that goal, he will fill in the rest. So I expect you guys will be hearing about a lot of miracles in the future :) Oh yeah! And while we were at zone conference they had a scripture chase after lunch. They divided us into 4 groups based on how long we've been out and did a preliminary round. I won for the 3-6 months group. Then we went to the front and the winner from each of the four groups came up and we did the final round. And guess who won? Yours truly. Like a boss. I'll be sending autographed pictures home shortly ;) #winning

     This week was a lot of work with our less actives. I don't have time to share a story about the Ackaret's this week, but I'm making a note to write about it next week. We're trying to stay busy here and finding success in unlikely places.

     We're not allowed to tract (or just knock on random doors) anymore. But we are allowed to street contact (walk down the street and talk to anyone who is outside). Well Sister Dickerman and I chose to do that on Friday. Umm.... it was raining. And we saw 0 people on the street- I wonder why? We did talk to one family that was pretty staunch Roman Catholic. I had to pee so bad (as usual) and we asked if we could use their bathroom. They thought we were crazy for being out walking in the rain but were happy to see how much we wanted to share a message about Christ with people. If anything, that family and the cars that drove passed us have a little more respect for Mormon missionaries... And we only got chased by one dog! Luckily the people called the dog off us. I know I haven't mentioned any dog stories in the last few weeks, but believe me. They're happening. Like 2 weeks ago when we did service on the ranch where we roped afterwards. We drove to the wrong house first. We got out of the car and 6 dogs come barreling at us. Talk about being terrified! So we jump back in the car and start driving off and the dogs chased us all the way off the property. We've got some pretty funny video of that I'll have to show when I get home.

     Speaking of funny video. Today we're having a zone talent show. I wrote a song about all of the areas in our zone to the tune of "Party in the USA". It'll probably be a disaster. But I'll have someone record it so I can show you guys. So you have that to look forward to!

     I started reading in the New Testament this week- when I finish I'll read the Old Testament. But right now I'm in Matthew and studying the life of Christ. I am learning so much and being reminded of things I had forgotten. Can you imagine what it would be like to have lived when the Savior did? And watch him perform miracles? I would love to hear what you guys are learning about in your studying of the Bible and Book of Mormon, etc. 

     I love you all! Every single one of you!

-Sister Metcalf

 Street contacting in the rain 

Random short bus in front of a house in Suncrest, filled with garbage 

Sunset while it's raining‏ 

Hanging out with President Monson

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