Monday, December 30, 2013

White Christmas!

     There wasn't any snow on Christmas, but there was a beautiful frost that covered everything! Also, Hugh got baptized! It was a beautiful service. So many people came and supported. Hugh even requested to give the closing prayer at his own baptism- and it was such an amazing prayer. He was confirmed on Sunday and is just glowing!
     It was so good to see you guys! I'm surprised that I didn't feel homesick at all the whole Christmas season. The members took care of us. So many invited us over to spend time with them. We even had a family take us out to a Chinese buffet for Christmas dinner (A Christmas Story anyone?) And thank you to everyone for all of the presents! You are all so thoughtful- rest assured thank you's are in the mail.

     I'm running low on time. So I'm just gonna throw out random thoughts from this week:

     I finished reading "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clayton M. Christiansen in 4 days. That book is so good! I'm going to start teaching members stuff from that book. I've been recommending it to every family we see.

     This week we picked up a new investigator who we haven't met yet. The sister's in another ward have been teaching him for a bit but he actually lives in our area so we will take over. We meet him on New Year's Eve in the afternoon. We told our ward mission leader and he knows the guy! His name is Russ Lucki. Apparently he used to be a nudist... how funny! I'm getting to teach the most interesting people! haha.

     We picked up the Render's granddaughter as an investigator and taught her this last week. She's pretty shy but has a lot of interest and intent. Caity is a sweetheart and has been through the foster care system so she has a lot of healing that I hope we can help her with in some way. Other than her we didn't have many other lessons.

     My slipping and falling on ice count is currently at one. The Smith's driveway won. And I'm sure it will be in the double digits by the time winter is over.

     One of the McDowell's 50 dogs bit me this last week. Luckily it was on my boot. But I was still pretty mad about it.

     We put Steven (the Ackaret's oldest grandson) on date for baptism on January 11th. We had a very honest conversation with the grandparents at the children's conversion happening at different paces, and how we don't want to push any of them into it. But we also talked about how baptism is a step we take in faith and our conversion deepens as we continue to follow Christ. It went so well. And Steven was just grinning ear to ear! He was so excited! I can just see him going on a mission in 2 years :) We're continuing working with the grandparents and each of the grandkids.

     We helped a family move this week. They're the family that is first to volunteer to help others but won't ask anyone else for help. So Sister Dickerman and I just showed up at their house. We were the only ones who knew they were moving. It was nice to serve a family like that!

     A boy in our ward, Brady Smith (his mom is the one who called you guys), got a facebook message from a friend of his. It said "I need your help. How do I become Mormon?" Brady talked to her about reading the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to church, and doing things to know for herself if it's true. And he told her that there are some great sister missionaries in 9 Mile who can teach her how to do those things. How crazy is that?? So we are trying to set up a time to meet with Chelsea this next week. Miracles happen all the time out here!!!

     Well, sorry this email was random. But I love you all and hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!!!
-Sister Metcalf
Tree mom sent me
It snowed again!
Catching snowflakes
My snow angel
Beautiful sunset
Christmas part 2
Christmas packages part 2
All of the treats members gave us (we threw most of them out... shh!)
Christmas dinner at a Chinese buffet (crawfish and squid)

 Hugh and Hope Brunette

Hugh's baptism
Webcamming with Breanne
My Christmas craft I made last p-day
presents! (thank you everyone!)
Our tree
A member bought us matching PJ's for Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Foreign Languages...?‏

     So- the coolest thing happened this week! I received a call from one of the sister's serving in our stake. She was told that the Marshallese Branch has a deaf member going to their ward and a deaf girlfriend that he has been bringing that wants to hear the discussions. There aren't any signing missionaries serving out here right now- we had one but he just went home. So Sister Call and I will be teaching her the first discussion in sign language! HOW COOL?? But remember I took one semester of sign language 5 years ago? haha. It was rough at first, I'm a bit rusty. We found a member in a ward who is hard of hearing and knows sign fluently- she even signed some on her mission 20 years ago. Well Sister Call and I have gone to her a few times to have her teach us the first discussion in sign. Half of the signs are brand new to me, but it's crazy how many things are coming back! By our second session of practicing, Sister Howard was really proud of me! I have all the signs down for the first discussion- I just need to work on my facial expressions... and I need to help Sister Call get the signs down so it's not just me teaching during the lesson. But how exciting is this?? If the girl is a real serious investigator we'll figure out a way to get someone who knows sign fluently to teach her. But still. I'm so excited! So we'll be texting the girl later this week to set up an appointment. I'll be sure to let you know what happens.
     We had a TON of success just knocking on people's doors this week. We just told people we wanted to share a Christmas message from the Bible. We got into a few houses that way (way more than usual). We went to one house and the lady opened the door and said "Oh! The sister's! Come in!" I'm thinking- is this lady a Mormon and we just don't have her records? Apparently the elders were coming 5 years ago and helping her out with a chess club or something? But she broke out some sparkling cider and Lindor truffles and brought in her children and asked us to share a message about Christ! We were so taken back! And she said we could come back any time we wanted. Her name was Hero and she's the only Asian I've seen out here. I'm excited to go back and teach her again. We also had a referral to teach a guy WAY out in the sticks this week. He's a police officer and his coworker who is a member asked him if missionaries could go share a Christmas message. What an easy invitation! Why don't more people take advantage of this time of year? So we called and set up and appointment with him and said we'd help him with his burn piles. Long story short he doesn't have a belief in God, so we were answering a lot of questions like "Why would God allow so many bad things to happen?" And "Why would we have to have a Savior? Couldn't God just forgive us instead of allowing His son to suffer?" He had great questions and we answered them the best we could. In the end we shared a message about Christ as our Savior and how to keep Christ in Christmas. He still isn't interested in religion, but has nothing but great things to say about the Mormons he knows. Seeds were planted.

     Sister Dickerman went to see the Ackaret's and their grandkids, The Langton's, this last week while we were on exchanges- so I didn't get to see them. We were wanting to put them on date for Dec. 28th. The 2 boys are ready, but the 12 year old girl needs more time. But what I heard happen was that the boys said they know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that they know the church is true, but the grandpa shut them down and said they need to read the whole Book of Mormon. When the grandpa converted in his early 20's it was a long process. It took him 3 years and he'd read the Book of Mormon several times. He doesn't realize that every one receives their confirmation at a different time frame and in a different way. So we're working with the ward council on having some adults talk with the grandparents. We need to help the grandparents renew their testimony and in the meantime we'll keep working with Steven, Austin, and MaKenna. They are going to all of the youth activities and Steven has been to 3 full weeks of early morning seminary. I have high hopes for these kids!

     We went to see Hugh a few times this week and he's doing awesome! He's so excited to be baptized. And when we told him about going to the temple to do baptisms he got so excited and starting listing everyone he wants to do work for. I love that man! He has become so converted and is so eager to learn and improve. I can't wait for his baptism on Wednesday! And sooo many people in the ward will be coming!

     This last Sunday I sang in the ward choir (well I've been singing in it since I got here) But we performed yesterday. We sang " O Come, Emanuel" and "Will you come with me to Bethlehem". Then in relief society I sang in a trio with 2 other women in our ward "Mary's Lullaby" and I sang second soprano. It was really pretty! Clearly this paragraph was just for mom- sorry to everyone else who had to read it :)

     Neil L. Andersen will be coming out here on January 11th. All of the missionaries in our mission are getting together for a special meeting with him. How lucky am I? I love life!

     I'm so grateful for this time in my life that I can focus on others and on strengthening my own testimony. My prayers have become so much more sincere. I want to echo what Breanne said- I feel so in tune with the spirit and just sensitive to so many things! I cry when I watch Mormon Messages. I cry when I bare my testimony. I cry when I'm listening to sacrament talks. I cry when I sing. I even cry while praying. I am just overcome with gratitude so often. Apparently the spirit manifests itself in me through tears. But it's great! I never want this to go away!

     I got 2 packages from mom, one from Sister Morrisette, one from Breanne, and Christmas cards from Ginny, Elise, and Jensa. (Just so you know what I've gotten so far). Thank you to everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I'm excited to talk to you on Wednesday! Breanne and I will Skype each other for a few minutes when she gets done with you guys. So plan on my "calling" a little after 3pm Boise time. Yay!!!

I love you!!!!
-Sister Metcalf

Why build a snowman when you can build a cake for Jesus?‏


The Golden Plates and Liahona


 It took us a few weeks to finish this 1000 piece puzzle- we did a little bit each day on our breaks‏


 awkward district pictures


Monday, December 16, 2013

Where Is The Snow?

     Seriously. Where is it? It is freezing here! Well, below freezing. And no snow! It's just brown and dead and gross! Bleh. I hope it comes by Christmas Day! Speaking of. I am able to Skype with you guys starting at 2 my time so 3 Boise time. I emailed mom about doing a test webcam session with the lady in my ward who is letting us come over. Just to clarify mom- Skype is a webcam program. I won't be calling by phone at all. Just webcamming. :) Hopefully Breanne can line up her time around the same as mine so I can talk to her too and so your day isn't so spread out. Although you may be bored of talking to missionaries all day.
     This week we visited a lot of members. And we have been trying to get into homes while tracting with the approach of sharing a Christmas message from the Bible. Only one taker so far. But we'll keep trying. Everyone should invite someone, anyone to come to sacrament next week for Christmas. There will be such a wonderful spirit there with the music and speakers I'm sure! Plenty of people choose to go to church once a year on Christmas- why not invite them to do it at ours?

     We took Steven and Austin Langton (Ackaret's grandkids) on a church tour this last week. We had a lesson with them afterwards. Brother Braun our YM president and 2 of the youth (Seth Abrams and Tanner Hardy) They're great member missionaries and fellowshippers. We had a lesson with the whole family later in the week that was a little rushed because they forgot we were coming and were about to start dinner. We're hoping to put them on date for a baptism on the 28th of December! How great would that be? 4 baptisms in one week?! Hopefully everything keeps working out. We also had 3 lessons with Hugh this week. I can't help but smile when I think of him! He just lights up when you talk about his baptism. He was talking to us about how he can feel the adversary working against him. Then he went on to tell us that when he feels that, he just prays until the feeling goes away. What an incredible man! The way he talks about the scriptures and how he feels as he's been keeping the commandments let's me know that he is a lifelong convert. That's what makes me the happiest! Not that he will be baptized and is another number. No. But that he has been changed by the atonement of Jesus Christ and wants to continue living this way because he sees the happiness and joy it is bringing to his life! We are meeting with him a few more times this week and his baptismal interview is on Friday. This man is ready. And I'm so excited for him and his family! 

We had a zone training on Tuesday and another one on Thursday while President Mullen came out and interviewed us all. It was fun to tell him about all of the miracles that have been happening in this area. The Render's got custody of their granddaughter, Caity, and we will start teaching her this week. She already wants to be baptized. 

     This week for service we did some more painting, put together a bookshelf, split wood (with an axe! I was actually surprised at how good I was at it! haha.) We also had a relief society Christmas dinner that we helped set up for. There were a bunch of less actives there, which is just as exciting as having non members! :)

     I love you all so much! This year for Christmas I would love for you to send me your testimony and what it's grown in this year. You can email it or write it out and mail it. But that's what I really want!

Love, Sister Metcalf

Santa came to Suncrest!

Eerie roads in 9 Mile
Zone breakfast at our stake president's (Pres. Larsen) house!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Faith Precedes Miracles

     Wow you guys! What a week! We only had 20 lessons, but man was it a great week. We picked up 4 new investigators. That's basically four more than the last 2 transfers. haha.

     So I've mentioned the Ackaret family before in the past. Sister Wood and I found them our second week here and started meeting with them regularly. And I've emailed about mini miracles that they've been a part of. They took in their grandkids a few months ago (a month or so after we found them) out of necessity. Their daughter who left the church and is into drugs was gonna take them all to a homeless shelter. So the grandparents, although they're not really in a position to, took them in. The ward has really stepped in and helped them out with getting beds and clothes for them. They were living with their mom's boyfriend before but apparently he kicked them out pretty abruptly and they couldn't even take their things with them. Well the young men and women in our ward have just fellowshipped them like crazy; befriending them at school, bringing them to mutual, taking the oldest boy to seminary. It's been so great! Because of this, the kids have interest in learning about the church. So we started teaching them this week and they want to be baptized! It's been so cool watching the transformation in the grandparents as we've been meeting with them. They started out saying they don't need to come to church to show faith, to saying they should go more and read the Book of Mormon more, to asking when church meets so they can come, to coming to church yesterday and bringing their 3 grand kids! The grandparents are bearing their testimony to the kids and encouraging them to investigate and read. This will be such a great strength for the family. I'm so excited about them. They have so many questions- mainly about how the Holy Ghost works and how they will know it's true. This is so exciting! SO with those 3 and Hugh (who will be baptized Christmas Day), that made 4 investigators in church! We reached our goal! I mean, I had faith that it would happen, I just thought I'd have to be more patient to see it! I'm so blessed.

     Also, while at church we had a few other non members that came. One is Evangeline. She is friends of one of our ward missionaries daughter who is on a mission. They were over at her house talking to the parents and mentioned how they were in choir and Evangeline asked if she could come. So she came to practice and stayed for all of church. She's 21 and would have to go to the YSA ward. But our ward missionary, Sister Tenny, thinks they can get the whole family to take discussions. So we are waiting a bit longer on inviting her. Her whole family (mom, dad, and 5 kids) will be in sacrament on the 22nd to hear her perform. And apparently other men in our ward have been inviting the dad to activities for years. We have high hopes for that family. But that's not the coolest part. Another older active couple in our ward is working on getting custody of their 13 year old grand daughter who has already asked if she could be baptized! So we may be teaching her in a week or so. They go to court Friday, so hopefully we'll know by Sunday when we see them. Last miracle from church. A 14 year old boy in our ward has been inviting his friend to scouts and church and he has been coming for a few weeks. He wants to be baptized. His mom and him both came to the ward Christmas party and she is the nicest woman I have ever met! The Johnston family is going to invite them to take the lessons and talk to her about him wanting to get baptized. What? So crazy! #everymissionary'sdream

     Just to boast about my ward a little bit more. Although we've only had one convert baptism this year, they have been working so hard! There are 7 other baptisms that occurred where the missionaries taught the people or family in our ward members home but since they lived in another ward boundary and the other ward baptized them. So while it looks like they haven't had much success, they have! Just 2 weeks ago our bishop gave a Book of Mormon to his coworker with his testimony in it. She started taking the discussions and is getting baptized this Saturday! And our bishop challenged everyone in PEC to carry a pass along card in their pocket and promised they'd have an opportunity to give it to someone. Our Elder's Quorum president had an amazing experience with a woman flying to Boise. She committed to take the discussions. Maybe she'll be in Breanne's boundaries? ;)

     I got acupuncture again this week on a different part of my back. I'll spare you the pictures this time! haha. It's well below freezing here! In the teens during the day and single digits at night. With wind chill is gets to about 20 below in the late evening. I'm bundling up. But a great gift to get me for Christmas would be those little hand and feet warmer packs. I've gone through all the ones I had. Shocker.

     I love you all so much. Reflect this time of year on the greatest gift we have been given. Our Savior was born and He suffered and died for all of us so that we may live with Him and our families again. What could you possibly give to Him in return? More time devoted to him (prayer, scripture study, church, callings), serving others, be a little kinder, etc. Think about what gifts He would like you to give this year. The Mormon message this month is perfect! Everyone needs to watch it. We've been sharing it with everyone- members, people we tract into, less actives. It reminds you of the true spirit of Christmas!

     I love you all! I can't wait to webcam with the fam on Christmas Day. I'll give you details on the time next week!

-Sister Megan Metcalf
7 degrees! But with wind chill it was 20 below
I finally found a sign to match Breanne's picture
I love my new mittens!
Our adorable primary kids singing at the Christmas Party

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Bon Jour!

     I wanted to tell all of you how grateful I am for you. Every single one of you! I love you all and am so grateful for the influence you've had in my life. Each house we went to on Thanksgiving I shared that with them. And how I'm grateful to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us to all return to live with Him again. 

     Thanksgiving was great! We started off at 1pm with dinner and dessert at the Ackaret's. They're so great! They've had a rough life and their 3 non member grandchildren just moved in with them. They haven't been to church in maybe 10 years, but they're expressing a desire to return. The kids are getting involved in young men and young women and the ward is just taking them in. It's so great to watch. And they wouldn't be progressing nearly as much without the help of the ward members. They really feel loved. Then we went to Hope and Hugh Brunette's at 3pm. They had their kids over- the Schulze's (Gavin who we baptized in September is one of their kids) and the Herrmann's. We taught a fun lesson on gratitude to all of the kids while we were there and skipped dessert. Then at 4:30 we had dinner at Wendy Gassner's with her husband, non member son and his girlfriend. Three dinners! And each of those people thought we were only eating at their house, so they LOADED us with food. I felt so sick. Before we went into each house we said a prayer and asked that we'd be able to eat a lot. And it worked. No one threw up! haha. Then at 6 we went to the Hadlock's for dessert and at 7:30 we went to the Johnston's for dessert. The only time I thought I couldn't handle it anymore was eating a piece of apple pie at the Johnston's at the very end of the night. I thought that I wouldn't need to eat for a week, but sure enough I woke up the next morning and had breakfast. It snowed on black Friday... then it rained 2 days later and melted it all. Why won't the snow just stick? I want to take pretty pictures!!!

     We had another lesson at the Hadlock's this week on repentance with an activity for the kids but scripture study for the parents. It was so fun. And while we were there she tried to sneak a picture of me to send to her brother who is 26 and just got back from a mission. If anything, this is just proof that mom isn't the only one trying to set people up with missionaries. haha! I absolutely love that family though. Brother Hadlock apologized for not making it to church last week, and he came this week! I'm really happy to see the great changes going on in their family :)

     The other night we went to a member's house to eat- we've been in a member's home each night and I LOVE IT! .... except I didn't like it the other night. We had split pea soup. You guys. Split pea soup isn't yummy. But alas, I ate an entire bowl. And I didn't gag- you'd be proud. But let it be known, I will never eat it again. Bleh!

     We also got a new car this last week! It's a 2014 Corolla. Here's what I'm excited about: Incredible turning radius. Whenever we 3 point turn the other companion has to get out behind the car and back you up. It's obnoxious. And our Chevy Cruise had horrible turning radius so we were getting out all the time. Other than that, I don't really care. I mean its nice that it's so clean, and has a sweet touch screen system. But at this point, that isn't a priority for me lol. We had to drive down to the mission office to give them our old car and grab the new one. Guess who left the house key on the ring? So we had to drive down to the valley the next day to get it. Because of that we ended up running short on our allotted miles, so on the last day of the month we were riding our bikes around. Brother Hyer in my ward fixed my bike for me. He put a new tube in it and apparently the back tire wasn't attached right, and he fixed the brakes. It works now! Finally... 18 weeks in. But it was fun to ride around and stop and talk to people on our bikes.

     Sister Hyer's brother in law was in town for the holidays and he was a seminary and institute teacher for 35 years. So she decided to put on a fireside for nonmembers and less actives and have him speak at it. It was great! We had a few less actives come and 2 non members. One will potentially be an investigator. It's so great that members are taking the initiative and putting on different things to find people for us! I love this ward! And our ward mission leader invited someone to sing in the choir with us (I'm doing ward choir..have been since I got here) and she stayed for all of church. Gotta love it. 

     Which brings me to the best news.... transfers..... I'm staying in 9 Mile with Sister Dickerman!!! This will be her last transfer. But we are so excited! I had this feeling that I might be leaving the area and was so sad about it. I'm glad I get to stay! I feel like we're making so much progress with some of the less active families. And I get to be here for Hugh's baptism on Christmas Day! He's having it at 5pm Washington/ California time. So when I figure out where we are going for Christmas I will let you know what time will work for skyping. I can't wait to hear voices of loved ones rather than just read emails! Yay!

     I love you all so much! Focus on all of the wonderful blessings in your life. God loves you all! If you don't know that already, pray to know it. He will give you an answer.

Con amor,
Sister Metcalf


The Hadlock's

out tracting

eating candy canes

treats that were sent in a package to me! :)

The Ackaret's on Thanksgiving‏

Wendy and Vince Gassner (Wendy is on her tip toes)‏

After district meeting- yes that's my trophy on the far right for winning another scripture chase :)

snowing again!

At Hope and Hugh Brunette's with the Schulze's and Herrmann's- Hugh in the glasses and red plaid will be baptized on Christmas and Gavin is in maroon right in front of him (his grandson who we baptized in September)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Week of Greatness‏

     I loved this week! I told you how our new mission goal was 21 lessons a week. We taught 23 this week! (luckily they let us include lessons to active members right now or we'd be toast) But we reached the goal. And had some interesting encounters along the way.
     The first was from Don. He's less active but his sister and her family are active so we had the lesson in her home. Oh man. This guy was tough! Let me tell you- if he were an investigator I don't know if we'd continue teaching him. He's obviously going through some hard times. And he's done it all on his own. So he doesn't trust that God is there to help him and doesn't think He even would help him. We were planning originally on just reteaching him the missionary lessons we teach to non members and try to help him renew his testimony. But while teaching him the restoration he brought up so many different things that he has concerns about that we need to just focus on his needs. It was such a tough lesson to teach though because he and his family were arguing half the time. He doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon for whatever reason, but his family kept basically yelling at him that he had to. So he just shuts down and stops participating. Yikes, no spirit there. He demanded to know why everyone is trying to force him to read the BOM when he doesn't want to. I said he could start reading in the Bible if that's where he were most comfortable. But then I read to him the last 2 paragraphs in the introduction to the Book of Mormon and told him- We want you to eventually get to reading the Book of Mormon because that is where you will gain not only a testimony of Christ, but of the restored gospel and priesthood. He just sat there and thought for a second and said "Okay. That makes sense. But I'm still only reading in the Bible until I get done with school in 6 months." Argh! Obviously we need to find out some more concerns. He will be tough. But I like a challenge. It'll force me to study and pray a lot more sincerely.

     We received SO many referrals this week. I'd say 3 times more than usual. We contacted almost all of them. No new investigators from that, but we had an interesting conversation with a 7th Day Adventist. He had a real heart to heart with us about his relationship with God and his path from leaving Catholicism and joining his church now. He had a bunch of questions for us and was so sincere. In the end he told us he wasn't interested in learning more, but that he'd accept a Book of Mormon and maybe read it. He said he'd take one if we took one of his church's books. He was trying to get his missionary work done too :) 

     We tried to contact a less active member this week who we haven't met. This time he had his grandma come to the door. She was straight up deaf. She opens the door and we introduce ourselves and ask if James is home. She says, "Oh I'm Catholic." I'm a little confused but  say "That's so great! Is James home?" And her response is "I can't go to church anymore. Pray for me." and she closes the door! So funny! We just walked away laughing. We'll have to try him again at her nap time ;)

We had exchanges again this week. I got to go to River Ridge. We saw miracles. We taught 6 lessons that day and picked up 2 new investigators. We contacted so many referrals, talked to so many people (there's actually people walking on the street there! go figure). One of the referrals, we taught her and she wants to be baptized as soon as possible. So cool! We also went through the VA hospital and an old folks home. It's crazy how many people there will listen to a message about Christ. haha. That's a joke. Of course they'll listen. They are so lonely and don't care what you talk about. They just want company! lol. #theydlistentoanyone But it's a great service to offer. I love being with old people- they're so fun! One cute old man kissed my hand when we left. So sweet!

     The lake is starting to freeze over. Some shallow parts are frozen solid and where its deep there's just some ice on top. It's fun watching the ducks fly in and try to land on it, but then slide around out of control!  It hasn't snowed since that one time. It's too cold too! It sits around 20-30 degrees during the day. Gets down to the teens at night. It's so cold!!!

     So, Dallin H. Oaks came to our stake for a special stake conference. An apostle! There's only 12 of those guys... Listening to him was amazing. I won't even try to describe it. He talked about a lot. How he was an ordinary man called to an extraordinary calling and how each of us will have to grow into our callings. About members doing more in seeking missionary opportunities of their own and not just praying for missionaries, etc. Before conference started, he came in 40 minutes early to shake everyone's hand. People got their 2 hours early to get seats! The kids were so excited to shake his hand. One boy turned to his little brother and said "Go on. Shake his hand. You'll get a warm feeling. I did!" So cute! Afterwards he met with the missionaries in our zone. He had all of us come up and shake his hand. We got to listen to him talk to us for 40 minutes about missionary work. The spirit was so strong. Wow. It was incredible! I'll just have to show you my notes when I get back. There's no way I could write it all.

     Bah! I didn't have time to write about the Ackaret's this week! But we're having Thanksgiving with them (and about 4 other families) so I'll be sure to have more about them next letter. But I will be WELL fed on Thanksgiving. People fought over who would get to feed us :)

     I'm running out of time... but here's some fun facts for this week: I tried Vegemite (it's disgusting! Don't ever eat it!) And I got some acupuncture done on my back. A lady in my ward who is a physician's assistant used to do it and offered to help me out since I was complaining about my back. Man, it was so cool! I couldn't even feel the needles (luckily I couldn't see them) But my back feels so much better now! I highly recommend it!

I love you all! This gospel is true!

-Sister Megan Metcalf
     p.s. next week we get transfer calls!!! Pray that I get to stay in 9 Mile Falls. I could spend my whole mission in this place. I'm so serious... but also pray that I'll be where I'm needed ;) I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! I love you all!!!!!

confused maze

It's true - this is the BEST MISSION!

my pretty area (with some ice on the lake)

in the West's  backyard by the semi frozen lake

a dog with a beard!

I'm in love with the sky here!

My blurry stalker picture of Elder Oaks