Monday, November 4, 2013

Another Week in Paradise

     Well... it snowed last night. Less than a centimeter mind you, but it snowed. It's officially winter. And what's with daylight savings? Now it's dark even sooner! I have a feeling I'm going to really have to work out these bitter feelings towards winter. I'll make it through somehow though.
I received some very sweet cards and a popcorn package this week. Thank you to everyone for thinking of me and taking the time and effort to do all of that! I love you guys. Halloween was so weird. It fell on a weekly planning day so we were inside planning most of the day. We stopped by to try a few people. But we're not allowed to be out proselyting on Halloween evening. There's too many weirdos out there and people might confuse us as people dressed up as missionaries. We didn't have any appointments so we went over to the Abrams (all star family) for dinner. After dinner we went trick or treating with them. They introduced us to a bunch of neighbors and we got to spend some quality time with their family/ get free candy :) It was fun! Sister Dickerman had some angel wings and halo from last year and her mom sent her some kitty ears and tail for her to wear this year... so we kind of dressed up. I'll send pictures. It was a very different Halloween. But it was fun!
We saw a less active family in our ward twice this week. Bishop asked to go with him to help with home teaching on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday on splits, the woman we went with visit teaches them and hadn't made contact with them before. So it was mildly awkward showing up at their house two nights in a row. But they're a really nice family. The Yukl's have been through a lot, and one daughter isn't a member of the church. It is so fun to help people and watch their testimonies grow/ come back. Later that night on splits we stopped by a woman's house to see her. She's 90 and her husband passed away last month so we've been trying to see her once a week. Well, when the door opens we just see this man leaning out from behind the door and he has no shirt on and is dripping wet. We said we were their to see Elva and he said she was in the hospital. Sad. Then he says, "well I need to get back to my bath." Why did you get out of the bath to answer the door dripping wet/ naked? Why not just not answer the door? I tried so hard to just act normal, but let's be real. It was awkward! haha. #superawkward
     We also went to see Wendy again this week. It was so uncomfortable. She's been struggling with the temptation to smoke again and already has this thing going with coffee. Well while we were there, Sister Dickerman and Wendy basically get into an argument about the Word of Wisdom. Like they are just a notch below yelling at each other and neither is letting up. So I finally chime in and say- "what else can we talk about?" There was no way we were going to clarify these things for her while she was being stubborn and we weren't teaching it with the spirit. It was pretty uncomfortable after that. But we pushed through the lesson. We plan on going back to see her on splits this week. I'm making my companion go so she can smooth things out with her haha. Plus I always have a headache when I leave this woman's home. She just talks and talks and is so scatter brained. She went off on coffee and how it helps seal her dentures. Well I didn't want them to go off on that again so I say "you have dentures?" knowing this would side track her. Well she goes off on teeth in her family, which somehow leads to her hair, then to prom, and it just spiraled out from there. What? But at least we stayed away from another argument. haha.
     We also had exchanges this week. I went out to River Ridge (the ward right next to ours). It was my first time going to another area. It was fun to see how things are different and the same. And Sister Hood, from Georgia, is my sister training leader. She's so great! I love watching her teach. I was taking mental notes for things I want to do better or try to do different.
     I'm happy to hear that the funeral service went well. It sounds like there were some real positive moments in it. Everyone should read "Doors of Death" by Elder Nelson (from Conference 1992). It really helped me.
     That's all folks. I'll talk to you next week!
Sister Metcalf

 p.s. I have never raked more leaves in my life! We've probably put in over 10 hours of leaf raking this week. We had a huge community service project downtown near Gonzaga for low income seniors and disabled veterans. We have also been doing service for members of our ward and random houses around where we live. My back and arms are sure gonna look good when I get home :) Mosiah 2:17- "And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."

     p.p.s. Sorry for another addition to my email. Next week I will be going to the Spokane Temple on Wednesday. So my p-day aka email writing day will be on Wednesday next week. So happy early birthday to mom! I'll talk to you all on the 13th! :)

Our car on P-day after shopping‏ 

Me, Sister Vowles, Dickerman, and Hood (service for low income seniors near Gonzaga)‏ 

Halloween with the Abrams family‏ 

 after raking leaves all Saturday morning for a community service project downtown

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