Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mission Farewell

Breanne and I gave our farewell talks today in sacrament meeting. They went great! We also sang a medley of "As Sister's in Zion/ We'll Bring the World His Truth". Here is a link to my talk for anyone who missed it. It's mostly just notes, as I free styled most of it (but you'll get the gist)

Farewell Talk on Faith

Afterwards we had some family and friends over for lunch. I should have designated someone as the photographer. I was so busy visiting with people that I forgot to take pictures with most people! Here are a few that were taken.

Breanne, Dad, Mom, Me

Me, our cousin Lauren, Breanne

Me, Aunt Sharon, Lauren, Breanne, Uncle Dennis

Brittany, Me with my nephew Mason, Jessi

Breanne with Mason

Me holding Mason, and Breanne
It's practically like you were there! :) 

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  1. I do feel like I was (almost) there! We love you Megan and are so proud and excited for you!