Monday, September 30, 2013

Fastest Week Yet

     This week seemed to fly by! No, not because of the amount of lessons we taught, we only had 8. But it was just a blur. And I know this next week will go even faster- we have a zone training, sisters conference, and 2 days of general conference...and my birthday :) I'm so excited for general conference! It feels like the Superbowl is coming up! I don't foresee any of our very few investigators going, but I wish we could make them- they'd love it! Can you believe I turn 25 this week?? When did that happen? That number just sounds absurd to me. Especially since I am out here with a bunch of 20 year olds, I feel like I'm younger. But you all can still send me a birthday card to help me get over my quarter life crisis- if you mail it today, I'm sure it'll make it to me by Friday ;) p.s. Happy Anniversary mom and dad! 
      So this week had ups and downs. We had quite a few days where we zeroed out (no lessons, referrals, invites, etc) and a few days where we taught a lot of the day. We were able to finally make contact with 3 less actives who we've been trying to contact since I got out here 8 weeks ago. So those felt like small miracles. We had a relief society activity where we took all the women on a church tour and they were supposed to bring friends and neighbors. Well no non members showed up to it, but 2 of the less active women we've been working with were there, so that felt like a small victory as well. I'm finding that I need to look hard each day for the little miracles. I can always find happiness and joy in the day- but it's the miracles I'm trying to focus on right now because that means the Lord is putting people in our path and helping our work along. 
      This week was our fast Sunday and I absolutely loved it! It's so different as a missionary. Before I would get bored of listening to people drone on and on. But now, I listen to each persons testimony and just know that it is meant for a particular person in the audience. I can pick out who it's meant for. And while they're bearing their testimony I'm saying a silent prayer that that person is listening and being touched. We had 2 baby blessings as well. I love love love baby blessings! And guess what? One of them was for a baby that a less active we're working with! Her husband isn't a member and is sort of investigating. They were both there, and she brought her less active mom! Their home teacher blessed him, and we've been involving him in the fellowshipping process. Another small victory! Want to hear another less active story? Okay, I'll give it to you. There is another family we are working with who is less active, the Hadlock's. We finally have the wife and kids coming pretty consistently now (yay!) but we had never met the husband. Well we finally met him the other night. We scheduled a late lesson with them in hopes that we'd catch him home. We prepared what we wanted to share with them and everything. We walk in and meet him and they're like- Well this is when we normally do our family scripture study so we figured you could just join us. What? I was so shocked! It turns out that they're home teacher (Bro. Abram's- our Elders Quorum pres and resident all star member missionary) had challenged them to do family scripture study each night and get through the Book of Mormon together... and they've been doing it for 4 months! And here we thought it was all us getting them to come back. We would be nothing without home teachers (and visiting teachers)! We have been actively working with our ward to have them extend commitments to the families they home/visit teach. They need to start challenging people to pray more, read more, come to church more, etc. Active or less active- their role is to strengthen these families. Man- maybe the title of my email should have been less active week. That's where all of our work/ miracles seemed to come from. In terms of investigators- our one golden dry member is out of town with his member wife on business, so no lesson with him at all. We hope to put him on date at the end of the week when he gets back, and we wanna put another investigator Angie on date as well. We have a family we found in the area book who seems way legit and already accepted baptism! But they're so flaky, and never home when we go by. We are hoping to pick up Sister Dede's husband. We're having dinner with them on Tuesday and she asked us to ask him about taking the discussions. They live here most of the year but live in Florida in the winter months, so our window of opportunity is small!
     It's raining like crazy here and getting so cold! Why didn't I pack more warm clothes- or at least a rain jacket? What kind of fool moves to Washington without a rain coat?? So I bought one today :) It is much needed. Mom I will email you a separate list of things I need you to mail up. Sorry I didn't think of it sooner or you could have put it in with my birthday package. I just didn't realize the weather would turn so bad so fast! Well, I love you all! Continue to pray for me (as well as my companion- who is going through a really hard time with her family). I hope you all have a fantastic week! Eat some cake for me on Friday- and don't feel guilty about it :) I love Heavenly Father so much! And I'm so grateful for the knowledge that I will live with my family forever because of the beautiful plan he created. And I know that Jesus Christ's Atonement is central to that plan. I pray for you all. Read the BOM & pray every night. EVERY DAY! 
 Love, Sister Metcalf 

Sister Dickerman and me being awkward 

Apparently from now on I will be doing weird poses on logs...while wearing this outfit. haha!‏ 

Tracting in the rain 

 I love the sunsets here! Can you tell? 

 My favorite part of the drive into town (the back way) by Little Spokane River‏ 

I'm LOVING all of the nature out here!‏ 

Meadow in North Spokane‏ 

The house of the man who we played music with (Me singing, Sister Wood on guitar, Paul Toone on harmonica) There was good reason for us to be creeped out at first!‏ 

Yes- that's the joker spray painted on his door‏

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