Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hello Everyone!
     You are ALL such blessings in my life! I'm so lucky :)
     We were ignored by so many people this week. One lady saw us through the window, and rather than just come to the door and say no thanks, she just rapidly shakes her head and starts waving her arms all crazy pointing for us to leave. It was hilarious!

     But despite being so ignored, this week we taught 21 lessons! (the mission goal is 20 and our average has been 13-14) So you could call that successful. We saw small miracles each day. But for some reason at the end of the week it didn't feel like we were that successful. Here is my thinking behind it- and it has to do with something I wrote in a letter to mom and dad. I wrote them last week saying how everyone says that a mission is the hardest thing you'll ever do. And how maybe all of my life experience has prepared me for this and so it won't be that hard. I'd say 90% of the time what we're doing just feels natural. That's the problem right there. I'm not pushing myself out of my comfort zone. If things aren't hard, then I am not growing or learning how to be a better missionary/person. So I need to do more. I need to do things that feel hard, things that I'm not as good at so that I can get better at them. For me- my weakness is knocking on doors and talking to strangers. I need to be doing this a lot more often. I think if I knew that I'd done everything I could this week to share the gospel with everyone, 21 lessons would feel successful. But because I didn't, it's not fulfilling. Miracles are waiting just outside of our comfort zones. I need to be stretching myself each day in order to see miracles happening and the work really progressing here!
     This week we got a flat tire. I was so excited because I know how to change a tire! But those nuts were bolted on tight. So we had to take it in. It set us back a bit in the day, but all is well now. My companion and I are getting better at planning. It's tough. And time consuming. I've been working every night on better organizing all of our information. It's taking up a lot of my "free time" but it's so worth it! We're working on getting some members in the ward to come on splits with us once a week so they can get fired up about missionary work. It should be fun :)
     We visited one less active this week. I have no idea why Brenda still is a member. She never really gained a testimony, and started going off on way random doctrine. Then her husband, who isn't a member, walks in. Oh man. The two of them went OFF on polygamy and how they think we worship Joseph Smith. My companion was getting so worked up. But I was strangely calm. I just testified to them that polygamist are not associated with our church. And how we don't worship Joseph Smith- but the importance of Christ's church and the priesthood being restored through him. And I testified to the truthfulness of the gospel. But they still kept going off on it. So we shared a scripture and headed out. After we walked away I started getting worked up about it. But I was proud of myself. He REALLY wanted to bible bash. But I told them that we couldn't convince them with logic, that the Holy Ghost would testify the truthfulness of these things to them. They were interesting. I sort of want to go back! :)
     Another funny story. We tried knocking on this one guys door. He's been less active for years. He never answers the door when we try. Sister Wood reaches down and starts rubbing this rock that's by his door step and he opens the door right then! She jumps up and is so startled! Then splutters through the funniest invitation back to church and jumbles her words. She was talking so fast I couldn't even step in to help. We laughed so hard about that afterwards in the car. So many awkward moments on the mission!
     Well, sorry- but that's all for this week. Next Sunday we hear about transfers, and then transfers will be Tuesday. So on Monday I should be able to tell you guys if I'm staying or going. (I hope I stay!!!!)

     I love you all! Keep developing your faith! Do the little things!
-Sister Metcalf

Our car gets so gross from driving on dirt roads!



loooong roads out to visit some less actives


Gavin's baptism (with Sister Call and Sister Wood)


Temple trip! With Sister Wood, me, s. Brown, S. Robinson, S. Webb, and S. Ridge


horseback riding ;)‏



wheat fields for days in some parts!‏


Random pose on a stump at Horse shoe Lake‏



Lake Spokane (from Pday hike)‏


Bench overlook (pday hike)‏


 So green! (pday hike)‏


Pday Hike Centennial Trail‏



view on pday hike‏



Bridge we found on our pday hike‏


Awkward pose on our pday hike with S Call, Scott, Wood, and me. It was s calls bday

 Tin Cup Cafe (1 of literally 5 places to eat in 9 mile)‏

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