Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Week of Greatness‏

     I loved this week! I told you how our new mission goal was 21 lessons a week. We taught 23 this week! (luckily they let us include lessons to active members right now or we'd be toast) But we reached the goal. And had some interesting encounters along the way.
     The first was from Don. He's less active but his sister and her family are active so we had the lesson in her home. Oh man. This guy was tough! Let me tell you- if he were an investigator I don't know if we'd continue teaching him. He's obviously going through some hard times. And he's done it all on his own. So he doesn't trust that God is there to help him and doesn't think He even would help him. We were planning originally on just reteaching him the missionary lessons we teach to non members and try to help him renew his testimony. But while teaching him the restoration he brought up so many different things that he has concerns about that we need to just focus on his needs. It was such a tough lesson to teach though because he and his family were arguing half the time. He doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon for whatever reason, but his family kept basically yelling at him that he had to. So he just shuts down and stops participating. Yikes, no spirit there. He demanded to know why everyone is trying to force him to read the BOM when he doesn't want to. I said he could start reading in the Bible if that's where he were most comfortable. But then I read to him the last 2 paragraphs in the introduction to the Book of Mormon and told him- We want you to eventually get to reading the Book of Mormon because that is where you will gain not only a testimony of Christ, but of the restored gospel and priesthood. He just sat there and thought for a second and said "Okay. That makes sense. But I'm still only reading in the Bible until I get done with school in 6 months." Argh! Obviously we need to find out some more concerns. He will be tough. But I like a challenge. It'll force me to study and pray a lot more sincerely.

     We received SO many referrals this week. I'd say 3 times more than usual. We contacted almost all of them. No new investigators from that, but we had an interesting conversation with a 7th Day Adventist. He had a real heart to heart with us about his relationship with God and his path from leaving Catholicism and joining his church now. He had a bunch of questions for us and was so sincere. In the end he told us he wasn't interested in learning more, but that he'd accept a Book of Mormon and maybe read it. He said he'd take one if we took one of his church's books. He was trying to get his missionary work done too :) 

     We tried to contact a less active member this week who we haven't met. This time he had his grandma come to the door. She was straight up deaf. She opens the door and we introduce ourselves and ask if James is home. She says, "Oh I'm Catholic." I'm a little confused but  say "That's so great! Is James home?" And her response is "I can't go to church anymore. Pray for me." and she closes the door! So funny! We just walked away laughing. We'll have to try him again at her nap time ;)

We had exchanges again this week. I got to go to River Ridge. We saw miracles. We taught 6 lessons that day and picked up 2 new investigators. We contacted so many referrals, talked to so many people (there's actually people walking on the street there! go figure). One of the referrals, we taught her and she wants to be baptized as soon as possible. So cool! We also went through the VA hospital and an old folks home. It's crazy how many people there will listen to a message about Christ. haha. That's a joke. Of course they'll listen. They are so lonely and don't care what you talk about. They just want company! lol. #theydlistentoanyone But it's a great service to offer. I love being with old people- they're so fun! One cute old man kissed my hand when we left. So sweet!

     The lake is starting to freeze over. Some shallow parts are frozen solid and where its deep there's just some ice on top. It's fun watching the ducks fly in and try to land on it, but then slide around out of control!  It hasn't snowed since that one time. It's too cold too! It sits around 20-30 degrees during the day. Gets down to the teens at night. It's so cold!!!

     So, Dallin H. Oaks came to our stake for a special stake conference. An apostle! There's only 12 of those guys... Listening to him was amazing. I won't even try to describe it. He talked about a lot. How he was an ordinary man called to an extraordinary calling and how each of us will have to grow into our callings. About members doing more in seeking missionary opportunities of their own and not just praying for missionaries, etc. Before conference started, he came in 40 minutes early to shake everyone's hand. People got their 2 hours early to get seats! The kids were so excited to shake his hand. One boy turned to his little brother and said "Go on. Shake his hand. You'll get a warm feeling. I did!" So cute! Afterwards he met with the missionaries in our zone. He had all of us come up and shake his hand. We got to listen to him talk to us for 40 minutes about missionary work. The spirit was so strong. Wow. It was incredible! I'll just have to show you my notes when I get back. There's no way I could write it all.

     Bah! I didn't have time to write about the Ackaret's this week! But we're having Thanksgiving with them (and about 4 other families) so I'll be sure to have more about them next letter. But I will be WELL fed on Thanksgiving. People fought over who would get to feed us :)

     I'm running out of time... but here's some fun facts for this week: I tried Vegemite (it's disgusting! Don't ever eat it!) And I got some acupuncture done on my back. A lady in my ward who is a physician's assistant used to do it and offered to help me out since I was complaining about my back. Man, it was so cool! I couldn't even feel the needles (luckily I couldn't see them) But my back feels so much better now! I highly recommend it!

I love you all! This gospel is true!

-Sister Megan Metcalf
     p.s. next week we get transfer calls!!! Pray that I get to stay in 9 Mile Falls. I could spend my whole mission in this place. I'm so serious... but also pray that I'll be where I'm needed ;) I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! I love you all!!!!!

confused maze

It's true - this is the BEST MISSION!

my pretty area (with some ice on the lake)

in the West's  backyard by the semi frozen lake

a dog with a beard!

I'm in love with the sky here!

My blurry stalker picture of Elder Oaks


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