Monday, September 9, 2013


     Nope! I didn't get transferred! (Thankfully!) I'm so excited that I get to stay! Sister Wood is going to Spokane though. My new companion (who I will meet tomorrow) is Sister Dickerman, from southern California. All I know about her is she goes home this December, so she's been out a while now. I'm sure I'll learn so much from her! So many exclamation points- can you tell I'm very happy??!! Haha

     So this week was back to average with lessons- 14. But we went tracting every day. We had some really cool experiences. I got to really clarify what Mormons believe for a bunch of people. And at one house we had I think one of my favorite experiences so far! The lady opens the door and we explain who we are. She says she's Pentecostal. I asked her what they believe in (I'm genuinely curious). She talks about how they believe we're only saved through Jesus, we need to live holy lives, and we can go to heaven. I told her that was interesting, and it sounded like they believe some of the same stuff that we do. Well she just goes off on us- almost yelling, at how we have it all wrong in the Mormon church, we're going down the wrong path and won't be saved. She tells us we need to research the church ourselves and not just believe what people have told us while growing up. That the Book of Mormon is full of lies. Let me just say- Sister Wood gets really worked up with people like this. For some reason I have the opposite response. I just smile and listen, all the while inside I have this feeling I can't describe. All I know is that I HAD to bare my testimony. So I did. I told her that I respected her beliefs, but that I am here because I HAVE researched it for myself. I've read the Book of Mormon and prayed to ask God if it was true. I have received my answer and know that this is the true church and I am on the right path. I told her to have a great day... She said she'd pray for us. I walked away just so energized! I love bearing my testimony to people who try to tear down my faith! Can you imagine if I hadn't actually come to find out for myself that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon in the word of God? That would have been such a different experience. Anyway- I was so grateful for that this week! It's probably been the highlight of my 6 weeks I've been out.
     This week we also had a cool experience with a less active family. The wife was baptized a year ago, the husband 5 years ago. He used to be Mennonite (Amish) and still dresses that way. He's been invited back to the Amish community and is torn. If he stays with the Mormon church and living out here- he gets shunned (from friends, family, etc) It was a really tough situation to talk to him about. We will definitely be going back to visit him and try to help him and his family understand  how this gospel can help them- but ultimately they need to be having this conversation with God. I don't know what to say. I'd never even thought something like that could happen.
     We are supposed to be out every night until 9pm. It's getting tough to have people open doors that late at night, especially with it getting darker. So we're trying to fill that time slot with member visits. We're getting to know the people in the ward so much better! They're starting to trust us more and give us great referrals! Bonus- we're a reminder to them to be missionary minded. That might be something the missionaries in Simi would like dad? Just a thought. Also, it dawned on me this week. The primary sacrament program and musical Christmas program are such great missionary opportunities! Our ward is having kids take invitations to non member friends to invite them to go. Who doesn't want to come listen to kids, or music? It's so non threatening and you can still feel the spirit so strong! (just another idea, dad)
     We did some service this week for a recently returned less active, Sister Osterloth. She and her husband were just sealed a few months ago! Anyway, when we pulled up, their daughter was moving her stuff into the house. Turns out she's a former investigator! So cool! We'll start teaching her this week. We'll also be teaching this awesome man named Hugh. He and his wife just moved here. She's a returning L.A. and he's been going to church with her and reading the BOM for 10 years but never met with the missionaries! This man is great! There's also a woman we tracted into who knows a lady in our ward. So we had the lady from our ward invite her over for dinner. We're going to have dinner with all of them this week and teach a lesson. I'm really so excited for this new week!
I love you all so much!
-Sister Metcalf

with Sister McDowell



Weeding for a less active

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