Monday, October 14, 2013

Fighting Satan with a Sword

     Well this week was one for my journal. The first few days we had all zeros in our key indicators. It happens sometimes, you can't let it get you down. My companion was pretty frustrated with that among other things so it made the days feel longer than usual. She's fairly passive aggressive. I really have no idea how to help people get out of slumps- I do fine pulling myself out. But apparently I'm not super great at it with this companion. Well, the Lord heard my prayers, because I was asking for help so many times during the day! We pulled up to a former investigators house (Chris) and he was home (they're never home!). He invites us in, we get talking, and we teach him about  the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we talked about the priesthood being restored on the earth and what it's used for and how he could one day hold the priesthood he just started grinning and looked so happy! I got to thinking, this is how people are supposed to react when they hear that Christ's church and the priesthood have been restored to the earth! Well we invite him to be baptized November second and he said yes! We are taking his whole family on a church tour today at 4:30 and hopefully inviting his wife and oldest daughter to be baptized on that same day. So cool! It was exactly what we needed to help pick us up. I was at a loss, but Heavenly Father threw us a bone and just handed us this golden investigator. He is pretty involved in a non- denominational Christian church nearby which I hope won't cause him to stumble much. But he keeps telling us how excited he is and how comfortable he feels with it. I hope when we get teaching the rest of the Vieira family that they're as excited as he is!
     We've been going on splits each week with the relief society sisters in our ward and its been pretty great so far! I've been learning how to prep members before taking them to visit less actives, etc. But this week we were able to get 17 lessons. That was slightly above average for last transfer and way above average for this transfer. But I love how excited our ward is starting to get to do missionary work! They're catching the wave. Things work out so much better when the members help us out.

     There were only a few dog run ins this week. You guys- 9 Mile Falls is making me hate dogs. I don't even know if I like my own dog anymore. There's no leash law up here so they just run rampant! It's the worst. So many times I have had to back towards the car while yelling at the dogs to sit or leave or stop. So frustrating! And can I tell you how many skirts are getting ruined from dogs? They just jump and claw all over you and people must just think that we love getting slobbered on while teaching because they don't stop it. And so much hair! Everywhere! I smell like a dog at the end of the day and use SO much hand sanitizer. Alright, my dog rant is over. I bet I'll like dogs again once I'm in a different area... maybe.

     Alright. Are you ready for me to explain my subject line? Well, this week we were over at a members home teaching her a missionary message. Her infant daughter was asleep already but her 4 year old son, Calvin, was still up. So we shared a fun little message about Jesus with him. (It really made me miss teaching kindergarten so much! I love little kids!) Anyway, well he starts telling us about how Satan is bad. He says "When I get older, I'm gonna fight Satan with a sword!" And his mom said, "Well when you are 18 you can fight him with a sword. What can you do now to fight him?" And he says, "When Satan tries to make me feel sad or mad I can just smile really big and say heh heh you can't trick me!" So adorable! I couldn't stop laughing. So we talked with him about how he can become strong enough to fight Satan so he's ready when he's 18- we talked about praying and reading scriptures. This kid was just so adorable! I love going to member homes. There's just such a great spirit there! And it's nice for to be appreciated and welcomed. Especially after a long day of rejections.

     Next week you'll hear about transfers! I'm torn as to what I actually want to happen. Some days I think I'd love to stay here and keep working with the ward and these awesome people and investigators. Other days I feel like I just wanna get out of here and experience a new place. I have no idea what lies in store for me. But transfer calls come on Sunday night- so you'll hear all about it on Monday afternoon!

     Thank you all so much for all of the emails and prayers. I can really feel your love and support. I have such amazing family and friends! I miss you all tons! Keep praying and reading the scriptures every day! Get back on the internet and watch/ listen to general conference again. My challenge to each of you is to apply at least one thing that you felt impressed about while watching it. Make positive changes in your life each day! Keep improving and progressing!


Sister Metcalf
Driving to the middle of nowhere 

Dad asked about fall colors here. They're not everywhere because there's so many evergreen trees, but we found some!‏ 

My clean 1/2 and Sister Dickerman's messy 1/2 

 I love this beautiful town! 

 Proselyting (If you look hard enough you can see Bella and Edward)‏ 

Bundled up‏ 

Sunset and Clouds‏ 

 The boonies

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