Monday, October 21, 2013

Drum Roll Please...

     I'm staying in 9 Mile with Sister Dickerman! The last few weeks I've been bipolar about this place. One day I'm sick of it and praying to get transferred, the next I'm in love with the people we work with and praying to stay. I had a gut feeling that I'd be staying here with Sister Dickerman though. Despite what my desires were for transfers, these last two I've had a gut feeling on and been right. We'll see if that continues!

     Fun fact about my area/ ward boundaries- it's over 300 square miles. Our ward boundaries are half of the stake's boundaries. It covers a lot of ground... not a lot of houses though haha. Another fun fact- people are flaky. Chris just didn't show up to his church tour appointment and hasn't responded to our texts or calls. Didn't show up to church either. We were hoping to teach him and his family last week, fell through. We're stopping by tomorrow night to figure things out. Honestly, he has real intent and was keeping other commitments. So we'll just see what is holding them back from everything else. My guess is they're just flaky... 

     Sister Dickerman and I went trying to contact a referral at a house we've been to before. Matthew ended up answering the door (we tracted into him previously and had a conversation with him- it leaned towards bashing, so we gave him a Book of Mormon and headed out). Well I was thinking his parents would open the door (they were our referral) But it was him! I was surprised. So I ask him if he's read any from the Book of Mormon and has any questions. He goes "I haven't read, but I do have some questions. Hold on a sec. I have to grab something" When he walks away I start thinking "Oh crap. He's gonna have some list of questions he found on the Internet for how to stump missionaries or something like that". Well Matthew comes back and hands me this beautiful diagram of the Plan of Salvation. He asks if we can explain it to him. I'm flabbergasted! Umm, yes of course I will! So we give him a brief overview of the Plan of Salvation. Then he says "Well you're the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints right? So where is Jesus in this plan?" Clearly I didn't fully explain it. :) So Sister Dickerman explains how central He is to it, and what role He plays in each part. Then I turn over the back of the diagram and there's all these scripture references for it- from the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price. There's nothing anti about it... What? So I asked him where he got this from. He said from a Bible institute by Gonzaga. Yeah. Turns out he goes to the LDS Institute! Haha. We didn't tell him that. He said one of his good friends invited him to go, right at a point when he wanted to learn more about Christ (SEE! Success is in the invitation! You never know what will come of it.) We then had an incredible conversation about grace- and how we can not only be saved by it, but changed by it (Brad Wilcox's talk "His Grace is Sufficient" supplied a lot of what I shared :) )So we're gonna pass him off to the YSA sisters. But it was so cool! A fun little miracle for the week.

     We went on splits again this week. I got to go with Sister Abrams (their family is the PERFECT model of a member missionary family). Anyways, we had an appointment with Hugh. He's the step grandpa of Gavin- the 10 year old that we baptized my first transfer. This man is so sincere. And such a dry member. Have I written about him before? At his first lesson, when we invited him to be baptized when he came to know this was true he said "I'd probably get baptized before then. But I'll get baptized when I'm ready". Well, he had been out of town for a while so I was excited to teach him again. So Sister Abrams and I taught him the Plan of Salvation around a campfire in his front yard and it was incredible! This was the first lesson where I REALLY felt like a missionary. The spirit was so strong in guiding me with what to say and questions to ask. I got to really know his concerns. And the spirit was just present the entire time. I've never had a lesson like that. Usually it comes and goes and I end up being frustrated afterwards trying to figure out where we went wrong. Well we didn't even get through the whole lesson because we were so focused on helping him and applying it to his life. Seriously! Such an amazing lesson! I loved it! I wish every lesson could go like this!

     We did some service this week. A bit of painting, etc. It felt like I was at home again :) We also had a ward chili cook off. It was way fun! My shoe caught on fire... yeah. So embarrassing! I'm still wearing flats (I don't have my boots yet) and my feet were frozen! So I went by the fire pit and put one of my feet up to thaw it out. Well three minutes later this kid just nonchalantly says, "You're shoe is on fire." I look down and say "Me? Oh!" and just stomp it out on the grass. Yeah. don't worry- I'm a dork like that. Luckily the shoe is fine. It just smelled like burned rubber for a bit. And everyone in the ward knows I've never been real camping now. The secrets out. 

     That's kind of it for me. I'm so excited to keep working with the less actives and FEW investigators that we have. These next six weeks are going to be great!!! I love you all! Go read the talk I mentioned by Brad Wilcox. And not the ensign version- the full one!

Much Love!
-Sister Metcalf

Painting Pictures
I won the scripture chase at district meeting this week! :)
The sisters in my zone at a zone breakfast
back of hair cut - it was don't comment on the uneven-ness
ward chili cook off
new haircut - it hardly looks different at all lol
the "falls" of 9 mile falls - only halfway on

my head blocking the falls
Sunday selfie
On the other side of the lake
By the dam
Far side of the lake

Fog on the lake

awkward tree stump pose

me and sister brown (mtc comp)

The North Spokane Zone minus 2 elders

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