Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1 Month

     So we found a computer at the Stake Center where I can finish my last half hour. Hopefully I can get everything in that I wanted to.
     This Sunday my companion and I sang in church with a pianist and violinist for a members mission farewell. It was impromptu but so great! We had zone conference this week which was incredible. There was a huge focus on the atonement. There should be some pictures on the "Wa-Spo facebook page" mom...
     I mentioned a bee sting I got this week. Funny lesson learned with it- I felt prompted to put my mini first aid kit thing in our car (in it is ointment for stings/bites) I ignored the prompting... 4 hours later I get  stung. Shame on me for not listening to the Holy Ghost!
     A book that you ALL need to read! It's called "Everyday Missionary" by Clayton M. Christiansen (he spoke at my university commencement) It's incredible. Dad, I'm convinced this is what will help you to get more of the members involved in the missionary work at home. Pass it around and let everyone read it! That's what our ward council is all reading right now :)
     We met with this 90 yr old less active this week. She was baptized at 8 but didnt go back to church after. We started teaching her the Restoration. But she kept forgetting what we were saying and repeating the same comments and questions to us. Like 5 times over. By the third time she asked me where I was from I lost it and started laughing! haha. It was like talking to Dori from finding Nemo. Luckily she didn't notice. She's my favorite person we've talked to so far :)
     Miracle this week- I've been wanting to set goals that stretch us. The day after we set our goals for the next month, we got a text from some missionaries in Seattle talking about a man who was taking lessons from them but moved home to 9 Mile for the summer and he wants to be baptized in September. So cool! :) We have yet to meet him though.
     Okay- I got most of everything in. Let me know if there are things that you wanna hear about that I'm not mentioning!
I love you all!!!!!!
-Sister Metcalf

Out in the boonies (Reardon, Wash.)

The field is white!

Welcome to 9 Mile Falls

Sister Taylor's house, where we live in the basement

9 Mile (south side of the lake)

Driving to houses- so far between each home in some areas!

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