Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Spokane pictures

It took me WAY too long to read everyone's emails. So this'll be a semi short email.  My ward / area boundaries cover 9 Mile Falls, Tum Tum, Deer Park and North Spokane. Mom wanted to know the origin of the name. Up here they dammed up the river to turn it into a lake of sorts. Theres a waterfall running over the dam at the 9 mile marker. Thats all. Don't ask me how Tum Tum got it's name. 

Okay things to highlight for this week:

Our area is slow. It's a lot of finding people who are already members who haven't come in a long time. Most don't want to talk to us. My companion is 20- has been out for 4 months. She's kinda shy and not very bold at extending invitations. So when we meet with people it feels like visiting teaching. It's been rough (don't worry- I set a personal goal to take charge this next week) But a miracle happened this week. I was feeling a little down (my companion is so sweet but pretty lethargic about the work) And I thought, you know what? I bet something great is about the happen, that's why I feel so discouraged. So we said a prayer together and I felt like we should just walk across the street and knock this one door. And we found this guy E.J. who is totally open to talking to us. We have an appointment to see him Tuesday. Who knows what'll happen with him. But it was a good pick me up!

This place is beautiful! Everything is so spread out. And there are trees and lakes everywhere! It has some red necks though. And I'm gonna be honest. I'm starting to hate dogs. Only one has tried to run after us. But let me tell you- litereally EVERYONE has multiple dogs. And they just jump on you and lick you all day. But nothing will EVER beat this house we went to. She's a less active. My companion says "Be prepared, this lady has 50 dogs" And I'm like, great. More dogs. I'm thinking there'll be like 5 or 6. You guys. We walked up to the house and it's silent, so I thought my companion was just joking. No. We ring the door bell and it's like 101 Dalmations in there! As soon as I heard how many dogs were barking I couldn't stop laughing! She wasn't kidding. 50 dogs! This lady breeds chihuahuas. Hair everywhere. I had to shuffle my feet when I walked because I didn't want to step on any. They're on the couches, tables, floor, counter. I couldn't hear a thing because they were all barking at once! So nuts! One day I'll have to sneak a picture because I know you don't believe me. 50 dogs. No exaggeration!

We try to do service for people (less actives and investigators). Tomorrow we're helping this l.a. on her farm. And guess what? Tomorrow is rabbit and geese slaughter day! So that's what we're doing in the morning! Be looking out for those pictures/ video next week.

I'm trying to send pictures but the files are too big. I'm gonna have to annoyingly send them one at a time to Jensa- just look for them on my blog I guess.

Thank you everyone for the packages and letter! I love you all! Thanks for the support and uplifting words!

-Sister Metcalf

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