Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Slow-ish Week

     Great news! I finally started dreaming in my mission language this week!  It feels like I'm finally fluent. :)

     You know you're a missionary when:
-your dreams are just of you teaching people
-you are so used to exactly 8 hours of sleep that if you go to bed half an hour early, you end up waking up half an hour early
-you eat food you NEVER would have eaten before (nothing exotic, but you guys know me and my eating ... you'd be proud!)
-you like EFY music
-you can't stop smiling!

     So we went on splits for the first time this week. Still got a lot of closed doors or people not interested, but I guess we found out twice as fast- gotta stay positive right? Sister Dickerman had some funny moments. I call them funny, but really they were awkward. She's a hoot. I've never seen someone just create awkward moments with people like she does! Almost every door we walk away from, I'm laughing. I somehow just assumed that everyone just naturally had the ability to have a conversation with people- wrong. But we're working on it! One door/lesson at a time - haha. Maybe that's why our tracting isn't successful. But I have a feeling it's not very successful for anyone though. I wish our members could help provide us we more people to teach. Until then,  there's only so much we can do to find on our own...

     We didn't teach too many lessons this week. We have a bunch (like 4) planned for next week though. Doesn't sound like a bunch to have planned in advance, but it is for us!

     We had our primary sacrament program this week. I loved it! It reminded me of home. Our primary kids passed out invitations to tons of people. We had SO many non members at sacrament that we got to talk to! I highly recommend you do it in your wards! One of the families who came was the Lucas family. You guys! This family is golden. Remember, Sis. Wood and I taught them a few weeks ago but they don't live in our ward boundaries? (thunder and lightning as he was reading Moroni 10:3-5) They're so cool. They left their church because it was changing it's views to be politically correct and they want to do what God wants them to. We taught them the first lesson and it was so powerful! Well they were at church and absolutely loved it! They have a 2 yr old son who they want to raise with these principles that the primary kids know. So cool. They don't live in our ward boundaries though. I hope I get to go to their baptism, wherever it is :)

     So I mentioned it was a slow week for lessons. We try to stay busy, but aren't always successful at getting people when they're home, etc. But we've got some great investigators coming our way. And the lessons we taught were QUALITY! The bishop invited this family that he's been home teaching over for dinner. They haven't been to church in years! We shared a really powerful message with them on the Atonement and tied it into reading the Book of Mormon with their family each night. I hope we get to follow up with them soon. We're also really close to getting in and teaching Joe- he's dating a 35 yr old in our ward and he's a war vet. He has a lot of struggles with what he's had to do in the military and carries a lot of guilt. He just needs this peace in his life that I know the gospel can bring to him. I'm excited to teach him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how he can use it in his life! We are going to teach Angie this week- she's a former who moved away, but just moved back. She's like 50 and her parents are converts who were just reactivated and sealed a few months ago. I'm excited to teach her! Her daughter is a recent convert and her son passed away a few years ago. You know what I'm excited to do? Teach her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how it can help her in her life- oh and the plan of Salvation too! :)

     I love you all, but alas, I need to go play some basketball... I LOVE p-day in case you were wondering. :)

     Everyone needs to read "None were with Him" by Jeffery R. Holland this week.

-Sister Metcalf
My beautiful area

This photo basically describes Sister Dickerman... plus she's cold all the time!‏




Sister Dickerman and Me


I am absolutely in love with the valleys here!‏





The "Runway" and "Terminal" for the airport (on the right)‏



Loooong roads‏




International Airport?‏


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