Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 7 in the Field

     Well- it feels pretty cool to know my way around and know the people out here. I semi feel like senior comp. I love this place so much! It has a special place in my heart. And I have this feeling like the work is really gonna start pick up out here.
     Some random things I want to share (sorry- my ADHD is gonna show through right now):
     1) There is a set of missionaries in EVERY single ward/ branch in our mission! Some even have multiple sets! So crazy! Now we just need to stay busy with work...
     2)Breanne is training? What?! Hopefully she's not crazy. Breanne will come out so much stronger from this!
     3) Never go to Ford, Washington. Ever. It's sketch. We have some less actives who live out there. One set we just got to return to church a month ago. So we set up a lesson to visit them Saturday. Their home was nice (and they smoked a rack of ribs for each of us! And deep fried their own onion rings. Soooo good! We were so full from that lunch we didn't even eat dinner!)- but driving out there and passing some places... yikes! Straight up shanti's, forts, 50 yr. old rv's just on the side of the road. Originally we planned to stop by and visit all the less actives out there (It's like 30 minutes from where we are living so we don't ever go out there) Well... we ended up driving by some of the places and not even getting out of the car. And we marked for sister missionaries to never go out there (although to be honest, elders shouldn't either) So we're passing that info on to the ward. Don't worry about me. I'm safe. I'm smart. The Lord is with me :) But it was crazy to see how some people live!
     4)Had some cool experiences with potentials this week. One of our l.a.'s daughter who is a former (we helped her move in- I think I wrote about her last week) wants to take the lessons! Then we saw a guy in church I'd never met. So I go up to talk to him. Turns out he's not LDS, but dating a woman in our ward and wants to be taught by the missionaries as well- but I think we are starting with him in October? He's in the military and has some PTSD, but he loved how hopeful our gospel is. We had another cool experience on Sunday. So there's this house we passed on our way from church, of a less active. We've tried him so many times (I'm gonna guess like 6 or 7 times) but he's never been home. We pass by and I felt so strongly that we needed to stop at his house. And this is off like a highway- so I just hit the brakes immediately and flip a U. My comp is way confused. I just tell her we've got to go to this guy's house. We get there- and he's outside with his wife! He's been less active for over 30 years. Wife isn't a member. But his daughter went on a mission. He goes off to do yard work. But we get talking to the wife and she's really interested in learning more! Turns out her step daughter has given her a Book of Mormon before. And she says if she ever were to join a church it'd probably be the Mormons because we're all such wonderful people but she doesn't know what we believe. I tell her that our job as missionaries is to just teach people what we believe and help them to figure out for themselves if what we believe is true. So she said we could come by anytime! Love it!
     5)Sis. Dickerman is half Mexican (Spanish is her first language- but you can barely tell) She's 22 and was inactive in the church and training to be an Olympic rower before tearing her meniscus. After that incident she returned into activity in the church. Her experiences will help a lot of people, I can tell. My new companion is such a hard worker! She's really confident when teaching, too! She's not super social though. So when we are meeting people or talking to people I am doing most of it- which makes teaching mildly awkward because people don't "know" her when she starts teaching. But we'll get there. We are working hard each day to meet our goals. I'm excited for this transfer!
     6)We're teaching a few people right now. Annie- she's a 40 something mom that we tracted into her and she knows a lady in our ward so we taught the lesson in her home. I can't quite gauge her interest level yet. Hugh is awesome! A dry member for at least 8 yrs. We're working on teaching him how God speaks to him. Trying to help him get his own answer. And Rocky is 13... we may put him on the back burner soon. He's struggling to keep commitments. This next lesson will be a make it or break it. And we've got a few potentials brewing. I have faith that we will find some people who are ready!
     7) This week we're going on splits with some sisters from relief society! I'm so excited! I think it'll really get the members  excited about doing missionary work. (Dad, do the elders do splits with ward member in our ward?)
     Okay- enough scattered thoughts from my head. I love you all and am so grateful for you support, prayers, letters, and everything!
     I know my purpose and am working hard to fulfill it. I read this scripture this week and absolutely love it. It describes me right now! It's in 3rd Nephi 5:13 "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."
-Sister Metcalf

driving in Nine Mile

My district's last P day together

An old dress that Angie, our new investigator, gave me...I might keep it ;)

Sister Osterloth's adorable puppies!

Making Jam

I seriously am in love with this place!

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